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Video for MBC drama “The Greatest Love” featuring K.Will’s “Real Love Song” released

K.Will once again lent his enchanting voice for the official soundtrack of the new MBC drama “The Greatest Love,” which is also known as “Best Love”. Ahead of the drama’s television premiere, a music video preview for the show has been released and features K.Will’s “Real Love Song”. The soundtrack has also been released today.

The video was released on the 4th of May and includes scenes from the new drama which features Gong Hyojin, Yoo Inna, Cha Seungwon and Yoon Kyesang as the main characters. The drama focuses on the plot of a “pretend marriage” between the character of Gong Hyojin and Cha Seungwon, who gets entangled in a love triangle with Yoo Inna’s character. Yoon Kyesung plays the role of an oriental medicine doctor who meets Gong Hyojin by chance and falls for her.

What do you think of the new video? Are you excited for the show?

source : Koreaboo,  SaKpop, Korean Drama


K.Will & Daesung, “We really do look a lot like each other.”

K.Will & Daesung, "We really do look a lot like each other."

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’ ‘Night After Night’, singer, K.Will, was featured as guest. He clarified all rumours about him impersonating Big Bang’s Daesung, who is one of the MCs of ‘Night After Night’.

Since his debut, there have been rumours that K.Will is imitating Big Bang’s Daesung. However, on SBS’ ‘Night After Night’ yesterday, K.Will clarified all these rumours. He claimed that it was all a misunderstanding.
“There is no way I could ever pretend to be Daesung. It doesn’t make sense. However, there was an incident where a fan mistook me for him. The person so firmly believed I was him that it didn’t feel right to mess up the person’s mood by correcting him”, he revealed.

K.Will, who feels a sense of inferiority about his appearance, was also asked on the show how he felt like when he was mistaken for Daesung. He answered, “Daesung has built a lively and good-humored image, and a lot of female celebrities often choose him as their ideal type. As a result, this whole experience has given me confidence.”

Thereupon Daesung said, “We really do look a lot like each other. It feels like I am looking at my future self when I see him”, and joked, “Can you, please, remove the mirror? It’s confusing me.”

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7403-zm6kdwypcc.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7403-glyjmro4m1.jpg

Source : GoKpop

Dream Concert starts to reveal official line-up

Last week, Koreaboo reported about the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association’s official press release concerning the “I Love You Korea 2011 Dream Concert”.

After a fake list of performers started to be spread around the Internet, the announcement from KEPA pointed out that only TVXQ, 2PM, IU and 4Minute were officially confirmed as part of the line-up at that time.

Dream Concert’s official site was recently revamped to include a larger list of performers for this year’s concert. The concert is to be held on May 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The performers who have been confirmed so far are TVXQ, 2PM, miss A, 4minute, BEAST, Secret, SISTAR, CN BLUE, IU, After School, U-Kiss, G.NA, KARA, K.Will and T-ara. On the 29th, Dream Concert’s official Twitter had also included FT Island and f(x) on the list of confirmed performers, but the two groups do not currently appear on the website.

There also seems to be some confusion with Star Empire’s ZE:A and Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea. On some parts of the website, the boys of ZE:A are listed as performers, but under the “2011 Dream Concert Artist” section, Jea is listed and ZE:A isn’t. More performers will be revealed during this week, and the situation will hopefully get cleared up soon.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sources: Dream Concert and @dreamconcertkr via koreaboo

[110501] SBS Inkigayo // BIGBANG’s Special Stage !

This time Sunday is not only the last day of the week but also the first one of the month, and it brings more than one surprise for this Inkigayo episode.

The episode counted with the comeback of After School, Eru and Turtles, as well as the release of C.N. Blue’s new song.

The winner was Big Bang, who also took the first place last week, but was noy announced because of the lack of time. The boys were jumping around the stage showing how happy they were for their achievement with Love Song and their third award on the show, which means we will have a new winner next week. Also this was their good bye stage with a special surprise at the beginning.

On the debut line we have the presence of B1A4, X-5 and Spin EL.

Other performances include f(x), 4minute, U-Kiss, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Girls Day, Infinite K. Will, Rainbow and more.

Source : GoKpop

Big Bang Wins Music Bank’s K-Charts

Big Bang Wins Music Bank's K-Charts

Today KBS released the results of Music Bank’s K-Charts, which weren’t announced last Friday on the program. Big Bang made it to the number-1 spot with their song, “Love Song”, from their special edition.

Last week, KBS’ Music Bank celebrated its 600th episode by presenting some special stages in addition to the artists’ regular stages. One of these special performances was the “Lies” stage by the legendary band, G.O.D, who once again came together to celebrate the special day on Music Bank. Beside that, idol groups covered songs by BoA, Shinhwa and more.

Due to this special episode, the results of last week’s K-Charts were ommitted. They were arranged though, and KBS announced the results on their website today.
The top 20 were as followed.


Big Bang got the winner of last week’s K-Charts with their song, “Love Song”, followed by C.N. Blue with “Intuition”. K.Will ranked with his track, “My Heart Is Beating”, on the 3rd spot, while girl group, 4minute, was on the 4th spot with “Mirror Mirror”. Girl’s Day were placed on the 5th spot with “Twinkle Twinkle”.

Source : GoKpop

[110423] MBC Music Core // B1A4 and A Pink!

It’s Saturday. What does that mean? Yes, you’re right! Another episode of MBC’s Music Core is awaiting to be watched. Check out the great performances by Block B, B1A4, A Pink, Rania, NS Yoon Ji, f(x), Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ and more!

Today’s episode of Music Core featured the comeback stages of NS Yoon Ji and f(x). NS Yoon Ji performed her song, “Talk Talk Talk”, and f(x) presented their new track, “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

In addition to that, various new bands performed their debut stages. These bands were Block B with “Freeze”, B1A4 with “OK” and A Pink with “I Don’t Know”.

Also 4minute, K.Will, Rainbow, Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ, Rania and lots more were present at the show this week.

Enjoy watching the performances below!

Source : GoKpop

[110416] MBC Music Core performances.

Tonight’s MBC Music Core is filled with comeback stages from Tony An, Dal Shabet, Kim Taewoo, and Rainbow. We also see the return of Lee Hyun, Big Bang, and Maya with their new title songs as well. The “Hot Stages” for tonight were performed by CNBLUE with “Intuition,” 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” Infinite with “Nothing’s Over,” and Orange Caramel with “Bangkok City.”

CNBLUE is on a roll this week with “Intuition” as they have earned their triple crown on M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

K.Will and CHI CHI performed this week’s “Special Stage” with “My Heart Is Beating” with Sistar’s Bora and “Don’t Play Around”, respectively. Wheesung, Yangpa, LPG, Han Geuru, and The Crack also performed tonight.

What performance was your favorite? Did any particular stage stand out to you tonight?

source : CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube