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[1110507] KBS2 Music Bank // SISTAR19 and Jay Park is here !

Curious about the other performances on Music Bank, apart from the debut and comeback stages? You can watch them here!

Beside the comeback stages of JJ and Untouchable, and the debut stages of SISTAR 19 and Jay Park, KBS’ Music Bank also featured various performances by artists such as After School, f(x), C.N. Blue, Rainbow, Brian Joo, Monday Kiz and more.

Enjoy watching them below!

The debut stages, we get to watch on Music Bank today, are by SISTAR 19, the sub-unit group of Starship Entertainment’s girlband, SISTAR, and former member of 2PM, Jay Park.
SISTAR 19 presented their single, “Ma Boy”, released on 3rd May.
Following that, Jay Park made his debut as solo artist performing his tracks, “Tonight” and “Abandoned”, from his newly released mini-album titled “Take A Deeper Look”. He also became the winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart this week.

Source : GoKpop


Inkigayo Magazine Features X-5 for May Issue

Inkigayo Magazine Features X-5 for May Issue

Boy group X-5 have been remarkable and unstoppable rookies, which was expressed in Inkigayo Magazine’s May Issue. From beating rivals to producing outstanding performances, X-5 is definitely the group to look out for in 2011!

SBS’ popular music show ‘Inkigayo’ chose X-5 as their ‘power rookie’ to feature on May’s issue of the magazine. The members of X-5, (Gun, Haewon, Tae Pung, Jin, Solhu) also posed for a sophisticated yet playful photo shoot for the magazine spread!



Meanwhile, X-5’s debut album, “Don’t Show” is continuing positive sales as they promote themselves through vigorous activities.

source : GoKPop, estydiaadeem@blogspot.com, spn.edaily.co.kr

[110501] SBS Inkigayo // BIGBANG’s Special Stage !

This time Sunday is not only the last day of the week but also the first one of the month, and it brings more than one surprise for this Inkigayo episode.

The episode counted with the comeback of After School, Eru and Turtles, as well as the release of C.N. Blue’s new song.

The winner was Big Bang, who also took the first place last week, but was noy announced because of the lack of time. The boys were jumping around the stage showing how happy they were for their achievement with Love Song and their third award on the show, which means we will have a new winner next week. Also this was their good bye stage with a special surprise at the beginning.

On the debut line we have the presence of B1A4, X-5 and Spin EL.

Other performances include f(x), 4minute, U-Kiss, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Girls Day, Infinite K. Will, Rainbow and more.

Source : GoKpop

[110430] MBC Music Core Performances // After School, Eru, Kim Wan Sun and Turtles make a comeback !

Tonight’s MBC Music Core includes the hot stages from 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger),” and CNBLUE’s “Love Girl.” In addition, other performances include Rainbow, A Pink, Tony An, Yangpa, Ali, X-5, and Spinel.

There were many comeback performances tonight as well and just as many goodbye stages. Comeback performances include Turtle’s return with their latest single, “Hero,” Kim Wansun, After School, and Eru.

To VIPs disappointment, Big Bang had their goodbye stage tonight and performed their other title song off their 4.5th Special album, “Stupid Liar.” Woolim Entertainment’s male group, Infinite, also wraps up their activities with a last performance of “Nothing’s Over” on Music Core. K.Will says goodbye after successful activities with “My Heart is Beating.”

Tonight’s hot debut comes from Koyote’s Kim Jongmin with his first debut solo single, “Oppa, Stay Strong.”

Last night, f(x) won their first ever award for their title song, “Pinocchio (Danger).” Watch the performances below! What was your favorite performance? Your favorite comeback and goodbye stage?

source : Koreaboo, CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube

[110430] KBS2 Music Bank // f(x) Wins their first K-Chart + The return of After School

f(x) Wins on KBS' Music Bank + Other Performances

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ music program, Music Bank! Don’t miss the return of After School and Turtles as well as various other great performances!

On KBS’ Music Bank this week, Kim Jong Min teamed up with Jea Kyung and made his solo debut with his track, “Cheer Up Man”.

Today Turtles and After School performed their comeback stages. Turtles presented their song, “Hero”, and After School their new tracks, “Let’s Step Up” and “Shampoo”.

Beside that, also A Pink, B1A4, 4minute, C.N. Blue, X-5, Brave Girls and more were on KBS’ Music Bank this week.

Today’s winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart became the girlgroup, f(x), who performed their song, “Pinocchio (Danger)” on the show. The girls were really touched by receiving the award.

Source : GoKpop

X-5 Admire TVXQ

X-5 Admire TVXQ

The rookie group, X-5, talked about the goals the want to achieve revealing that they like to become like TVXQ in the future.

During a recent press conference, boyband, X-5, was asked about the group they admire the most and they would like to become like in the future. They responded to the question by naming TVXQ and said they want to achieve this goal by showing their uniqueness.

They want to go on stage with their very own style in order to make everyone able to differentiate them from other groups. “Our goal is for people to think ‘This is obviously X-5’s song’, they emphasized.

The 5-member boyband under Open World Entertainment, X-5, debuted with their 1st single titled “Xenos” on 21st April.

Source : GoKpop

[110423] KBS2 Music Bank // A Pink & X-5 Debut, f(x) comeback and 600th EP Special Stages !

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ Music Bank. This week Music Bank presents us the debut stages of girlband, A Pink, and boyband, X-5, as well as performances by Infinite, Rainbow, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, NS Yoon Ji, G.O.D, f(x), 4minute, C.N. Blue, Brave Girls and more.

Today’s show of Music Bank featured the anticipated debut stages of the new bands, X-5 and A Pink. X-5 performed their 1st debut stage with their songs, “Fantasy” and “Don’t Put On An Act”, while the girlband, A Pink, had their 2nd debut stage with “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

In addition to that, we finally get to watch f(x)‘ comeback performances. They performed their brand new tracks, “Gangsta Boy” and “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rainbow, C.N. Blue, Infinite, Brave Girls, Block B and so on performed on KBS’ Music Bank today.

Finally, KBS’ Music Bank presented a special segment entitled “Legends of Music Bank”. In this segment, 4minute, C.N. Blue, Infinite and Rainbow covered tracks of the legendary artists, BoA, Shinhwa, Jo Sung Mo and S#arp. In addition to that, G.O.D came together performing their hit track, “Lies”, and TVXQ once again performed their hit track of 2005, “Rising Sun”.

source : GoKpop