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[110508] SBS Inkigayo Performances // Jay Park make a comeback with ‘Abandoned’ !

Inkigayo Performance on May 8th

The time has arrived for a new Inkigayo episode.

Anew weekend calls a new winner, and the ones who took the crown this time were the girls of f(x).

Jay Park is back with Abandoned, while Decemmber hits the stage with Beautiful Woman. On the girls side Sistar19 made their debut with Ma Boy.

Also After School, f(x), A Pink, Rainbow, C.N. Blue, 4minute, Dal Shabet, Bella and more presented their stages.

source: GoKpop, CrazyCarrot370 @ youtube


C.N. Blue and Girl’s Day Go on a Blind Date

C.N. Blue and Girl's Day Go on a Blind Date

The members of C.N. Blue and Girls Day went out on a blind date.

C.N. Blue, represented by Jung Hyun and Min Hyuk, and also Girl’s Day’s Min Ah and So Jin, went on a date on the recent episode of Mnet ‘Directors Cut Season 2’.

The four of them visited Mallipo together with Na Yoon Kwon for the event.

Jung Hyun and So Jin were acting really shy while speaking on their home dialect, while Min Hyuk and Min Ah were pretty comfortable with each other during the filming.

They were supposed to act as university students going on a blind date. Therefore, at a moment Minhyuk asked Min Ah about her major, however she answered it wrongly causing a great laugh among the people at the set.

Source : GoKpop

[110505] Mnet M! Countdown // Sistar19 makes a debut !

Tonight’s show was the comeback and debut performances of vocal group December, Spinel, and the special unit SISTAR 19. In addition to those performances, many of hit groups have returned to perform their songs such as 4minute, CNBLUE, Brian Joo, Rainbow, and Girls’ Day.

The top 3 artists to take the spots on M! Countdown tonight were f(x) with “Pinocchio (Danger),” Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry,” and 4minute’s “Mirror Mirror.” Last week, Big Bang took home the prize as they bid adieu to fans for their last performance for M! Countdown with “Love Song.”

The artist to take home the night with their second award for their song is f(x)! Since their comeback, the girls have been a hit and were awarded their first K-Chart award for “Pinocchio (Danger)” last week. Tonight on M! Countdown, the girls have won their second award for “Pinocchio (Danger)” and first M! Countdown award.

Congratulations to f(x)! Unfortunately, f(x) was not present in tonight’s show.

Source : Koreaboo, CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube

Girl’s Day Selected as Beauty Ambassadors

Girl's Day Selected as Beauty Ambassadors

On may 3rd, Girl’s Day was appointed as honorary Beauty Ambassadors for the upcoming “2011 Seoul International Beauty Industry Celebration”.

The five members of Girl’s Day were recently selected as honorary beauty ambassadors, and were honored on April 3rd at the “2011 Seoul International Beauty Industry Celebration”.

A representative of the event stated, “We selected Girl’s Day, who are currently busy carrying out their promotions, to spread the news of the ‘2011 Seoul International Beauty Industry Celebration’. We hope that they will help with the creation of a beauty culture.”

Girl’s Day will soon begin enacting their roles as ambassadors for the upcoming event on May 22nd. They will also perform at the opening ceremony foalong with the group Koyote.

Source : Nate, GoKpop

[110501] SBS Inkigayo // BIGBANG’s Special Stage !

This time Sunday is not only the last day of the week but also the first one of the month, and it brings more than one surprise for this Inkigayo episode.

The episode counted with the comeback of After School, Eru and Turtles, as well as the release of C.N. Blue’s new song.

The winner was Big Bang, who also took the first place last week, but was noy announced because of the lack of time. The boys were jumping around the stage showing how happy they were for their achievement with Love Song and their third award on the show, which means we will have a new winner next week. Also this was their good bye stage with a special surprise at the beginning.

On the debut line we have the presence of B1A4, X-5 and Spin EL.

Other performances include f(x), 4minute, U-Kiss, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Girls Day, Infinite K. Will, Rainbow and more.

Source : GoKpop

Girl’s Day Appears in “I Believed in Men” Drama

Girl's Day Appears in "I Believed in Men" Drama

On April 29th, MBC’s drama “I Believed in Men” aired their 44th episode with the cameo appearance of Girl’s Day! After their promotions of their song “Twinkle Twinkle” came to an end, the members of the girl were excited to part take in an experience acting.

In this episode, Girl’s Day are practicing for the filming of a car commercial. A bit of the story line and characters are exposed in a clip of the scene below.

Girl’s Day commented, “This is the first drama we’ve been challenged with and it was a fresh and fun experience. In the future, if given the chance, we want to take on a more formal challenge of acting.”

Source : GoKpop

[110430] KBS2 Music Bank // f(x) Wins their first K-Chart + The return of After School

f(x) Wins on KBS' Music Bank + Other Performances

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ music program, Music Bank! Don’t miss the return of After School and Turtles as well as various other great performances!

On KBS’ Music Bank this week, Kim Jong Min teamed up with Jea Kyung and made his solo debut with his track, “Cheer Up Man”.

Today Turtles and After School performed their comeback stages. Turtles presented their song, “Hero”, and After School their new tracks, “Let’s Step Up” and “Shampoo”.

Beside that, also A Pink, B1A4, 4minute, C.N. Blue, X-5, Brave Girls and more were on KBS’ Music Bank this week.

Today’s winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart became the girlgroup, f(x), who performed their song, “Pinocchio (Danger)” on the show. The girls were really touched by receiving the award.

Source : GoKpop