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JOO & Leeteuk Release “Ice Cream” Duet Single

JOO & Leeteuk Release "Ice Cream" Duet Single

After revealing they would team up for a duet track, Super Junior leader Leeteuk and JYP Entertainment’s JOO have just released their collaborative track “Ice Cream”.

Releasing the MV teaser earlier last week, Leeteuk and JOO prove to make a perfect match with their voices complimenting each other in this sweet and upbeat track.

Source : GoKpop


Joo and Leeteuk Collaborate on First Duet

Joo and Leeteuk Collaborate on First Duet

Today, Joo’s agency JYP Entertainment, released information on the singer’s latest project with Super Junior member Leeteuk, singing together for a digital single to be released on the 16th of May!

JYPE stated, Joo’s fresh yet soft voice with Leeteuk’s sultry harmonics are to be heard from this single. High expectations are to be considered!”

Via Leeteuk’s Twitter, he had released a teaser photo (seen above) of the single’s concept. He tweeted,

“Your ice cream-like words melt me. I am fooled, though I know the truth. The habit of it worries me, today I started smiling. What could I do?”

Joo had released this message on her Twitter and Me2day:

“So that’s why we are two, I’m also completely falling for you. What do you mean, what should you do? You belong to me, you belong to me. I want your heart, it’s good that it’s the two of us…”

revealing more of the lyrics of the song.

The digital single will be released on the 16th through various online portals.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Hospitalized

Super Junior's Leeteuk Hospitalized [Via JpopAsia]

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has hospitalized after becoming too exhausted.

Leeteuk, the leader of the popular Korean boy band Super Junior, has left fans worried after tweeting that he was in the hospital. The singer explained that he went to the hospital after severe fatigue left him with extreme exhaustion. He is now receiving an IV treatment.

Netizens have tweeted their support of the star, telling him to get well soon and telling him not to work himself so hard.

Source : GoKpop

Super Junior’s Leeteuk celebrates his 2000th day as a singer on Twitter

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently celebrated his 2000th day as a singer. On the 28th of April, Leeteuk posted an update on his official Twitter account thanking his fans for supporting him until his 2000th day.

On his recent update, Leeteuk revealed, “2,000 days since our debut..it’s only been 2,000 days..^^ There is just so much that I want to do but I feel that I still lack in many ways. To all our E.L.Fs (name of Super Junior’s fans) around the world that have shown their love!! I love you and thank you all so much!”

Furthermore, he continued his updates by referring to their Japanese single “Beauty” with the message stating, “Our upcoming Japanese single has placed at No. 1 on pre-order charts!!!^^ Our official debut is really important..^^ I am proud to be a Korean and when I’m in other countries, I will work hard to show that our nation’s people are nice.. I will be humble and work hard…^^”

Source: @special1004 and 10 Asiae via koreaboo

Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Conquers at #1 for 46 Weeks in Taiwan!

Super Junior's "Bonamana" Conquers at #1 for 46 Weeks in Taiwan!

Super Junior had released their single followed with their album of “Bonamana” in May of last year and was known for being an all-kill all over Asian for topping Asian music charts. Surprisingly almost one year later, their single “Bonamana” is still holding strong at #1 for 46 weeks straight on Taiwanese music charts!

Last time we reported Super Junior’s domination, they were holding steady at #1 for 34 weeks back in February. Two months later, Super Junior’s reign at #1 did not budge for the 46th week and counting! Talk about an over-kill!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk even commented about it on his Twitter account,“Miina is 1st place in Taiwan for 46 weeks!!!” Shindong retweeted Leeteuk’s post and commented, “Wooo!!!! It’s such a big hit!!!! Super Junior is great~~~~^ ^”


Source : GoKpop

Vietnamese ELF gives Leeteuk a very unique gift

Fans have given their favorite idols an abundant of presents such as iPads, albums, clothes, bags, jewelries, and etc. Over the years, fans have gone as far as making donations in their biases name, which has gotten immense praise from netizens and others.

One particular Vietnamese Super Junior fan has given leader Leeteuk a very unique gift recently. This ELF purchased a star for Leeteuk! Now Leeteuk and his fans can truly say he is a shining star. Leeteuk is the 3rd Super Junior member to have a star in his name.

Super Junior Donghae received a star on Valentine’s Day and Kim Heechul was the first to receive a star on his birthday last year.

What did you think of the unique present?

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Source: sapphirepearls and The-Forever via Koreaboo

SJ Leeteuk, “My liking for Han Ga-in has never changed”, surprising confession

SuJu’s leader Leeteuk has once again confessed that his love for Han Ga-in is still unchanged.

On the recent filming of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”, singer Kim Taewoo and KCM appeared as guests and taught them how to sing in a soul-capturing way.

The 3 MCs (Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae) brought up some clues for Kim Taewoo and KCM, who are already very close, to find out about each other’s ideal type. In the end, KCM found out that Kim Taewoo’s ideal type is Kim Hyesu, and conversely, Kim Taewoo discovered that KCM’s ideal type is Han Jimin.

Later on, Donghae, who became a one-day MC in Yesung’s stead, picked out Leeteuk’s ideal type, and when the photo of Leeteuk’s ideal type from previously surfaced, it caused the studio to be in a commotion. Leeteuk placed her photo in front of his chest, declaring that his heart has not changed, (but) when he realised that there was a small hole on Han Ga-in’s forehead in the photo, he frowned in response, thinking that it was an injury, turning the recording studio into a sea of laughter.

The details about Donghae finding out Leeteuk’s ideal type will be revealed on the 30th of March, Wednesday at 11PM, on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”.

Source: DailyKpop, BNT News