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Jae Joong Enters the List of Artist You Want As Your Boyfriend

Jae Joong Enters the List of Artist You Want As Your Boyfriend

JYJ’s Jae Joong takes the 5th place on a Japanese raking to pick the the artists you want as a boyfriend.

Music Walker recently made a poll asking which artist would people want as a boyfriend.

The list is dominated by Japanese artists as like L’arc en Ciel’s Hyde, Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS and more. Jae Joong is actually the only non Japanese on this list and took the fifht place in the poll.

Voters gave the following reasons to pick him:

– Everything about him is great? (He is the) the first “ideal boyfriend” I have met in my life.- Because he looks like he will do everything for his girlfriend with great care.

1) Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel)
2) Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)
3) Fukuyama Masaharu
4) Yamashita Tomoshia (NEWS)

5) Jejung (JYJ)

6) TAKUYA∞ (UVERworld)
7) Takahiro (EXILE)
8.) Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
9) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
10) Tachibana Keita (w-inds)



Who Became Mr. Twitter?

Who Became Mr. Twitter?

Recently a contest was conducted asking netizens to vote for the “outstanding male tweeter of the month”. The winner of this contest became Super Junior’s Donghae, who received a total of 29,859 votes.

Thanks to 29,859 votes, Donghae made it to the top of the ranking and has been selected April’s Mr. Twitter.
The artists following Donghae are the Japanese artist, GACKT, on the 2nd spot with 27,318 votes and Donghae’s bandmate, Heechul, on the 3rd spot with 23,923 votes.

However, Super Junior’s Donghae and Heechul aren’t the only Hallyu stars, who made it into the top 25. Also their bandmate, Siwon, JYJ’s Jae Joong and more managed to rank in the top 25.


Donghae and the other contestants in the top 25 will be immortalized on the Vote Wall of Fame.

Source : GoKpop

Jae Joong Confession about TVXQ, Love and Plastic Surgery

Jae Joong Confession about TVXQ, Love and Plastic Surgery

Jae Joong talked without restrictions about love, plastic surgery and TVXQ, on a recent interview.

Jae Joong had an interview with Sports Daily eith the company of a few drinks. He spoke honestly about many issues despite how worried his managers were.

About TVXQ

He mentioned that even if there are some bitter feelings, ‘it’s not a problem between the members’. He continued saying that they are surrounded by lies and misunderstanding. He said that he can resolve those problems and even text the members of the band. He finally mentioned he still has TVXQ as his phone wallpaper.

About Dating

He revealed that he dated 4 different celebrities after his debut. His words caused a chaos at the set but he said it was alright.

After his debut he went on a blind date. He continued saying that there is no use in hiding this matter, since some fans already know, and might find it funny the they still want to keep those things as a secret.

About Plastic Surgery

He said it was a secret. He mentioned that some fans might already know the truth but still decided to pass this topic. He finally mentioned that he used to be worried since he thought his nose was a bit flat.

source : GoKpop

Which Idol Has The Best Offscreen Style?

“Not just good looking, but fashionable too?”

Idols’ every movement create massive ripples in their fans’ lives. Not only on the stage, even in their daily lives, the idols’ every move is the centre of everyone’s attention.

The stars’ personal style, wearing clothes that they own and wasn’t styled by their stylists is what garners the most attention these days. From this, fans are able to see how their idols are influenced by the current fashion trends and how they interpret it – bringing both eye candy and envy to the fans.

For a lot of idol groups, wearing everyday clothes still couldn’t diminish their ‘star style,’ and even with just a t-shirt, they are able to radiant their individuality.

Here are some of the fashionable stars from popular idol groups:

“Best On Screen Boyfriend” Representative: JYJ’s Park Yoochun

The bright eyes on his petite face, with skin that is softer than women, and shoulders that are as wide as the Pacific Ocean – using unrealistic proportions and exaggerated facial features to describe the very sought-after Park Yoochun. Being able to wear the open collar sweater and UGG boots that most men avoid, Yoochun shows that he can wear whatever he desires while still maintaining his own style and chicness.

Especially in the recently released production photos of MBC’S “Miss Ripley,” displaying his perfectly straight shoulders in a suit. This attracted comments such as “Unrealistic perfection” and “Perfect on screen boyfriend” from female fans – Yoochun can pride himself in knowing that he is one of the most fashionable star both on and off screen.

The Delicate Cold Man: JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong

In the same group as Park Yoochun, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has impeccable fashion taste as well. No matter what he’s wearing, it still seems like he just walked out from a poster shoot. Especially the smiley face hoodie, deep V-neck t-shirt and other uniquely styled items that Jaejoong wore – he is always bound to be highly praised.

Recently, in the pictures that were taken during the rehearsals of the world tour, Jaejoong wore a Hello Kitty tracksuit that once again garnered a huge amount of attention. Netizens that saw the picture left encouraging comments such as “Such a fashionable outfit!” and “Even clothes that you wear to rehearsals are chic.”

Irrelevant parts omitted.

Source : DailyKpop, tvdaily

JYJ’s Jaejoong reveals relationship between Yoochun and Junsu

Posted Image

JYJ’s Jaejoong recently uploaded a photo on Twitter of the three JYJ members. He included the caption, “They get along so well that it’s becoming a problem!”

Ironically, the picture shows Junsu with a sneer as he grabs Yoochun’s collar, pulling his fist back as if to strike him. Yoochun, on the other hand, has his mouth wide open calling for help. Jaejoong peers tentatively at the viewer from the bottom of the image.

Fans were greatly amused by their funny picture. Comments include, “Ah~ it looks like their relationship is very good” and “Haha, you are all friends forever.”

What do you think of the photo?

Source : Koreaboo, TVreport

MTVK Ranks Best Cross-Dressing Idols

MTVK Ranks Best Cross-Dressing Idols

MTV Korea recently asked netizens who their favorite cross-dressing idols are, and ranked their votes from one to ten.

MTV Korea recently conducted a poll entitled “MTV K’s top 10 cross-dressing idols”, in which netizens were asked to vote for whom they believed is the best looking cross-dressed idol.


Super Junior’s Kim Heechul achieved a sweeping victory with his recently impersonation of the American pop artist Lady GaGa. Netizens went “GaGa” over his milky white skin an girlish features.

Check out the rest of the results below:


JYJ’s Jaejoong clears all relationship rumors and scandals

As one of Asia’s biggest stars, JYJ’s Jaejoong has been the focus of the spotlight on various relationship scandals and rumors for the past decade. He recently sat down with IS Sports and clarified all the implications regarding his love life and the surrounding rumors of his relationships with top Japanese celebrities, such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Yamada Yu.

Regarding actress and fashion model Yamada Yu, he revealed, “She’s one of my closest friends, alongside popular Jpop idol singer NEWS’ Yamashita Tomohisa. We met at an after-party in LA and became friends. Like everyone already knows, she’s in a relationship with Oguri Shun.”

Renowned Jpop singer Ayumi Hamasaki is also known to be friends with Jaejoong. However, the Asian media and fans keep on speculating a relationship between the two. He explained, “It is true that I’m friends with her. We first met at Avex’s annual ‘A-Nation‘ concert and kept in contact since then. However, we are not of the relationship that people seem to think.” Last October, more media rumors flew around Kim and Hamasaki because she attended JYJ’s concert despite her busy schedule. To this, he stated, “At the time, Ayumi attended the showcase with another Japanese singer friend. It should be regarded as the upkeep of friendship between musicians. She also announced marriage plans in January.”

Jaejoong ended the interview and clarified all rumors fans might have. He stated, “I don’t have a girlfriend so I spend most of my time at home. It was an opportunity for me to learn Japanese and meet with other Japanese celebrities and develop friendships.”

Source: JoongAng and VOP via KoreaBoo