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SNSD Jessica’s Photo ID Revealed

SNSD Jessica's Photo ID Revealed

Recently exposed on SNSD member Jessica’s fan cafe, a netizen published photos taken of her photo identification which drew in attention.

In the photos, Jessica’s photo is taken upon a white background and wears her signature copper brown hairstyle with full bangs. With minimal makeup and her lips slightly raised, her radiance and beauty still shines through.

Netizens who have seen these photos commented, “They must have been lucky to have picked up these photo ID’s,” “No joking, she’s really pretty,” “Don’t even look at my ID photos…” “Our Sica’s pretty smile~” leaving a variety of reactions.

Source : GoKpop


2NE1, 2PM, BEAST, SHINee, TVXQ and Big Bang’s facial expressions compared with cartoon characters

A hilarious compilation of idols vs. cartoon characters has surfaced on the internet and created a lot of buzz. 2NE1’s Minzy is being compared to a cute doll, while Wooyoung’s chubby cheeks are compared to that of a monkey. Going further down the list, the trademark smiles of Big Bang’s Daesung, BEAST’s Yoseob, SNSD’s Jessica, 2PM’s Junsu and Chansung are being compared with various cartoon characters’ expressions. SHINee’s Onew and Minho’s hairstyles look slightly similar to that of a particular Pokemon. Rounding out the list, TVXQ’s Changmin is compared to Spongebob Squarepants’s Squidward and Big Bang’s Taeyang resembles Mashi Maro. However, it’s up to fans’ judgment to decide who fits which character.

Netizens who saw this post left comments such as, “Woo Young really looks like a monkey,” “I burst out laughing when I saw the Jessica-Cappy comparison,” and “They all resemble the characters 100%!”

Posted Image

What do you think of these comparisons?

Source: iBigBang via koreaboo

Jessica Has A Doppelganger In Taiwan?

Jessica Has A Doppelganger In Taiwan?

In the Taiwanese newspaper ’58 News,’ a headline read “SNSD member Jessica’s Doppelganger Appeared,” and has received much attention for her alike appearance and even impersonating her by speaking in Korean!

The name of the woman who is ‘Fake Jessica’ has been identified as ‘Jing Jing.’

Jing Jing had said in the newspaper,

“Hello, I’m Jessica. I came to Taiwan again. It looks like the word of me looking like her has received a lot of attention. At first, I did not believe it, the fact that I resemble Jessica affected my everyday life and gave me things I did not mean to have. I have the same poses and expressions as her, and to be like her is what I’ve been practising for. For beautiful legs, I massage them everyday.”

’58 News’ stated, “Jing Jing and Jessica are equipped with a similar appearance. In actuality, she is taller than Jessica.”

But netizens commented, “They look similar in a way…” “Jessica’s looks and charm has always been a unique thing,” “Our Sica can’t be sold.”

What do you think of Jing Jing’s similarities to Jessica?

Source : GoKpop

Jung Sisters Spotted Shopping Together

Jung Sisters Spotted Shopping Together

Sisters Jessica and Krystal were recently spotted shopping together. It seems that despite their busy schedules as SME idols, they still find time to display both their sisterly love, and their love for fashion.

Idol sisters Jessica Jung of SNSD and Krystal Jung of f(x) were recently spotted spending some sisterly time together while shopping Marc Jacob store in Gangnam recently. Despite their hectic schedules, the Jung sisters managed to find a spare minute to spend some quality time together.

Check out Jessica and Krystal’s sisterly love below:


Source : GoKpop

Jessica and Krystal’s Sisterly Love

Jessica and Krystal's Sisterly Love

Jessica shows her love to her little sister before f(x) comeback stage.

f(x) made their comeback on Music Bank with their new track ‘Pinocchio’ (Danger).

It has been revealed the SNSD0s Jessica visited the band on their waiting room in order to cheer her sister Krystal. Jessica showed her support for the band and remained with them. She also watched the recording from the waiting room and kept cheering f(x).

The love between the Jung sisters is undeniable, and it is great that despite SNSD’s busy schedule, Jessica was able to visit her sister.

Source : GoKpop

SNSD’s Jessica Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes

SNSD's Jessica Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes

SNSD’s Jessica updated her blog today in order to thank everyone for their birthday wishes.

SNSD member Jessica Jung updated her blog today, on her 23rd birthday, thanking fans for all of their birthday wishes and support. Along with her message of gratitude, she also uploaded a cute selca as well.

Jessica’s birthday blog entry reads:

Hello SONEs!!
It’s Sica!
Everyone has given me so many birthday wishes today for my 23rd birthday and I’m really happy!
I’m so very happy that I don’t know how to describe it in words.
Everyone is expressing such happiness and love towards me, and all I can say is thank you!!
Here is a fresh and new picture. I hope it will bring you energy today!

source : GoKpop

SNSD’s Jessica ‘Trends’ on Her Birthday

SNSD's Jessica 'Trends' on Her Birthday

April 18th marks SNSD Jessica’s birthday. The singer turns 22 on this day, and has been trending on Twitter. Let’s congratulate her on her special day.

Jessica was born in San Francisco, California in 1989. She auditioned for the SM Entertainment Casting System, where she joined the company in year 2000. Jessica then underwent training for seven years and six months, before she debuted with SNSD.

Jessica has been trending on Twitter worldwide today. Based on the time zone differences, it has been spanning over a couple of hours. SONEs have been sending her warm wishes from all over the world. Meanwhile, a fun addition to the list would be SHINee‘s Lee Taemin, who has also been trending.


source : GoKpop