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[110424] SBS Inkigayo Super Concert in Jeju Easter Special

Since it’s Easter Sunday today, SBS decided to broadcast a special of Inkigayo, instead of the regular version. This special entitled “Super Inkigayo Concert” has taken place in Jeju and featured performances by Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, 4minute, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, f(x) and more. Don’t miss it!

Our favourite artists travelled to Jeju to perform great stages for SBS’ Super Inkigayo Concert on Easter Sunday.

We get to see the debut stage of the new girlband, A Pink, singing “I Don’t Know”, and the comeback stage of f(x), who performed “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rania, ZE:A, Infinite, Kim Tae Woo, Big Bang, TVXQ, C.N. Blue, 4minute and lots more were present on this special show.

In addition to that, the Inkigayo Super Concert featured a special guest, who is currently active in Japan. Girls’ Generation came to Jeju and performed their song, “Hoot”, which made the audience go crazy.

Enjoy watching the performances on the Inkigayo Super Concert below!

Source : GoKpop


[110421] Mnet M!Countdown // A Pink and Lita finally made their debut ! + 4Minute wins #1

Are you curious who performed this week on Mnet’s M! Countdown? Then have a look and enjoy watching the performances here!

On M! Countdown, the new girl group, A Pink, finally made their debut today. They performed their tracks, “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

Beside A Pink, a total of 3 other girl groups performed on M! Countdown today, Girl’s Day, Rainbow and 4minute.

However, there weren’t only girl bands present on M! Countdown today, but also the boy groups, Block B, Handsome People and C.N. Blue.

In addition to that, Wheesung, Brian Joo, Lita, Yangpa,Tony An, Na Yoon Kwon and more had performances today.

Thai singer called Lita who released her first single album, “Who Cares“, last month, and she has finally made her debut on Mnet’s M! Countdownthis afternoon.

Her title song “Who Cares” features a chic charm with Lita’s powerful vocals and a triple beat. The added effect of the synth sounds further creates an atmosphere of high tension that captivates listeners into addiction. The repetitive melody of the powerful chorus will surely leave an amazing impression.

This week’s charts on M! Countdown were as followed. The winner of this week’s show became 4minute.

Wheesung attacked on stage during performance

Fans are upset at the recent security breaks during performances and live concerts after hearing that Wheesung was also the target of an attack, just days after Taeyeon was grabbed by a mystery man. The man was revealed to be just a student and due to this, SM Entertainment decided not to press charges against him. Fans are left wondering whether or not this will increase attacks, as people will feel that there are no consequences to their actions.

Now, it’s been revealed that Wheesung was also attacked during his live performance. Wheesung’s company revealed that, “a man went on stage and attacked Wheesung. He considered it a minor incident and completed his performance calmly.”

This incident happened on his performance during the song, “With Me”. The man attempted to kick Wheesung during his performance.

However, his company was extremely upset at the incident, not downplaying it at all, saying, “Thankfully, he was not injured. However, we didn’t receive any apology from the broadcasting company in charge of the performance. It was a big event and we are left wondering why security was not tight. Singers all over are having their safety compromised because of this sort of environment.”

What are your thoughts? Do you feel security is too relax? How do you feel that companies should deal with these assailants?

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Check out the video of the performance below:

Source: Sports Today and MrJungjihyung via KoreaBoo

[110409] MBC Music Core

Solo artist Han Groo started off the night with her track, “My Boy.” After a greeting by the Music Core MCs, newly debuted girl group Chi Chi took the stage and performed their debut track, “Don’t Play Around.”

ZE:A performed a special outside stage of “Here I Am,” complete with argyle sweaters. Girl’s Day switched to green as their concept color tonight and performed a shortened version of their hit track, “Twinkle Twinkle.” Dalmatian made an appearance on tonight’s episode and performed a remix of their latest track, “I’m Opposed to That Man.”

Yangpa made her comeback on tonight’s episode with, “It Hurts.” Clover made their debut with “La Vida Loca.” U-Kiss performed their comeback stage on tonight’s episode with “0330,” and Orange Caramel followed with their comeback stage of “Bangkok City.”

Wheesung continued tonight’s episode as he performed his hit song, “Words That Freeze My Heart” with Hoya. Song Jieun performed “Going Crazy” with Bang Yongguk live for the last time.

4Minute made their comeback with “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart” on tonight’s episode. K.Will performed his track, “My Heart is Beating.” CN Blue followed with their hit track, “Intutition”. TVXQ closed the show with their latest song, “Know This (Before You Go).”

Check out the performances from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!

[110409] KBS2 Music Bank // Brave Girls, Rania, 4Minute, Rainbow, Brian Joo, Tony An and more !

KBS' Music Bank on 8th April

Check out the debut performance of Rania and Brave Girls, the comeback stages of Brian Joo, Tony An, 4minute and Rainbow and lots more stages on this week’s Music Bank!

The new girl group, Rania, had their 2nd debut stage on KBS’ Music Bank today. They performed their song, “Dr. Feel Good”.
Also girl group, Brave Girls, had a debut stage today. They performed two tracks, “So Sexy” and “Do You Know”

In addition to that, the soloists, Brian Joo and Tony An, and the girl groups, Rainbow and 4minute, performed each their comeback stages.
Brian Joo, Tony An and Rainbow performed only one track during the show. Brian Joo sang his new track, “Love Is Over”, Tony An “Topstar” and Rainbow “To Me”.
4minute presented “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror”.

Beside that, also artists like Wheesung, Infinite, U-Kiss, TVXQ, K.Will, Orange Caramel and more had performances on Music Bank this week.

This week’s winner became C.N. Blue.

Enjoy watching the stages below!

Wheesung deletes his Twitter account, but why?

Wheesung has officially deleted his Twitter account.

On April 7th, the singer tweeted for the last time, “Hello Twitter friends and fans~ I hope you’ll all be healthy and hope for the best. I’m deleting my Twitter account! I love you all.

It currently shows that Wheesung’s account ‘realslow1982’ is deleted. He did not directly reveal why he deleted his account, but it can be inferred that this action was influenced by the massive hate comments the singer received from making his radiation rain statement.

Because of the nuclear power plant issue in Japan, Korea is receiving its own minute dose of radiation. Many government officials have been trying to calm the public’s fears by stating that radiation mixed in rain is not at all harmful. However, the public, including Wheesung himself, does not believe the government officials, which led him to make his controversial statement.

Wheesung tweeted earlier, “There’s such little amount of radiation in rain, so there shouldn’t be any health effects. Rather than persuade the public with thousands of words, take pictures of [yourself] in the rain with your mouth open. I think everything will be settled then.”

He later hinted that he was receiving lots of hate comments by tweeting, “I’m being cursed at again“, and quickly deleted his Twitter account.

Source: AllKpop, Nate

[110404] SBS Inkigayo // K Will Wins Mutizen !

On tonight’s episode of Inkigayo, Kim Tae Woo made his comeback with “Echo”. Idol group U-Kiss made their return tonight with “Every Day” and “0330”. Orange Carmel performed their newest hit, “Bangkok City”, for their comeback stage, and Yangpa returned with “It Should Be You” and “It Hurts”.

The “Take 7” nominees for tonight’s episode were TVXQ (“Know This (Before You Go)”), K.Will (“My Heart is Beating”), Wheesung (“Words that Freeze My Heart”), CN Blue (“Intuition”), Infinite (“Nothing’s Over”), Song Jieun (“Going Crazy”), and Girls’ Day (“Twinkle Twinkle”). Song Jieun was the only nominee that did not perform on tonight’s episode because she has completed her solo promotions already.

Out of the nominees for tonight’s Mutizen, K.Will took home the award. K.Will won the Mutizen with “My Heart is Beating”. Congratulations to K.Will!