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Eat Your Kimchi Goes Backstage at Inkigayo Jeju Island Special

Eat Your Kimchi Goes Backstage at Inkigayo Jeju Island Special

Simon and Martina went backstage with K-pop idols at the Super Inkigayo concert in Jeju. They managed to talk to GD, Amber, U-Kiss and Lizzy. And then something unexpected happen…

Simon and Martina were flown to Jeju to cover the Super Inkigayo concert. While they were at the backstage shooting some scene, something amazing unexpectedly happen which blew their mind off – not only that they know the K-pop stars, but some of the K-pop stars knew them!

Take a look at the video below.

Source : GoKpop


[110424] SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Jeju Easter Special

Since it’s Easter Sunday today, SBS decided to broadcast a special of Inkigayo, instead of the regular version. This special entitled “Super Inkigayo Concert” has taken place in Jeju and featured performances by Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 4minute, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, f(x) and more. Don’t miss it!

Our favourite artists travelled to Jeju to perform great stages for SBS’ Super Inkigayo Concert on Easter Sunday.

We get to see the debut stage of the new girlband, A Pink, singing “I Don’t Know”, and the comeback stage of f(x), who performed “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rania, ZE:A, Infinite, Kim Tae Woo, Big Bang, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, 4minute and lots more were present on this special show.

In addition to that, the Inkigayo Super Concert featured a special guest, who is currently active in Japan. Girls’ Generation came to Jeju and performed their song, “Hoot”, which made the audience go crazy.

Enjoy watching the performances on the Inkigayo Super Concert below!

Source : GoKpop

[110423] MBC Music Core // B1A4 and A Pink!

It’s Saturday. What does that mean? Yes, you’re right! Another episode of MBC’s Music Core is awaiting to be watched. Check out the great performances by Block B, B1A4, A Pink, Rania, NS Yoon Ji, f(x), Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ and more!

Today’s episode of Music Core featured the comeback stages of NS Yoon Ji and f(x). NS Yoon Ji performed her song, “Talk Talk Talk”, and f(x) presented their new track, “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

In addition to that, various new bands performed their debut stages. These bands were Block B with “Freeze”, B1A4 with “OK” and A Pink with “I Don’t Know”.

Also 4minute, K.Will, Rainbow, Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ, Rania and lots more were present at the show this week.

Enjoy watching the performances below!

Source : GoKpop

Netizens compare Lizzy’s makeup from image teaser to Kabuki performers

After School Lizzy’s makeup on the recently revealed image teaser for After School’s comeback full-length album, “Virgin,” has been under severe criticism by netizens.

After School have begun to release image teasers for the members and began with the new member, E-Young (Yi Young) and was followed by the sub-unit, Orange Caramel, with a solo teaser image of Lizzy.

Lizzy’s image teaser showed her in a knitted outfit and looking up as she sat on a bed/couch. While at first glance, one may think that Lizzy’s makeup looks fine, netizens have a different opinion. They have compared Lizzy’s makeup to Kabuki performers, who wear very elaborate makeup.

Netizens commented, “Lizzy’s aegyo is gone,” “Please return Lizzy,” and “Where is Lizzy behind that Kabuki makeup?”

However, not all netizens have made negative comments towards the teaser. Some have left positive comments such as, “Lizzy looks like a real doll, I’m curious as to what After School’s concept is,” “I waited for a year for them and they look different!” “I am fully expecting After School’s comeback.”

After School’s first full-length album will be released on April 29th. What did you think about Lizzy’s makeup?

Source: Expo News and Newsen via KoreaBoo

[Breaking] After School reveals second teaser photo featuring “Orange Caramel”

After School will be making a comeback after one year of hiatus with new member E-Young. The group will release their first studio album titled “Virgin” after making waves with their song “Bang!” in March, 2010.

Yesterday, we reported that Pledis Entertainment released the first teaser image of the “Fourth Generation” member E-Young. Pledis will unveil new images of the members from the “youngest generation” to the “oldest generation” until April 21st.

Now, Pledis has released the the 3rd generation members, Rania, Nana, Lizzy (also known as Orange Caramel)’s teaser picture.

As After School is a rotation group, there are many “generations” of members within it. Gahee, Jooyeon, Jungah and Beckha form the first generation; UEE is the sole member from the second generation; Raina, Nana and Lizzy make up the third generation and most recently, E-Young makes up the fourth generation.

Pledis stated, “After School will shed their traditional style and display a beautiful side of themselves.”

“Virgin” will be officially released on April 28th. Check out the teaser below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: SPN and Pledis Entertainment

[110417] SBS Inkigayo perfomances.

Tonight’s Take 7 for Inkigayo includes K.Will, Big Bang, Infinite, Girls’ Day, CNBLUE, and Orange Caramel. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, K.Will was not able to perform on tonight’s show.

Big Bang made their return to Inkigayo with their new “Love Song” last week after releasing their 4.5 Special album. The YG group recently grabbed a lot of attention, literally, for reaching more than2 million views on Youtube for their music video “Love Song” within 3 days of its release.

Girls’ Day’s “Twinkle Twinkle” has also been one of the hottest addicting songs since its release because of its choreography. The girls recently released a tutorial for the song taught by Girls’ Day members themselves. Dalmatian also had their goodbye stage tonight and wraps up their promotions for “The Man Opposed.”

CNBLUE has been having a terrific week as they picked up their triple crown at M! Countdown and Music Bank for their hit “Intuition.” Will they win their second Mutizen song tonight?

Other performances tonight include Tony An, Rainbow, Block.B, LITA, Rania, Brave Girls, Clover, U-Kiss, and more!

Tonight’s winner with their 1st Mutizen award is Big Bang! Big Bang stops CNBLUE’s winning streak tonight on Inkigayo as they managed to top the musical band. Congratulations!

source : CrazyCarrot370 @ youtube

[110416] MBC Music Core performances.

Tonight’s MBC Music Core is filled with comeback stages from Tony An, Dal Shabet, Kim Taewoo, and Rainbow. We also see the return of Lee Hyun, Big Bang, and Maya with their new title songs as well. The “Hot Stages” for tonight were performed by CNBLUE with “Intuition,” 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” Infinite with “Nothing’s Over,” and Orange Caramel with “Bangkok City.”

CNBLUE is on a roll this week with “Intuition” as they have earned their triple crown on M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

K.Will and CHI CHI performed this week’s “Special Stage” with “My Heart Is Beating” with Sistar’s Bora and “Don’t Play Around”, respectively. Wheesung, Yangpa, LPG, Han Geuru, and The Crack also performed tonight.

What performance was your favorite? Did any particular stage stand out to you tonight?

source : CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube