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[1110507] KBS2 Music Bank // SISTAR19 and Jay Park is here !

Curious about the other performances on Music Bank, apart from the debut and comeback stages? You can watch them here!

Beside the comeback stages of JJ and Untouchable, and the debut stages of SISTAR 19 and Jay Park, KBS’ Music Bank also featured various performances by artists such as After School, f(x), C.N. Blue, Rainbow, Brian Joo, Monday Kiz and more.

Enjoy watching them below!

The debut stages, we get to watch on Music Bank today, are by SISTAR 19, the sub-unit group of Starship Entertainment’s girlband, SISTAR, and former member of 2PM, Jay Park.
SISTAR 19 presented their single, “Ma Boy”, released on 3rd May.
Following that, Jay Park made his debut as solo artist performing his tracks, “Tonight” and “Abandoned”, from his newly released mini-album titled “Take A Deeper Look”. He also became the winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart this week.

Source : GoKpop


[110430] KBS2 Music Bank // f(x) Wins their first K-Chart + The return of After School

f(x) Wins on KBS' Music Bank + Other Performances

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ music program, Music Bank! Don’t miss the return of After School and Turtles as well as various other great performances!

On KBS’ Music Bank this week, Kim Jong Min teamed up with Jea Kyung and made his solo debut with his track, “Cheer Up Man”.

Today Turtles and After School performed their comeback stages. Turtles presented their song, “Hero”, and After School their new tracks, “Let’s Step Up” and “Shampoo”.

Beside that, also A Pink, B1A4, 4minute, C.N. Blue, X-5, Brave Girls and more were on KBS’ Music Bank this week.

Today’s winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart became the girlgroup, f(x), who performed their song, “Pinocchio (Danger)” on the show. The girls were really touched by receiving the award.

Source : GoKpop

Rania’s Jooyi Covers “You Lost Me” by Christina Aguilera

Rania's Jooyi Covers "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera

Jooyi of rookie girlband, Rania, recently covered Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” on MBC’s radio program, “Starry Night”.

The members of Rania apparently had four years of vocal training. In an interview with SPN, all of the Rania members named Jooyi as the one with the best vocals. She also scored highest when it came to which member they felt would be the most successful in the future.

When Rania was on MBC’s “Starry Night” on 25th April, Jooyi sang Christina Aguilera’s song titled “You Lost Me”, and once again showed off her vocal skills.

Check out Jooyi’s cover of Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” below!

Source : GoKpop

[110424] SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Jeju Easter Special

Since it’s Easter Sunday today, SBS decided to broadcast a special of Inkigayo, instead of the regular version. This special entitled “Super Inkigayo Concert” has taken place in Jeju and featured performances by Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 4minute, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, f(x) and more. Don’t miss it!

Our favourite artists travelled to Jeju to perform great stages for SBS’ Super Inkigayo Concert on Easter Sunday.

We get to see the debut stage of the new girlband, A Pink, singing “I Don’t Know”, and the comeback stage of f(x), who performed “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rania, ZE:A, Infinite, Kim Tae Woo, Big Bang, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, 4minute and lots more were present on this special show.

In addition to that, the Inkigayo Super Concert featured a special guest, who is currently active in Japan. Girls’ Generation came to Jeju and performed their song, “Hoot”, which made the audience go crazy.

Enjoy watching the performances on the Inkigayo Super Concert below!

Source : GoKpop

[110423] MBC Music Core // B1A4 and A Pink!

It’s Saturday. What does that mean? Yes, you’re right! Another episode of MBC’s Music Core is awaiting to be watched. Check out the great performances by Block B, B1A4, A Pink, Rania, NS Yoon Ji, f(x), Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ and more!

Today’s episode of Music Core featured the comeback stages of NS Yoon Ji and f(x). NS Yoon Ji performed her song, “Talk Talk Talk”, and f(x) presented their new track, “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

In addition to that, various new bands performed their debut stages. These bands were Block B with “Freeze”, B1A4 with “OK” and A Pink with “I Don’t Know”.

Also 4minute, K.Will, Rainbow, Orange Caramel, Big Bang, TVXQ, Rania and lots more were present at the show this week.

Enjoy watching the performances below!

Source : GoKpop

Behind-the-scene of Jay Park’s “Demon” and Rania’s “Dr. Feel Good” recording

PMG Asia (Ruk, Teddy Riley, Dom, Miko, Tnyse, J Hot) have released rare clips on their Youtube channel for fans to see! The clips reveal behind-the-scenes recording for Jay Park’s “Demon” and Rania’s “Dr. Feel Good.” Both songs were produced by Michael Jackson’s record producer, Teddy Riley.

The two videos of Jay Park also features not only the members of PMG and Teddy Riley, but Bhoward in the studio as well. In the videos, Jay Park is rehearsing “Demon” in the studio, trying to hit the correct notes.

The description that accompanied the videos said, “Some rare footage to share with the fans, Having fun in the studio with Jay Park, This was a fun recording session. Make sure and support this guy, hes one hell of an artist. Bhoward i see u!”

An interview with Rania and Teddy Riley, as well as the crew and Rania bowling was uploaded on the Youtube channel as well. A video of Rania’s behind-the-scene recording of “Dr. Feel Good” in the studio was also uploaded, where the girls were practicing the song as well.

In the interview, Teddy Riley revealed that both “Dr. Feel Good” and “Masquerade” were first submitted to Lady Gaga to sing. But because it took so long, they decided to give Lady Gaga something else and give the two songs to Rania instead. He then continues to give them advice, to get along and to stick together. Teddy Riley finishes the interview saying that he will be back in Korea after finishing the Michael Jackson album.

On his Twitter account, Teddy Riley said on April 19th, “I love kpop and been waiting to get in the kpop business for a long time w jay park, now Rania. Hateration is a disease.”

Teddy Riley had responded to a Rania fan who said, “Rania has good vocals but don’t try to make kpop look/sound sexy/slutty thats why some people dislike american music =^-^=” to which he responded, “Now who the f r u? Korea needs a change in your kpop music and if you don’t like it go f off.”

Posted Image

Rania have already released their debut album and have started promoting their title song, “Dr. Feel Good.” Jay Park will be releasing his first mini-album, “Take A Deeper Look,” on April 27th and has already released his first video teaser with a surprise awaiting fans this Friday at 10AM.

Check out thee videos below!

source : GoKpop

Rania reveals English MV for “Dr. Feel Good”

Despite a few snags, Rania finally finished their debut stages and has successfully made an entry into the Korean music market. Their title song “Dr. Feel Good,” a track produced by Teddy Riley, has been getting a lot of attention especially for Rania’s sexual choreography.

Rania has had to change both their choreography and outfits for music shows. But this hasn’t stopped Rania from making an impact with their debut song, “Dr. Feel Good.”

After releasing their debut single on April 6th and Korean music video for “Dr. Feel Good,” Rania has finally revealed the music video for the English version of the song. The music video follows a similar format than the 1st, however, different shots and zooming in of certain parts in the music video makes it feel a lot more sexual.

Can you see what is different about the music video? Which version do you like better, the Korean or English version?

Source : KoreaBoo

source : KoreaBoo