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Various Korean Artists to Reschedule Japanese Activities

Various Korean Artists to Reschedule Japanese Activities

It has been announced that various idols who had originally planned to hold promotional events in Japan this May will be rescheduling the events following the devastation caused by the recent natural disaster.

Korean idols such as 4minute, BEAST, CN BLUE, amongst many had planned various promotional activities in Japan this May, however, due to the recently natural disaster, all upcoming events have either been rescheduled or extended.

In regards to the development, Cube Entertainment, most noted as the agency of 4minute and BEAST, stated on April 24th, “We had originally planned to focus on promoting in Japan during the month of May. However, because of the massive amount of damage Japan as sustained, and the many areas that are still in the process of recovery, we have decided to reschedule the dates for our Japanese promotions. As of now, we are still in discussion as to when we will actually reschedule these events for, and will have to consider the situation for a more extended period of time.”

So, while it seems that Japanese promotions planned for May will not be cancelled, they are, as of now, on a indefinite hiatus for many K-pop idols.

Source : GoKpop


Will SHINee Debut in Japan Soon?

Will SHINee Debut in Japan Soon?

SHINee’s Japanese debut was scheduled in March, but to to the earthquake and tsunami it was logically postponed.

After that it was mentioned that the tentative date was going to around May.

Now that SNSD is introducing their new single in Japan, it looks like SHINee will probably debut as planned as well.

Also a mastering engineer for Sonic Korea recently posted a message on his twitter account saying that he was in the middle of mastering SHINee’s Japanese debut single.

Well it looks like Japanese Shawols will not wait a long time before their official debut there.

Source : Gokpop

TVXQ, 2PM, MBLAQ, U-KISS, T-ARA, and others to perform for charity concert in Osaka

It seems that through the tragedy of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, Korean artists have been putting their best foot, or in this case, voices forward and combining their efforts to participate in charity concerts around the world. In particular, the recent appearance of JYP, the WonderGirls, and Kwon Sangwoo at Hong Kong’s “Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders” on April 1st,Thailand’s upcoming “Kpop Charity Concert” on April 21st, andTokyo’s “Legend 2011 Korean Music Wave Live” on May 14th. JYJ have also announced a charity concert at Saitama Super Arena on June 7th, but as the arena management have revoked JYJ’s permit to perform, it is uncertain whether this will go ahead.

Another charity concert has been announced – the “Seoul-Osaka Music for Heart 2011” has been organised to raise money for the Tohoku Earthquake Charity and will be featuring eight to ten artists from Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia. Korean artists named to be performing include TVXQ, 2PM, MBLAQ, U-KISS, and T-ARA.

The concert is scheduled for June 6th at Kyocera Dome in Osaka. All tickets are 9,500 Japanese Yen and pre-sales for KJ-net members will begin on April 20th at noon. General ticket sales will be open on May 22nd.

Source: Koreaboo, KJ-net, sharingyoochun

JYJ to hold charity concert this summer in Japan

According to JYJ’s official Japanese website, JYJ will be holding a special concert at Saitama Super Arena on June 7th. This concert is a charity concert and is being held for the victims of the March 11th earthquake in Japan. The earthquake has left thousands of people homeless and at least 21,000 people missing or dead.

JYJ has been one of the leading Korean artists giving a helping hand to the people of Japan. After leaving a heartfelt message to their fans in Japan, it was revealed that JYJ had donated 600 million won to World Vision for emergency relief to the people in Sendai and Fukushima. In addition, JYJ will be spreading the word about the Japan disaster during their second world tour. Not only are they lending support, they will be encouraging others to donate to the Japan relief fund.

“We don’t know where to begin but there are many Japanese victims who are suffering from fear and grief due to the unexpected disaster. Among them are our precious fans which makes us even sadder. JYJ is with you in this. We would like to be of some help and hope to meet you all soon.”

Currently, Japan has declared a level 7 nuclear disaster, the highest level. Previously, the country had been on level 5 nuclear disaster. Level 7 equals to “major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures.”

Tsunami survivors, villagers, rescue workers, and volunteers have also dug out any photos that they could find in the tsunami and earthquake stricken areas. A gallery has been set up for all photos and albums found for survivors to go through and claim them as they retain many memories from the past before the disaster.

Source: 10Asia and CNN via KoreaBoo

T-ara Sends Their Support to Japan

T-ara Sends Their Support to Japan

T-ara recently released a video message in which they convey their support for the victims of the recent Japanese natural disaster.

In light of the recent natural disaster, Korean idol group T-ara expressed their support for their Japanese fans, and all who were effected by the Tohouku Earthquake through a video message.

Entitled “Ganbarou Nihon!” which roughly translates to “Do Your Best, Japan!”, the girls of T-ara display both their Japanese speaking skills, as well as their big hearts as they send their best wishes to the victims of the Japanese natural disaster.

Check out T-ara’s “Ganbarou Nihon” video message below:

source : GoKpop

JYJ’s Junsu and Yoochun avoid disaster in Japan

Both Yoochun and Junsu of JYJ managed to avoid the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Yoochun had left Japan the day before the disaster struck, but he had been supposed to film in the country for the new MBC drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

Junsu, on the other hand, “was supposed to be in Sendai when the earthquake hit.” He revealed that he could have become a victim of the tsunami if he hadn’t been persuaded by his staff not to visit Sendai. Because he enjoyed the seascape and hot springs of Sendai, the singer had originally planned to film a bit of his project there.

Luckily for Junsu, the staff convinced him that filming in Sendai wouldn’t fit the project’s concept, so he stayed in Tokyo to finish. Sendai was an area heavily devastated by the March 11th earthquake. Even though he was in Tokyo, he still experienced the disaster, though on a much smaller degree. “Everything was shaking violently,” he recalled, “and it’s scary to think of what could have happened if I had been stubborn about going to Sendai.”

With great difficulty, he was able to return to Korea the next day and attend the scheduled JYJ fanmeet. The three members of JYJ also donated 600 million won to the international aid organization World Vision to help aid victims of the disaster.

What do you think of their close call?

Sources: donga and dongbangdata via KoreaBoo

SNSD To Donate “Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run” Proceeds to Japanese Disaster Relief Fund

SNSD To Donate "Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run" Proceeds to Japanese Disaster Relief Fund

Earlier this week it was announced through SNSD’s official website that they will be donating a portion of the proceeds for their upcoming double A-Side Japanese single “Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run” to Japan’s red cross in order to provide assistance to those affected by the devastating Tohouku earthquake.

On their official page they also left an encouraging message to victims of the natural disaster, wishing that those effected will be able to return to their peaceful, every day lives as soon as possible.

SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run” is slated for released on April 27th.

source : Gokpop