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Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Once again Jay Park is questioned about 2PM and the reasons why he is not in contact with them.

Jay Park recently hold an interview with Newsen, which some fans found a bit rude because it has some unnecessary questions and remarks.

The article started praising Jay for his first place on music show. However it later mentioned that he finally caught the public’s eyes who were uninterested in him before.

They continued saying that he was receiving so mush attention is because he used to be a member of 2PM. The article also mentioned that he was ‘thrown out’ due to a ‘scandal’ and that he turned his back to his previous group. They also mentioned that their previous friendship relationship has now turned into the one of strangers that can not even exchange a hello.

During a recent interview the person holding it mentioned that he tried to take the topic of 2PM while questioning him about his current activities.

The reporter continued by saying that even though it was uncomfortable for him he had to ask about 2PM a bit. Jay jokingly replied that if it was uncomfortable then he should not talk about it. The writer also said that since he smiled when he heard the word 2PM he supposed that he was saying that he was ready to answer and Jay also replied that he was not uncomfortable so could proceed with his question.

They asked Jay if it was true that he did not keep in touch with 2PM, which he coolly responded saying he was right. According to the writer opinion he showed an ‘uncaring’ and ‘not-big-of-a-deal’ attitude. He continued by asking him that if the 2PM members did not contact him, would not it be good for him to contact them first, and Jay actually asked him if it is the case then the members can also do it first.

The interviwer did not stop there and asked him ‘what’s the biggest reason you don’t contact them first?’, luckily Jay has learned how to manage the press and repluied with a simple ‘just because’. After that the reported insisted since he thought Jay heard wrong and asked him once again if it was ‘just because?’, to which nodded and replied with the same answer. The reported then stated that he thought it was meaningless to keep answering him.

Jay finished the interview saying that he will be really glad if he meets the members of 2PM during a broadcats. He mentioned that he run into 2AM’s Jo Kwon during Inkigayo and that both of them talked for a bit. However for the time being a meeting is quite difficult since 2PM is promoting in Japan.

It is a bit difficult for the fans that reporters are always asking the same questions to Jay over and over again, and in this particular case, they thought that the one in charge of the interview was a bit rude, since during the whole article it seemed like he only wanted to get some gossips instead of talking about Jay’s development in the industry. On the good side Jay has learned how to manage this situations, which made his fans feel less worried about him.



[Breaking] Jay Park Releases “Level 1000” MV

Jay Park Releases "Level 1000" MV

After releasing his title track’s MV for “Abandoned” followed then with ‘Tonight” Jay Park has surprised fans once again releasing the MV for the track “Level 1000”.

While “Abandoned” and “Tonight” displayed Jay Park’s talent as a dancer as well as showing off different sides of himself, “Level 1000” displays Jay Park’s raw talent as a rapper, alongside friend and popular rapper Dok2.

Source : GoKpop

[Breaking] Jay Park Unleashes “Tonight” MV

Jay Park Unleashes "Tonight" MV

Taking the charts by storm with his debut mini album and title track “Abandoned”, Jay Park has just released his “Tonight” MV.

From his Top 10 hit album on itunes, to his ranking on the Billboard World Charts, to his victory on Music Bank, Jay Park shows off his more playful side in the “Tonight” MV.

Check out the MV below

Source : GoKpop

[110508] SBS Inkigayo Performances // Jay Park make a comeback with ‘Abandoned’ !

Inkigayo Performance on May 8th

The time has arrived for a new Inkigayo episode.

Anew weekend calls a new winner, and the ones who took the crown this time were the girls of f(x).

Jay Park is back with Abandoned, while Decemmber hits the stage with Beautiful Woman. On the girls side Sistar19 made their debut with Ma Boy.

Also After School, f(x), A Pink, Rainbow, C.N. Blue, 4minute, Dal Shabet, Bella and more presented their stages.

source: GoKpop, CrazyCarrot370 @ youtube

Jay Park reveals dance version of “Abandoned” MV

Jay Park has revealed the dance version of his title song “Abandoned”! “Abandoned” is Jay Park’s current title song off his first mini-album “Take A Deeper Look.” He made his solo debut on KBS Music Bank and his first televised performance after 20 months. Jay Park performed “Tonight” and “Abandoned.”

In addition to his solo debut on Friday, Jay Park won his first K-Chart for “Abandoned,” going against f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger).” After thanking his fans and AOM, Jay Park released the music video teaser for “Tonight.”

Now, Jay Park continues to release goodies for JayWalkers and has revealed the full dance version of his music video “Abandoned.” Now, fans can see the full goodness of his choreography! Check it out below!

Source : Koreaboo, jaybumaom0425

[1110507] KBS2 Music Bank // SISTAR19 and Jay Park is here !

Curious about the other performances on Music Bank, apart from the debut and comeback stages? You can watch them here!

Beside the comeback stages of JJ and Untouchable, and the debut stages of SISTAR 19 and Jay Park, KBS’ Music Bank also featured various performances by artists such as After School, f(x), C.N. Blue, Rainbow, Brian Joo, Monday Kiz and more.

Enjoy watching them below!

The debut stages, we get to watch on Music Bank today, are by SISTAR 19, the sub-unit group of Starship Entertainment’s girlband, SISTAR, and former member of 2PM, Jay Park.
SISTAR 19 presented their single, “Ma Boy”, released on 3rd May.
Following that, Jay Park made his debut as solo artist performing his tracks, “Tonight” and “Abandoned”, from his newly released mini-album titled “Take A Deeper Look”. He also became the winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart this week.

Source : GoKpop

Jay Park Unveils “Tonight” MV Teaser

Jay Park Unveils "Tonight" MV Teaser

JayWalkers, are you ready for Jay Park’s upcoming release? Today Jay Park surprised us all by uploading an MV teaser for “Tonight” onto his YouTube Channel. Check it out!

Jay Park will soon release the music video for his 2nd title song, “Tonight”, from his new mini-album titled “Take A Deeper Look”. He just released a teaser for it.

Take a look below!

Unlike his 1st music video, which was for his track, “Abandoned”, Jay Park’s upcoming “Tonight” MV will present a playful and energetic atmosphere, which will be emphasized by all the different colors as well as Jay Park’s cute performance featured in the music video.

How do you like Jay Park’s surprise?

Source : GoKpop