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JOO & Leeteuk Release “Ice Cream” Duet Single

JOO & Leeteuk Release "Ice Cream" Duet Single

After revealing they would team up for a duet track, Super Junior leader Leeteuk and JYP Entertainment’s JOO have just released their collaborative track “Ice Cream”.

Releasing the MV teaser earlier last week, Leeteuk and JOO prove to make a perfect match with their voices complimenting each other in this sweet and upbeat track.

Source : GoKpop


Joo and Leeteuk Collaborate on First Duet

Joo and Leeteuk Collaborate on First Duet

Today, Joo’s agency JYP Entertainment, released information on the singer’s latest project with Super Junior member Leeteuk, singing together for a digital single to be released on the 16th of May!

JYPE stated, Joo’s fresh yet soft voice with Leeteuk’s sultry harmonics are to be heard from this single. High expectations are to be considered!”

Via Leeteuk’s Twitter, he had released a teaser photo (seen above) of the single’s concept. He tweeted,

“Your ice cream-like words melt me. I am fooled, though I know the truth. The habit of it worries me, today I started smiling. What could I do?”

Joo had released this message on her Twitter and Me2day:

“So that’s why we are two, I’m also completely falling for you. What do you mean, what should you do? You belong to me, you belong to me. I want your heart, it’s good that it’s the two of us…”

revealing more of the lyrics of the song.

The digital single will be released on the 16th through various online portals.

miss A’s Jia shares photos from the practice room hinting at a comeback?

miss A’s Jia recently shared photo updates with her fans on her Weibo and Twitter sparkling rumors of a comeback.

On March 25th, she uploaded photos of her and Suzy lying on a couch at the practice room and wrote that they had practiced so much that there was no energy left. In the photos, Jia was also seen with a brand new hair style. Her change was even more evident when two days later she uploaded photos showing everyone the new sunglasses she had bought.

Jia had dyed her hair dark after “Breathe” promotions ended to let it heal after constantly dying it pink and blonde since miss A’s debut, and now she is sporting a lighter hair color once again.

Rumors of a comeback started to spread when their choreographer uploaded photos of miss A, and possibly JOO, posing in the practice room as the “defenders of the Earth”. It looked like the girls had finally gotten together after making appearances as a trio due to Suzy’s schedules for “Dream High” and started to spend time in the practice room, preparing for something new.

The rumors seem to have been more or less confirmed by Korean news media when on March 29th they reported that miss A would become ambassadors of “Together Day” and that currently they were gearing up to prepare for their new album.

Meanwhile, miss A has been seen performing as four once again at different events and will be having a fan signing at AniPlace in Myeong-dong on April 3rd at 3:00 p.m.

Check out the photos below:

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Sources: @missA_jia, Weibo, Aniplace, fyjypnation via KoreaBoo