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SS501 Members Reunite During Heo Young Saeng’s Solo Debut

SS501 Members Reunite During Heo Young Saeng's Solo Debut

SS501 members reunite to cheer Heo Young Saeng on his solo debut.

Heo Young Saeng made his solo debut on the recent episode of Music Bank with the song ‘Let it Go’.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong made a space on their busy schedules and visited Heo Young Saeng backstage to support him. Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun actually also wanted to be there, but could not attend due to previous commitments.

Fans are trully happy that the members of SS501 are so close despite being part of different agencies now, but they still keep the bond they have had for such a long time.

Who knows maybe we can see all the members together soon.

Source : GoKpop


Heo Young Saeng Presents “Let It Go” MV + Mini-Album

Heo Young Saeng Presents "Let It Go" MV + Mini-Album

You get to watch another great music video by another great artist. SS501’s Heo Young Saeng just released his “Let It Go” MV making his solo debut. Take a look!

Heo Young Saeng finally released his debut album titled “Let It Go” as well as the music video for his same-titled title track.

As expected, Heo Young Saeng is impressing us by his charismatic and cool style in his songs, his music video and his sexy dance performance featured in the music video. However, Young Saeng is not alone. Also 4minute’s Hyuna, who is featured in his title track, as well as the other artists collaborating with him contribute to his flawless 1st mini-album.

Check out Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” MV and tracks from his 1st mini-album below!

01 Out The Club (ft. Taewan)

03 Rainy Heart (ft. Kim Kyu Jong)

04 I’m Broken

Source : GoKpop

Heo Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” Teaser Images Released

Heo Young Saeng's "Let It Go" Teaser Images Released

A series of images of SS501 member Heo Young Saeng’s solo release “Let It Go” have been released.

Earlier in the week, SS501 member Heo Young Saeng updated his Twitter account with two teaser images for his upcoming solo release “Let It Go”, as seen below:


And just today, a series of backstage images from the set of the “Let It Go” music video have been released, and have been circulating around internet portal websites.

Check out the some behind-the-scenes images from Heo Young Saeng’s solo comeback “Let It Go”:

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7517-qrzj6ltsup.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7517-q2nwnktwhr.jpg

Heo Young Saeng will be releasing his solo album and music video on May 12th, and he will make his comeback stage on “Music Bank” the following day.

Source : GoKpop

Applications for Kim Hyunjoong’s ‘Henecia’ suspended after hacking incident

Sad news for Kim Hyunjoong’s fans who were anticipating to join his official fanclub ‘Henecia’. On the 7th of May, Keyeast Agency announced in an official statement the temporary suspension for the fanclub applications, due to an attempt to externally hack the company’s official website.

The alleged hackers who are still being investigated were reported to have changed the depositing bank number from the company and altered a number of official information on the website. Because of the attempt, Keyeast Agency confirms that all applications and bank transfers for ‘Henecia’ have been suspended to prevent further damage from the scam.

Moreover, they have also confirmed that the ‘Jeju Island Fanmeeting’ scheduled for the 1st of June was also a fake and has been reported to prevent further confusion.

Apologizing for the inconvenience, Keyeast Agency directed their message to Kim Hyunjoong’s fans as they are in the process of cooperating with the Cyber Terror Police. The fans who have already been victimized by the sudden scam were asked to send in all their details to the fanclub personnel through phone or email.

Fanclub applications are set to resume through another official announcement after restorations for the website have completed. Currently, Kim Hyunjoong’s official website has also been reported to be down after the hacking incident.

Source: Koreaboo, Keyeast, SS501Ode

Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Meet the Best 5 Idols to be taken as role models.

Idols take a lot of care of their image, since a little mistake can create a scandal in no time, but they are also really considerate and sometimes do so many things in secret that truly show why they are so great.

Arirang made a top 5 list with the best idols that can be taken as role models for their clean and careful actions.

1. Sunye (Wonder Girls)
2. Taeyang (Big Bang)
3. Taecyeon (2PM)
4. Sung Gyu (Infinite)
5. Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

Take a look at the video to know why they have joined this list.

Source : GoKpop

Heo Young Saeng Unveils “Let It Go” Teaser and tracklist

Today SS501’s Heo Young Saeng has started up teasing for his upcoming solo debut. He released the teaser for the mini-album, “Let It Go”, he will unleash on 12th May. Check it out!

After the announcement that Heo Young Saeng’s solo debut will be postponeddue to his injury, B2M Entertainment has finally set the new release date of his solo album. He will release his 1st mini-album titled “Let It Go” on May 12th.

Today we get to watch a short teaser for Heo Young Saeng’s upcoming release. He shows off a sexy and chic style wearing sunglasses combined with elegant suits. He also looks very charismatic and his smile is really charming.

Have a look at the teaser and check the tracklist below!


01. Out the Club (ft. Taewan)
02. Let it Go (ft. Hyuna)
03. Rainy Heart (ft. Kim Kyujong)
04. I’m Broken
05. Let it Go (Inst.)

source : GoKpop, Koreaboo, YesAsia

SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng reveals solo debut teaser “Let It Go” featuring 4Minute’s Hyuna

Back in March, SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng revealed that he will be making a solo debut on April 28th and revealed pictures of him in the recording studio. Unfortunately, Heo Youngsaeng injured his hand during dance practice, causing the singer to pay a visit to the hospital and delay his comeback.

On May 4th, Heo Youngsaeng has finally unleashed his long awaited solo debut teaser for “Let It Go,” which will feature 4Minute’s Hyuna.

Heo Youngsaeng first debuted with SS501 in 2005, a 5-membered group formed by DSP Media. After some successful activities, their contract with DSP Media expired in 2009. SS501’s leader Kim Hyungjoon signed with KEY EAST, Park Jungmin signed with CNR Media, Kim Hyungjoon with S-Plus Entertainment, and Kim Kyujong and Heo Youngsaeng signed with B2M Entertainment (also Lee Hyori’s agency).

Check out the teaser below!

source : Koreaboo, B2MEnt