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Hyuna Prepares for Solo Comeback

Hyuna Prepares for Solo Comeback

Hyuna who had her first solo debut in January of last year, is set for another solo comeback this June.

4Minute started promoting their double-title-track album with songs “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror” last April, will end their promotions by the end of the month, prior to Hyuna’s comeback.

CUBE Entertainment’s Officials stated, “4Minute will continue broadcasting and performing on stage till the end of this month for their album promotions. Right after that, Kim HyunA’s first mini-album shall be revealed.”

4Minute’s Kim HyunA will officially start her regular solo activities by June. For just after a short period of time, everyone can finally take a look on her future as a solo singer. HyunA is now steadily and firmly preparing for her solo release because this time, it will be a mini-album. She will be meeting her fans with a new identity through her 1st mini album.”

Hyuna’s solo comeback received high expectations from fans as they were anticipating to see the 20-year old side of her.

Source : GoKpop


MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK recently released their ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols.

MTVK recently released their picks for the top ten sexiest Kpop idols.

Check out their ranking below, and be sure to stay tuned, as MTVK announced that they will also release a list of the top ten sexiest male idols in the near future!

Rainbow’s leader Jae Kyung is well known for her well-proportioned physique, and has recently wowed fans with her new, more mature image.

Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In has gained much fame through her sensuous “Abracadabra” dance, as well as her cat-like eyeliner and tiny outfits.

Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin adds her own sex-appeal to the typically wholesome group image.

International soloist BoA creates a strong image with her powerful vocals, sexy choreography, and unique sense of fashion.

2NE1’s rapper Park Bom is known for her trademark long hair, and short skirt, giving the funky group a sexy edge.

HyunA is notorious for both her impressive rapping skills and her risqué choreography, as exhibited during performances of “Change”, and more recently, “Mirror Mirror”.

After School’s Ka Hi boasts a perfectly proportioned figure, and a dazzling presence which allows her to stand out even in a large group of nine.

Although she may have just recently made her debut, soloist G.NA’s impressive vocal talent and glamorous figure has made her a hit in the industry.

Amidst a group of nine, all known for separate attributes, such as Hyo Yeon’s dancing skills and Tae Yeon’s strong vocals, Yu Ri is most known for her sexy image.

Former Fin.K.L. member turned hit soloist, Lee Hyo Ri’s name is piratically synonymous with sexy.

What do you think of MTVK’s ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols? Who would you have added?

Source : GoKpop

4Minute’s Kim HyunA’s warm heart becomes a hot topic

Several Idol groups, including 4Minute, attended yesterday’s KBS Special event aiming to give hope for children. 4Minute’s Kim HyunA caught people’s interest as her photos wrapping her hands on the children in front of her was revealed. The children who attended the Love Sharing Concert were shivering that night because of the low temperature. With just their T-shirts on, the kids felt stiff and uneasy.

However, Kim HyunA immediately noticed it and came closer to the children to wrap her hands around them to keep them warm.

Meanwhile, aside from 4Minute, TVXQ, Girls Day, SG Wannabe, Kim Taewoo and more artists participated on the concert with “Hope for the Children” as its theme.

Source: Topstarnews, DailyKpop

4minute’s HyunA uploads some quirky photos

On April 10th, 4minute’s HyunA uploaded some bizarre sel-cas through her Twitter. Along with the pictures, she tweeted, “I’m sorry from early morning muahahaha!! I took these when I was bored ㅜㅜ Let’s laugh together ♥♥♥♥.”

HyunA is snapped looking at the camera with a comical expression. It also seems that she was embarrassed of her no make-up face because she also wrote, “I don’t think this is right, but whatever.. Bbyong!”

Fans commented, “It’s pretty, but you look tired”, “Your expression is so cute”, and “Your funny expression is pretty, too.”

Source: Newsen via Nate by allkpop

4Minute Hyuna’s ‘Lascivious Dance’ Topics

4Minute Hyuna's 'Lascivious Dance' Topics

4Minute recently released their comeback album “4MINUTES LEFT” followed up by their latest music video unveiled “Mirror Mirror.” On the previous recording of KBS2’s Music Bank, 4Munite performed the song “Mirror Mirror” displaying Hyuna’s highly talked about ‘lascivious dance.’ The dance’s sexuality content was being question by netizens and has stirred up controversy.

Many fans were excited to see 4Minute’s comeback stage with their catchy, upbeat song “Mirror Mirror.” Their stage definitely had charisma, power and had a lively atmosphere all through out. Although after witnessing their performance, netizens still had a lot to say about the lascivious dancing.

Seen in the video below, around 2:19, the members dip down into a kneeling position on the floor, spreading open and closing their legs repeatedly. Especially Hyuna’s body stretch was under fire for being too sexual. Her facial expressions and voluptuous body poses have captivated the attention of those who felt like the sexuality of the lascivious dance was at the core of the controversy.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented, “It was a little embarrassing watching the dance in such little clothing,” “Sohyun is still the youngest member,” “That dance where they are on the floor was really short,” “Ga-in’s ‘Abracadabra’ dance and this one both have sexy parts in it. No need for controversy.”

source : GoKpop