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Sulli and Victoria’s Smoothie King Making-Of Footage Released

Sulli and Victoria's Smoothie King Making-Of Footage Released

A behind-the-scenes video of f(x) Sulli and Victoria’s recently released Smoothie King commercial has been unveiled.

Earlier, Victoria and Sulli of f(x) were featured in a refreshing commercial for the food chain Smoothie King, impressing viewers both with their youthful charms, as well as their athleticism and flexibility. Recently, behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting of the commercial has been released, giving fans insight into the making of the girls’ impressive Smoothie King commercial.

Check out the making-of f(x) Sulli and Victoria’s Smoothie King commercial below:

As well as some behind-the-scenes images from filming below:


Source : GoKpop


Khuntoria to Feature as Models for ‘Caribbean Bay’

Khuntoria to Feature as Models for 'Caribbean Bay'

MBC’s “We Got Married” couple Nichkhun and Victoria will team up as Caribbean Bay’s newest models for 2011! What will the power of Khuntoria have in store for this summer?

Last summer, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Chansung, and Nichkhun all participated in Caribbean Bay promotions along with SNSD members Yuri, Seohyun andYoona. As selected by many fans, him and his wife, f(x) member Victoria, will both be promoting summer fun at Cabi Bay this year.

On May 6th, Everland tweeted, “Caribbean Bay Model.. The answer is announced.. too many because can guess the answer… So the couple isNichkhun and Victoria..~” followed by, “Another bonus news, the Caribbean Bay ads by Nichkhun and Victoria will also feature the great 2PM… Please look forward to it~”

Throughout the word of mouth, the Khuntoria couple will most likely gain momentum in Korea and a surplus in fans overseas due to all those who have subscribed to the event.

https://i1.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7507-u4t6h9vim6.gif https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7507-i78uaqkak5.gif Source : GoKpop, Nate

Victoria and Sulli’s “Smoothie King” Commercial Released

Victoria and Sulli's "Smoothie King" Commercial Released

Sulli and Victoria of f(x) recently participated in a promotional campaign for “Smoothie King”, and have been featured in two commercials.

Earlier it was reported that f(x) members Victoria and Sulli would be participating in a commercial for the drink chain Smoothie King, and a series of backstage images were released.

The final product was released today in the form of two fifteen and thirty second commercials. With the hot months of summer quickly approaching, the lovely ladies provide viewers with all of the refreshing charm needed to stay cool.

Check out f(x) Sulli and Victoria’s Smoothie King commercials below:

Source : GoKpop

f(x)’s Victoria once again becomes a hot topic for her flexibility

f(x)’s sexy leader Victoria recently demonstrated a perfect 180 degree leg stunt.

On an online community board, a picture of Victoria shooting a commercial for Smoothie King was released and netizens taken note that Victoria resembles a graceful ballerina with her pose.

With her leg nearly over her head, Victoria demonstrated her extreme flexibility and toned body while wearing a simple blue T-shirt and black shorts.

Fellow member Sulli was also present for the commercial, but it seems that all eyes are on Victoria, as she has captured the attention of netizens once again with her incredible flexibility.

Posted Image

Source: Star N News via koreaboo

f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

In a recent interview on the program “Entertainment Relay”, f(x) discusses various ideas they had for group names before their official debut.

Following their “Pinocchio” comeback, the girls of f(x) held an interview on KBS’ “Entertainment Relay”, in which they discusses various topics relating to before the group’s debut back in 2009.


Perhaps the most interesting segment revolved around the girls discussing what group names were considered before they debuted as f(x).

During the interview, the girls were asked, “Was there potential team name other than f(x)?” To which the girls responded, “There were actually a variety of group names that we could have chosen from. We had considered names like ‘The Bomb’, ‘Flowers’, and ‘Miyaho’ – because it sounds similar to a cat’s ‘meow’. At one point we even thought about introducing ourselves with ‘Hello! We are Miyaho!’ and making a cat’s meowing sound while posing cutely.”

Member Victoria also has a cute moment when she gives a shout out to her “We Got Married” partner Nichkhun of 2PM, when she greets him, “Nichkhun, I’m on ‘Entertainment Relay’!”

Check out f(x)’s interview on “Entertainment Relay” below:

It seems like f(x) did manage to incorporate the past idea of “Flower” into their name, as the “f” in f(x) stands for “flower”, while the ‘x’ represents the x in the female chromosome.

What do you think? Did f(x) end up with the right name to fit their funky fresh image?

Source : GoKpop

Idol Chart Show ranks hottest idol bodies

On April 20, MNET’s Idol Chart Show revealed rankings for the celebrities with the best bodies; Rain came in first, followed by G.NA who is notorious for her enviable figure.

Two members of Big Bang made the list – Daesung ranked 13th and Taeyang ranked 15th. Additionally, two members of 2AM made the list – Changmin ranked 5th and Seulong ranked 17th. Big Bang and 2PM are the only groups to have more than one member on the top 20 list.
Take a look at the rankings below:

Do you agree with the rankings? If not, who do you think should be on the list?

Source: KoreaBoo

f(x)’s Victoria reveals two faces for High Cut

f(x)’s leader, Victoria, showed off two different faces for High Cut, ‘Dark-toria’ vs. Lovely Victoria. Recently, she received attention when she filmed an ad for Estee Lauder lipstick, revealing two completely opposite characters, like black and white.

In the first picture, Victoria wore a mini black dress that exposed her shoulders. She used eyeliner to emphasize her eyes and spread coral pink lipstick on her lips, giving off a sexy and alluring image. In contrast, in the second photo, Victoria wore a white dress. Her make-up changed into the face of a girl who was pure and lovely. Her lipstick emphasized her sheer, pink lips.

Even professional models were inferior to the perfect eyes and facial expressions. Victoria’s ad cuts and her beauty secrets will be revealed on April 21st, in the 52nd issue of High Cut.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Watch the teaser to the ad below!

source : KoreaBoo