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Seo In Young Releases Single “Lov-Elly Part.2 – Wash”

Seo In Young Releases Single "Lov-Elly Part.2 - Wash"

Having teased with jacket photos and a MV teaser through the past week, former Jewelry member Seo In Young finally releases her digital single “Lov-Elly Part.2- Wash”.

It’s a heartbreaking ballad, which is similar to her single “Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling” and shows off Seo In Young’s striking vocals once again.

Take a listen to the song “Wash” below.

Source : GoKpop


Baek Jiyoung, Eugene – the gray syndrome takes over the entertainment industry!

Lately, many Korean celebrities have been sporting “gray hair” and white-colored hair, which has taken over the entertainment industry by storm! Recently, solo female singer Baek Jiyoung released the first set of concept photos for her upcoming 8th studio album. In the photos, Baek Jiyoung sports white-like, curly hair, which has gained a lot of attention.

Last year, actress Han Ga-in had pictorial in which she had white hair, and Big Bang’s T.O.P. was also seen with white hair at an award ceremony.

Other celebrities have followed a similar trend including Teen Top, Seo Inyoung, 2AM’s Changmin, G.NA, and SES’s Eugene, and have colored their hair either silver or gray. Singer Maya has also been seen sporting a similar hair color.

What do you think of this trend? Who do you think pulls it off the best?

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Source : Koreaboo, BNT News

Seo In Young Unleashes “Wash” MV Teaser

Seo In Young Unleashes "Wash" MV Teaser

A few weeks ago, Seo In Young unveiled photo teasers for her new single-album titled “Love-Elly Part.02.” Today, she finally reveals the MV teaser for “Wash”.

It was said that Seo In Young spent 14 hours in 5m water for the photo jacket for the single. It was hard for the singer since she does not know how to swim at all. However, Seo In Young did not complain and acted professionally.

Check out the MV teaser below.

“Love-Elly Part 2” is expected to be release on May 4th.

source : GoKpop

Seo In Young Arrives Thailand!

Seo In Young Arrives To Thailand!

On May 1st, singer/actress Seo In Young updated her Twitter on about filming in Thailand. She also uploaded a few selcas of her ‘goddess dress’ and how youthful she looked in them, which sparked netizen attention.

Seo In Young showed netizens her visit to Thailand through the spare time she had through filming takes and tweeted, “Just got through the end of shooting here in Thailand ~ kyaa! Let’s play let’s play !!!”, “Unfortunately, this recording is a success!”, “I wanted to be the dress goddess.” attached to her selca photos.

Seen in the photos with nearly no makeup on, Seo In Young exhibits her innocent charm through her white mini-dress and her elegant evening dress as well.

Netizens commented, “In Young unnie looks pretty in her white dress without makeup,” “She doesn’t have to wear killer-heels to be beautiful.”

https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7365-1b6a8pq4d4.jpg https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7365-l097q37tc8.jpg

Source : GoKpop

BTS of Seo In Young’s Jacket Photoshoot Revealed

BTS of Seo In Young's Jacket Photoshoot Revealed

Having unleashed two photo teasers earlier, Seo In Young now gives a glimpse of the photoshoot set with a video, in which she also shows her breath-holding skills!

To warm up for the difficult underwater shoot, Seo In Young did exercises by holding her breath and was able to stay underwater for incredible 2 minutes and 19 seconds!
All the staff members around were amazed. One of them said that her record would be even higher than Park Tae Hwan’s, the succesful Korean olympic swimmer, making everyone burst into laughter.

Check out the video below.

Her new mini-album “Love-Elly Part 2” will drop off on May 4th.

Source : GoKpop

Seo In Young reveals teaser images for “Love-Elly Part.02” digital single

Seo Inyoung has revealed her first image teasers for her upcoming digital single “Love-Elly Part.02” and her title song “Wash.” The teasers show a very interesting jacket photo as Seo Inyoung is submerged underwater like that of a mermaid.

It is known that it took Seo Inyoung 14 hours to shoot the jacket photos for her upcoming single-album and she was submerged water of a depth of 5m. Despite the difficulties, it was said that Seo Inyoung did not complain.

Star Empire, Seo Inyoung’s agency, said, “Seo Inyoung doesn’t know how to swim, so she was very nervous entering the water. But because this an important scene for her title song ‘Wash,” she was overcame her fears and produced a very unique album photo. The photos express the feelings of a woman who has been abandoned. She must treat her own wounds of her breakup. The track ‘Wash’ gives off the dark appeal of Seo Inyoung’s unique voice and will surely leave an impression on listeners. We’re hoping fans will give her much love and attention.”

The music video teaser will be revealed on May 3rd and will be followed by the digital release of her single, “Love-Elly Part.02” with her title song “Wash.”

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Source: Newsen via koreaboo

Seo Inyoung and T-ara’s Jiyeon compete with killer heels

Singers Seo Inyoung and T-ara’s Jiyeon, have surprised the fans pictures of themselves wearing killer heels.

On the 27th, Seo Inyoung wrote on her Twitter by saying, “I woke up too early. Getting ready for filming.” Then, she started talking about her heels by saying, “My babies, I love it.”

Continuing on, she wrote about Jiyeon, who is the mascot of SBS “Heroes,” and said, “I’ll be on my way to film a commercial with Jiyeon! I’m getting ready by waking up early! Good morning.”

In the picture, the girls are seen wearing a white and pink mini dress while placing their hands on their waist. They’ve also put on a playful face for the camera, but what caught the attention of the viewers were their tall killer heels.

The netizens who saw this said, “Both Seo Inyoung and Jiyeon are pretty. They really look like sisters,” and “The icon of killer heels, Seo Inyoung! With killer heels, Seo Inyoung is ahead of Jiyeon.”

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Source: Star News via KoreaBoo