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SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

We previously reported that SM was set to release a new boy band this year, which currently has the codename of M1. Now Lee Soo Man has mentioned that actually two groups will debut.

On a recent conference presented by Lee Soo Man in Stanford University he shared a new strategy from SM Entertainment.

According to him they are currently preparing for the debut of their new boy band that will consist of 12 members.

It will have 7 Korean members and 5 Chinese ones that will work under the same name but in two different teams. Each one of them will promote in Korea and China respectively, and will debut at the same time during this month, and with the same song.

This is the new strategy presented by SM, so now we just need to wait a little while until we discover their official members and details.


The First Idol-Themed Cruise to Set Sail

The First Idol-Themed Cruise to Set Sail

The plans to launch a Hallyu idol-themed cruise line featuring the participation of various SM Entertainment artists has been announced for January 2012.

“All That” cruise line has recently announced their plans to create Korea’s largest idol-themed cruise in light of the popularity of Hallyu artists.

Tentatively slated to make its voyage journey in January of 2012, it will make various stop throughout Korea, Japan, and China. And during the six-day cruise, passengers will be given the luxury of multiple on-deck performances from a variety of SM Entertainment artists, such as BoA, TVXQ, and SNSD. Dramas and movies featuring Hallyu idols will also be aired during the cruise.

The total package, as of now, is estimated to cost arounf 1.2 million won, or around $1,200 USD.

Wouldn’t you like to go on a luxury cruise with some of your favorite Kpop idols?

Source : GoKpop

SM Entertainment plans for South American tour in July!

SM Entertainment Plans Tour In Latin America“This time, it’s South America!”

TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and other SM Entertainment artists are preparing for a tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment representatives, the company is currently planning to hold a series of “SM Town Live” concerts in South American countries such as Brazil and Chile in July.

The South American tour has been in the planning stage since last year, when SM Entertainment artists embarked on the “SM Town World Tour” and held an unforgettable concert in Los Angeles, USA.

Due to the popularity of Kpop and SM Entertainment artists in South America, the company plans to tap into this untouched market with a series of concerts in the continent. In February, a Brazilian program asked viewers “Which Korean singer do you want to come to Brazil?” and SM Entertainment artists dominated the results, with Super Junior, BoA, SNSD and SHINee taking the #1 to #4 spots.

SM Entertainment is already taking major steps in making their mark in foreign countries, as it was recently announced that on June 10th, SM artists will hold “SM Town in Paris” and mark Europe’s first Kpop concert ever. Tickets for the show sold out within 15 minutes and large-scale protests are happening all over Europe for SM Entertainment to add another concert date.

Last year, SM Town held concerts in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. This year, SM Entertainment will expand into two continents that Kpop artists have never stepped into, Europe and South America.

SM Entertainment representatives stated, “SM’s ripple effect is really amazing. They have already taken over USA, China and Japan and are now accomplishing the unheard precedent of going to Europe and South America. Isn’t this the path of a true ‘World Star’?”

Source: Koreaboo, Sports Seoul

SM Entertainment considering additional concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris”

Over 1,000 Kpop fans attended the Paris protest/flashmob on May 1st in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in France. The protest a complete success as many Korean and local media have covered the event. Kpop fans performed mass flashmobs, and danced and sang to songs by TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, and f(x).

French Kpop fans and fans all over Europe have begun to set up protests and flashmobs in attempts to catch SM Entertainment’s attention and get an additional date to “SM Town Live In Paris.” The concert will be the first Kpop concert to take place in Europe, however, many fans were not able to get tickets to the concert due to the venue (Le Zenith) only being able to hold approximately 6,000 seats.

The tickets to the “SM Town Live in Paris” were sold out in 15 minutes, leaving many European fans without tickets and disappointed. In addition to the Paris protest that took place just a few days ago, there has been an addition 4,000 signatures that have signed the petition requesting a second date.

SM Entertainment has acknowledge one of the most successful protest that took place at the Louvre Museum on Sunday, May 1st, and has been reportedly considering an additional date. Kim Eunah of SM Entertainment said, “We are checking the schedule of our artists and considering the possibilities to add a second date.”

She adds, “Even though the popularity of Kpop has been increasing in Europe, there wasn’t any way to verify how popular it was. Our sell out concert and the mob incident has helped us verify the Kpop impact in Europe. It showed that the Hallyu wave has reached around the world. It was amazing to see them sing along to Kpop last year at the Los Angeles concert.”

Kpop has truly been making waves as even music producer Teddy Riley has showed interest in creating more music in Korea. He has already produced songs for Rania and Jay Park. Producer Quincy Jones have also praised Korean artists such as BoA and Tiger JK.

It seems that French Kpop fans protest has been a complete success! Stay tuned to Koreaboo for SM Entertainment’s final decision on “SM Town Live in Paris.”

Source : Koreaboo

SM Entertainment to build theme park “M City PFV”

Imagine condominiums named after BoA and TVXQ, or a star zone where SNSD holds fan meetings… those will soon become reality at “M City PFV” thanks to Fides Development and SM Entertainment.

On April 26th, it was revealed that a special K-pop entertainment theme park would be constructed by Fides Development and SM Entertainment. Marketed as being a unique union between property development and entertainment, the theme park aims to promote visual culture and entertainment-related tourism.

Until now, property development had only partially taken culture into consideration, but this is the first time that the entertainment industry has directly pursued property development.

The first project will begin on a 35,894 square meter property in Saejae district and is hoped to be completed by next year. The 888,186 square meter property that will be home to multi-unit complexes for the promotion of visual culture tourism will be located in three different districts.

In addition to the aforementioned condominiums and star zones, other notable features of the theme park include indoor studios, spas, water park, performance halls, and more.

The target audience of the theme park are tourists from throughout Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Are you interested in going to this theme park?

Source: Joins via KoreaBoo

SM Town Announces New Date For Tokyo Show

SM Town Announces New Date For Tokyo Show

It has been announced that the rescheduled date has been released for the SM Town Live in Tokyo

【Notice for the rescheduled date for SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION】

We express our heartfelt sympathy to all the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.
We sincerely pray for the reconstruction of the affected area as soon as possible.

For the “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION” which was postponed, we have arranged various schedules, and decided to hold the rescheduled concert on the following date.
Our sincere apologies for making you wait for so long.

September 3 (Sat), 2011
Doors open / Curtain time 15:00 / 17:00
, Venue: Tokyo Dome

September 4 (Sun), 2011
Doors open / Curtain time 14:00 / 16:00
, Venue: Tokyo Dome

Contact for inquires concerning the concert: : 0180-993-997 (24hours, automated phone system)

We have held consultations time and again, whether or not to hold the concert, considering the unprecedented disaster and the social anxiety which is increasing day by day.
Our results was simple, “We will do our best, what we can do.”

Now is the time to believe in the strong power of entertainment, so all of our members wish to provide the audience with our best performance.
We would be grateful for your understanding and support.

April 27, 2011

Source : GoKpop

SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi” Predicted To Boost SME’s Stocks

SNSD's "Mr. Taxi" Predicted To Boost SME's Stocks

With SNSD’s upcoming April 27th release of “Mr. Taxi”, SM Entertainment is looking for an increase in Japanese stock value.

SM Entertainment is in high anticipation of the release of SNSD’s upcoming Japanese album “Mr. Taxi” in order to boost their stocks even further after the slight stumble following the recent natural disaster in Japan.

Due to be released tomorrow, April 27th, the public’s anticipation of SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi” has already been reflected in SME’s stocks, as on April 25th the company reported a sharp increase in the value of its stocks, as their shares significantly increased to 1.12 million shares from 280,000 shares.

Following a slow month in March as a result of the devastation caused by the natural disaster, SME is looking to “Mr. Taxi” as a means kick start its Japanese stocks. According to SME, the extended play will include the title song “Mr. Taxi”, as well as “Run Devil Run”, and from there, the girls will begin to conduct promotional activities in Japan.

In regards to SME, a Samsung stock researcher, Gong Tae Hyun stated, “With the recent Japanese earthquakes, people’s mindsets towards investing in SME became less optimistic. But because Girls’ Generation will soon resume Japanese activities, the public is less skeptical now. Girls’ Generation has recorded the biggest sales in terms of Japanese activities, which reflects in the first 4 quarters. If the SM Town concert in Japan is confirmed for 2011, results will further improve.”

Source : GoKpop