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Still cut from Rain’s upcoming movie “Take Off: Closer to the Sun” revealed

Rain has been casted in a remake of the 1964 Korean movie “Red Muffler.” The name of the remake movie itself has been changed from “Red Muffler” to “Take Off: Closer to the Sun.”

The producing company of the movie CJ E&M has revealed a still cut from the upcoming movie, which features Rain wearing sunglasses and uniform as he looks back at his fighter jet with the sunset in the background.

In April, Rain and Jeong Seokwon revealed photos of themselves in their air force uniform.

The movie tells of a life and comradeship between fighter pilots and stars Shin Sekyung, Kim Sungsoo, Yoo Junsang, Lee Hana, Jeong Seokwon, and Lee Jongsuk.

Source: 10Asia via koreaboo


Rain Named Ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam-Gu District

Rain Named Ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam-Gu District
Rain was recently appointed as the honorary ambassador to Korea’s Gangnam-gu district.

The international entertainer and TIME’s Most Influential Person of 2011, Rain, has been named as an honorary ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam-gu district. He will be officially honored today, April 4th, at an event in Gangnam-gu, and will assume his duties the same day.

It has also been announced that Rain will not be paid for his promotional work as the ambassador of Gangnam-gu. However, it was reported that he was more than happy to accept the offer when he was asked to work without pay.

source : GoKPop, Asia Economy

Rain Speaks at Seoul National University

Rain Speaks at Seoul National University

Recently elected TIME’s Most Influential Person, singer and actor Rain paid a visit to Seoul National University give a lecture to the attending students.

Rain recently made an announced visit to Seoul National University on May 1st, causing an audience exceeding 300 surprised students to flock to the main auditorium to hear the internationally recognized entertainer speak.

https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7413-4huxnn82ii.jpgAccording to Rain’s agent, “Rain had actually had prepared a lecture last year, but had been unable to visit the university because the available lecture hours constantly conflicted with his schedule. Fortunately, he was able to finally find the time to make an appearance. The subject of the talk was about ‘Cultural Contents’, and the lecture was given like a Q&A.”

Rain’s lecture was unannounced to students, but as soon as the rumor of his presence began to circulate, over 30 students flocked to the auditorium in order to witness the idol’s hour and a half long speech.

His agent quoted the star as saying, “I did not anticipating being so nervous at first, but I am very thankful to be given such a warm welcome by so many students. I think that I had a good experience.”

source : GoKpop, Newsen, Korean Economy

Rain Says He Would Like to Perform at the Next TIME 100 Gala

Rain Says He Would Like to Perform at the Next TIME 100 Gala

During a television appearance, Rain stated that if given the opportunity to attend the TIME 100 Gala again, that he would like to perform on stage during the party.

Rain, the internationally recognized entertainer who was chosen twice as TIME’s Most Influential Person, announced during a recent television appearance that he would one day like to perform on stage at the TIME 100 Gala, if he ever gets another chance to attend.

During an April 30th broadcast of KBS’ talk show, “Yon Ye G aJoong Gye”, Rain stated, “If I ever have another chance to attend the TIME Gala party as one of the 100 final list, I’d like to sing on the stage of the party.”

Additionally, when asked who he wanted to meet the most while in New York City for the event, Rain replied that he would have most liked to meet the President of the United Stated, Barack Obama, or famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey. He added, “I want to take a picture together with the two of then, and then hang it in my living room.”

He went on to mention, “Unfortunately, the First Lady (Michelle Obama) didn’t come, but I enjoyed the dinner very much and was able to spend meaningful time with the attendees. I also heard Sting sing live. If I ever have another chance to attend the party, my goal is to sing on its stage.”

What do you think? Does Rain have a good shot at making the guest list for the next TIME 100 Gala and achieving his goal?

Source : GoKpop

Rain’s “Mentholatum” CF and Making-Of Released

Rain’s "Mentholatum" CF and Making-Of Released

Behind-the-scenes footage of Rain’s “Mentholatum” commercial has been released.

Recently, the international entertainer Rain was appointed as the official spokes model for the ,China-based skincare brand “Mentholatum”.


Despite his busy schedule, the idolw was able to shoot a commercial for the brand, which was released earlier this month during a press conference, and just recently began airing on television, as seen below:

Within thepast few days, additional footage from the “making-of” of the generally well-received commercial was released, giving the public a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Rain’s “Mentholatum” commercial below:

Source : GoKpop

World Famous Conductor Praises Rain

World Famous Conductor Praises Rain

One of the most famous conductors in the world, Maestro Chung Myung Whun, talked about Rain in a recent interview. The eye-catching factor is that he is not interested in many popular things – “However, I know the singer Rain”.

World famous, Chung Myung Whun does not particularly like interviews, mostly because of his tight schedule. However, we cannot say that he dislikes them, because he does not express any form for unease. The Maestro was interviewed by Reuters, where he was asked in a part of the interview, “Do you happen to know Korea’s trot music and national singer?”

To this, Chung Myung Whun replied,

“I’m computer-illiterate. I don’t even want to use it.

I’m not interested in how the world works.

I read only one English newspaper every day, I like to read the sports and comics.

My day-to-day life is very simple, so my music, family, and my children, have only been a huge part of my life for over 30 years. That’s it.

What is the trot? I don’t know the famous ‘national singer’ at all.

However, I know singer Rain.

His relentless practice and persistence is somewhere to the right of classic music.

Becoming the best of all does not happen just by itself.”

To be praised in such an honorable way surely is yet another achievement for the singer. Meanwhile, Rain was recently named TIME’s most influential person.He also went to New York for the ‘TIME 100 Gala,’ where he met Sting.

Source: Daily Economy, Nate, GoKpop

Rain Meets Sting at the TIME 100 Gala

Rain Meets Sting at the TIME 100 Gala

During the TIME 100 Gala, Rain followed up his initial Tweet with an update about sitting next to the famous UK singer, Sting, at dinner.

Earlier it was reported that the multi-talented idol Rain tweeted during the TIME 100 Gala, which was held in New York City, USA. Later on in the event, he updated his Twitter account once more with an image of himself sitting beside the famous UK singer, Sting!

Along with the image, the star-struck Rain enthused, “He is one of the best singers in the world, and he knows me! We even had dinner sitting next to each other! I’ve admired him since I was a child! Everybody, I’m so excited that I can’t talk. It’s Sting! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Netizens replied with supportive messages, such as, “Please return home after you grace the occasion with you presence,” and “I really like Sting, too. Would you please get his autograph for me?”

After being honored as TIME’s Most Influential Person of 2011, Rain will return home tomorrow, the 28th, in order to resume his actitities, such as the filming of “Red Muffler”.

Source : GoKpop