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INFINITE To Promote Follow Up Track “Can U Smile”

INFINITE To Promote Follow Up Track "Can U Smile"

Wrapping up promotions for their hit song “Nothing’s Over” last week, after all the success INFINITE has received from their comeback, the group will return with their follow up track “Can U Smile”.

“Can U Smile” is not a new release since the song has already been released in their 2nd mini album “Evolution” and a special remake version in their single “INSPIRIT”, but it has not been revealed which one will they promote.

After the positive results the group received in their last single, their label Woollim Entertainment is currently deciding on how long the group’s promotions will last.

Source : GoKpop


Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Meet the Best 5 Idols to be taken as role models.

Idols take a lot of care of their image, since a little mistake can create a scandal in no time, but they are also really considerate and sometimes do so many things in secret that truly show why they are so great.

Arirang made a top 5 list with the best idols that can be taken as role models for their clean and careful actions.

1. Sunye (Wonder Girls)
2. Taeyang (Big Bang)
3. Taecyeon (2PM)
4. Sung Gyu (Infinite)
5. Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

Take a look at the video to know why they have joined this list.

Source : GoKpop

5dolls and Infinite releasing new material on May 9th

Girl group 5dolls will be releasing their new mini album on May 9th. Korean entertainment website Bugs revealed this through their release schedule. A title for the upcoming mini album, as well as its title track, haven’t been revealed yet.

5dolls is a subunit from the co-ed group Co-ed School. They had their debut as a 5-member unit, through the addition of member Eunkyo, earlier this year. The second subgroup of Co-ed School is currently preparing for their debut. They will, most likely, debut after the promotions of 5dolls’ new mini album have come to an end.

Woollim’s boy group Infinite is scheduled to release a digital single on the same day. Fans are confused by this sudden announcement as Infinite just wrapped up promotions for their 1st single album “Nothing’s Over”. Whether they will be promoting this new song on music shows, or if this song is just an OST for a drama or a movie, hasn’t been made clear yet.

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Source : Koreaboo, Bugs

[110501] SBS Inkigayo // BIGBANG’s Special Stage !

This time Sunday is not only the last day of the week but also the first one of the month, and it brings more than one surprise for this Inkigayo episode.

The episode counted with the comeback of After School, Eru and Turtles, as well as the release of C.N. Blue’s new song.

The winner was Big Bang, who also took the first place last week, but was noy announced because of the lack of time. The boys were jumping around the stage showing how happy they were for their achievement with Love Song and their third award on the show, which means we will have a new winner next week. Also this was their good bye stage with a special surprise at the beginning.

On the debut line we have the presence of B1A4, X-5 and Spin EL.

Other performances include f(x), 4minute, U-Kiss, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Girls Day, Infinite K. Will, Rainbow and more.

Source : GoKpop

[110430] MBC Music Core Performances // After School, Eru, Kim Wan Sun and Turtles make a comeback !

Tonight’s MBC Music Core includes the hot stages from 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger),” and CNBLUE’s “Love Girl.” In addition, other performances include Rainbow, A Pink, Tony An, Yangpa, Ali, X-5, and Spinel.

There were many comeback performances tonight as well and just as many goodbye stages. Comeback performances include Turtle’s return with their latest single, “Hero,” Kim Wansun, After School, and Eru.

To VIPs disappointment, Big Bang had their goodbye stage tonight and performed their other title song off their 4.5th Special album, “Stupid Liar.” Woolim Entertainment’s male group, Infinite, also wraps up their activities with a last performance of “Nothing’s Over” on Music Core. K.Will says goodbye after successful activities with “My Heart is Beating.”

Tonight’s hot debut comes from Koyote’s Kim Jongmin with his first debut solo single, “Oppa, Stay Strong.”

Last night, f(x) won their first ever award for their title song, “Pinocchio (Danger).” Watch the performances below! What was your favorite performance? Your favorite comeback and goodbye stage?

source : Koreaboo, CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube

[110424] SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Jeju Easter Special

Since it’s Easter Sunday today, SBS decided to broadcast a special of Inkigayo, instead of the regular version. This special entitled “Super Inkigayo Concert” has taken place in Jeju and featured performances by Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 4minute, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, f(x) and more. Don’t miss it!

Our favourite artists travelled to Jeju to perform great stages for SBS’ Super Inkigayo Concert on Easter Sunday.

We get to see the debut stage of the new girlband, A Pink, singing “I Don’t Know”, and the comeback stage of f(x), who performed “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rania, ZE:A, Infinite, Kim Tae Woo, Big Bang, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, 4minute and lots more were present on this special show.

In addition to that, the Inkigayo Super Concert featured a special guest, who is currently active in Japan. Girls’ Generation came to Jeju and performed their song, “Hoot”, which made the audience go crazy.

Enjoy watching the performances on the Inkigayo Super Concert below!

Source : GoKpop

[110423] KBS2 Music Bank // A Pink & X-5 Debut, f(x) comeback and 600th EP Special Stages !

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ Music Bank. This week Music Bank presents us the debut stages of girlband, A Pink, and boyband, X-5, as well as performances by Infinite, Rainbow, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, NS Yoon Ji, G.O.D, f(x), 4minute, C.N. Blue, Brave Girls and more.

Today’s show of Music Bank featured the anticipated debut stages of the new bands, X-5 and A Pink. X-5 performed their 1st debut stage with their songs, “Fantasy” and “Don’t Put On An Act”, while the girlband, A Pink, had their 2nd debut stage with “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

In addition to that, we finally get to watch f(x)‘ comeback performances. They performed their brand new tracks, “Gangsta Boy” and “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rainbow, C.N. Blue, Infinite, Brave Girls, Block B and so on performed on KBS’ Music Bank today.

Finally, KBS’ Music Bank presented a special segment entitled “Legends of Music Bank”. In this segment, 4minute, C.N. Blue, Infinite and Rainbow covered tracks of the legendary artists, BoA, Shinhwa, Jo Sung Mo and S#arp. In addition to that, G.O.D came together performing their hit track, “Lies”, and TVXQ once again performed their hit track of 2005, “Rising Sun”.

source : GoKpop