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Wonder Girls to be Featured in an American TV Movie!

Wonder Girls to be Featured in an American TV Movie!

J.Y. Park, known more commonly as JYP, took the stage recently at Monterux for the Festival of Media where he announced plans to create a movie staring the Wonder Girls.

The movie, titled ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo’, is a joint venture with Nick Cannon, who was well known now as Mariah Carey’s husband but before then as a Nickelodeon star for joining the sketch variety show(Saturday Night Live for teens and preteens if you will) called ‘All That’, and his Teen Nick stars School Gryls. The film will follow the Wonder Girls and the street savvy Gryls battle each other on stage at the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem.

The two groups will be joining forces for the movie, which was created for the teenage Nickelodeon channel; Teen Nick, as well as an accompanying soundtrack/album.

The Wonder Girls are the first Korean group to enter the Billboard top 100 chart in the US. JYP is the one namely in charge of the girls when it comes to their concepts and choreographies.

JYP has been very successful with these girls and currently has them working with global brands like Kia and Coca-cola.

It looks like the Wonder Girls are ready to hit an even bigger audience with this movie, you guys excited?

Source : GoKpop


Best 5 Stars Who Look Gorgeous Without Make-Up

Arirang once again brings a new topic on their show Pops in Seoul introducing the best 5 stars that look great even if they do not wear make-up.

Idols usually have a lot of make-up while they perform on stage, but some of them look even better without wearing it.

Take a look at the list and tell us if you agree with it, or perhaps you might change it a bit?

5) So Hee (Wonder Girls)


4) Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)


3) Han Sun Hwa (Secret)


2) Dara (2NE1)


1) Yoona (SNSD)


Source : GoKpop, arirangworld

Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Best 5 Idols Who Serve as Role Models

Meet the Best 5 Idols to be taken as role models.

Idols take a lot of care of their image, since a little mistake can create a scandal in no time, but they are also really considerate and sometimes do so many things in secret that truly show why they are so great.

Arirang made a top 5 list with the best idols that can be taken as role models for their clean and careful actions.

1. Sunye (Wonder Girls)
2. Taeyang (Big Bang)
3. Taecyeon (2PM)
4. Sung Gyu (Infinite)
5. Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

Take a look at the video to know why they have joined this list.

Source : GoKpop

JYP asks for forgiveness for Wonder Girls’ delayed album

After giving a surprise preview of miss A’s new song, JYP has surprised everyone once again by expressing how sorry he was for the past delays on Wonder Girls’ English album.

On April 30th, he wrote on Twitter that the girls have been working with the world’s best songwriters, artists, and companies; things haven’t exactly been going his way since these big names of the industry are busy people, therefore, the process of making the album was delayed.

JYP continued to say that if everyone saw who they were, then people would understand and forgive him. Lastly, he said to expect a lot from the album, which is almost finished.

His tweets about the matter seem to come after a long day working with the Wonder Girls’ music in Los Angeles. He had previously tweeted that after working on miss A’s new song and 2PM’s on Friday, he would work on Wonder Girls’ music on Saturday, followed by a “special project” the next day.

What do you think of JYP’s words?

Source: @followjyp, Fantastics and @shmesmx3 via koreaboo

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK recently released their ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols.

MTVK recently released their picks for the top ten sexiest Kpop idols.

Check out their ranking below, and be sure to stay tuned, as MTVK announced that they will also release a list of the top ten sexiest male idols in the near future!

Rainbow’s leader Jae Kyung is well known for her well-proportioned physique, and has recently wowed fans with her new, more mature image.

Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In has gained much fame through her sensuous “Abracadabra” dance, as well as her cat-like eyeliner and tiny outfits.

Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin adds her own sex-appeal to the typically wholesome group image.

International soloist BoA creates a strong image with her powerful vocals, sexy choreography, and unique sense of fashion.

2NE1’s rapper Park Bom is known for her trademark long hair, and short skirt, giving the funky group a sexy edge.

HyunA is notorious for both her impressive rapping skills and her risqué choreography, as exhibited during performances of “Change”, and more recently, “Mirror Mirror”.

After School’s Ka Hi boasts a perfectly proportioned figure, and a dazzling presence which allows her to stand out even in a large group of nine.

Although she may have just recently made her debut, soloist G.NA’s impressive vocal talent and glamorous figure has made her a hit in the industry.

Amidst a group of nine, all known for separate attributes, such as Hyo Yeon’s dancing skills and Tae Yeon’s strong vocals, Yu Ri is most known for her sexy image.

Former Fin.K.L. member turned hit soloist, Lee Hyo Ri’s name is piratically synonymous with sexy.

What do you think of MTVK’s ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols? Who would you have added?

Source : GoKpop

MSN Entertainment lists Hollywood’s 15 hottest Asians

MSN Entertainment released a list on April 23rd listing Hollywood’s current and soon to be hottest Hollywood Asians. The list consists of the top 15 Asians that are currently active in Hollywood or are already known to the public.

In no particular order, MSN Entertainment has listed the Wonder Girls and Gianna Jun (Jun Jihyun) as part of their top 15, in addition to Gong Li, Jamie Chung, Fan Bingbing, Michelle Yeoh, Kelly Hu, Maggie Q, Lucy Liu, Devon Aoki, Brenda Song, Kristin Kreuk, Chrissie Chau, Grace Park, and Moon Bloodgood.

The Wonder Girls are listed as the first South Korean group to have made it on the top 100 on the Billboard with their U.S. debut song, “Nobody,” in 2009. The group also accompanied the Jonas Brothers on 45 concert dates as the opening act. In April 2010, the girls kicked off their first North American tour called the “Wonder World Tour” and held approximately 28 concerts (both part 1 and part 2 of the tour).

Gianna Jun is known as Jun Jihyun in Korea. She had her first breakthrough as an actress through the Korean comedy movie, “My Sassy Girl.” Gianna Jun released in her first English-film in her debut movie in 2009, “Blood: The Last Vampire,” as Saya. The movie was based on and a remake of the anime of the same name.

Gong Li is known for her appearances in “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Miami Vice,” and “Hannibal Rising.” Jamie Chung started out in the MTV reality show “The Real World: San Diego” and has appeared in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” In addition, she played Rob Schneider’s daughter Amber on “Grown Ups” and Goku’s wife, Chichi, in “Dragon Ball Evolution.”

Fan Bingbing is a singer and actress, but has yet to act a major role in a Hollywood movie. She has, however, starred in many Chinese movies including “Shinjuku Incident,” starring Jackie Chan, “Flashpoint,” featuring Donnie Yen, and “The Twins Effect II.”

Michelle Yeoh is known for performing her own stunts and has starred in well known movies such as, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Tai Chi Master” with Jet Li, “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” and “Police Story 3: Super Cop.” She was also a “Bond Girl,” playing Wai Lin in “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

Kelly Hu is an American actress who won Miss Teen USA in 1985 and Miss Hawaii USA in 1993. Her movie appearances include “The Scorpion King,” “Cradle 2 the Grave,” and “X-Men 2” (as Lady Deathstrike).

Maggie Q is currently the lead for the action-thriller television series, “Nikita.” She is of Vietnamese-Irish-Polish descent. Other than “Nikita,” she has been seen in the movie “Gen-Y Cops,” “Rush Hour 2,” “Mission Impossible III,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Balls of Fury,” and etc.

Lucy Liu is one of the frontrunners of hottest Hollywood Asians. She became popular with her appearance on the television show, “Ally McBeal,” and has had hit movies such as “Charlie’s Angels,” “Kill Bill,” and “Kungfu Panda.”

Devon Aoki is an actress and model. She is mostly known for her roles in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Sin City,” and “Mutant Chronicles.” In 2006, she starred as the female ninja Kasumi for the movie “Dead or Alive” based on the Tecmo fighting game series of the same name.

Brenda Song is a Disney star who appeared in the movie “The Social Network.” Kristin Kreuk is mostly known for her role in “Smallville” as Lana Lang, but has starred in movies such as “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li” and has had a cameo appearance in “Eurotrip.”

Chrissie Chau is a Hong Kong model and actress. She has participated in many movies, but none are well-known. Grace Park rose in popularity with her role in the sci-fi television series, “Battlestar Galactica.” She has yet to release a movie, but she has had many television appearances on series such as “Stargate SG-1,” “Dark Angel,” and “CSI.”

Moon Bloodgood is an Korean-American actress and model and a Dutch and Irish descent. She had a role in “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li” and “Terminator Salvation.”

What do you think about their list? Who else would you add?

Source: MSN Entertainment via Koreaboo

JYP Artists Will Lead Campaign on Oil Prices

JYP Artists Will Lead Campaign on Oil Prices

Park Jin Young, Wonder Girls, 2PM and Miss A will lead a campaign against high oil prices.

The name of the project is ‘2011 green energy family campaign’, in which they will try to encourage citizens about this matter, and will conduct it trough e-daily.

Actually the members of 2PM took part in a recent campaign since the 25th named ‘Energy conservation with 2PM, carbon diet’. Their campaign will last for 3 months until June 20th, and they will be replaced by the members of Wonder Girls that will take the post from June until August with their ‘Energy conservation with Wonder Girls’. The next ones on the list are the girls of Miss A that will cover the months of September to November.

The progress of the project can be seen at e-daily where netizens can also participate. All the funds recollected will be donated to children, low-income families and others.

Also 2PM will select 4 participants during the time that they will in charge of the campaign and will give them special gifts.

The ‘Green Family Campaign’ is hold by the Korea Energy Management Corporation, and has been active since 2009 and stars like Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eunhye, SNSD and Han Jihye have been part of it.

You can find more information HERE

Source : Gokpop