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YG Entertainment confirms that Kang Hyejung is not pregnant

Korean actress Kang Hyejung has denied that she is pregnant. Recently, rampant rumors of Kang Hyejung of being pregnant with her second child grew after she was spotted with her husband, Epik High’s Tablo, visiting a gynecologist.

After the rumors broke out, YG Entertainment was quick to confirm that they checked with Kang Hyeung and confirmed that she is not pregnant.

Currently, Kang Hyejung is filming for her comeback drama “Ripley” which also stars Park Yoochun, Kim Seungwoo, and Lee Dahae.

What are your thoughts on this hyped up rumor?

Source: 10 Asiae via Koreaboo


2010 YG Family Concert DVD details released

The 2010 YG Family Concert DVD, to be released on April 28, is currently available for pre-sale online. The DVD covers the YG Family Concert that was held December 4 and 5, 2010 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. The photobook for the concert was already released on February 14.

The DVD has 2 discs; the first has the complete 31-song concert, and the second has special features including band, dance, photographs, rehearsal, and backstage footage.

Additionally, the DVD comes with a special 100-page photobook and poster. First release DVDs come with an additional YG family card.

Take a look at the concert track list below:

2. Go Away
3. I Don’t Care
4. Better together
5. 열정 (Passion)
6. 라라라 (LaLaLa)
7. 기억상실 (Memory Loss)
8. 사랑은 없다 (There Is No Love)
9. 죽어도 사랑해 (Love You ‘Till Death)
11. 거짓말 (Lies)
12. Hands Up
13. 환희 (Delight)
14. 연예인 (A Boy)
15. Can’t Nobody
16. Clap Your Hands
17. Phone Number
18. HOT뜨거 (Feeling Hot)
19. Lollipop
20. 남자라서 (Because You’re a Man) + 어른아이 (Childish Adult)
21. 미안해요 (I’m Sorry)
22. YOU AND I + 친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 (We Should’ve Been Friends)
23. 와줘 (Come Back to Me)
24. Digital Bounce
25. One Love
26. 하루하루 (Day by Day)
27. 마지막 인사 (Last Farewell)
28. 천국 (Heaven)
29. 왼손잡이 (Lefty)
30. 낭만고양이 (Romantic Cat)
31. 챔피언 (Champion)

The DVD is currently available for pre-order for 29700 won at the YG Entertainment Shop. Are you interested in purchasing a copy?

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Source: YGeShop via KoreaBoo

SE7EN Extends Contract with YG Entertainment

SE7EN Extends Contract with YG Entertainment

It has been announced that soloist SE7EN has renewed his contract with YG Entertainment for another two years before he enlists in the military.

Following the renewal of Big Bang’s contract with YG Entertainment earlier this month, label mate and popular soloist SE7EN has also decided to extend his contract with YGE for an additional two years, making the artists second time to continue his contract with the agency.

Yang Hyun Seok, the head of YG stated in regards to this, “We’re a family. Although it’s difficult to enter YG Entertainment, once you are accepted, we will do our best until the very end. I am very grateful that both Big Bang and SE7EN have chosen us once again.” Yang also went on to emphasize the open interactions between the agency and its clients, stating that he has told Big Bang and SE7EN that they were free to speak up if ever they have a problem with their professional or personal lives, and that he will work with them to accommodate their needs.

Yang also went on to discuss SE7EN’s reason behind his contract renewal, “SE7EN wants to really make an impact before he must enter the military. In the two years before his enlistment, he has many projects lines up, such as movies and international promotions.”

Big Bang and SE7EN also chose to renew the contracts of the staff members that they have grown up working with. From top composers such as Teddy, to video managers and stylists, they revealed that they were more than satisfied with working with the best of the best of the industry.

source : GoKpop

SE7EN signs with YG Entertainment for two more years

It has been revealed that SE7EN has renewed his contract with YG Entertainment for another two years.
On April 17th, YG Entertainment revealed to Star News, “Big Bang and SE7EN have renewed their exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment.” SE7EN last renewed his contract with YG Entertainment in 2006. At the time, he was not paid a deposit.

YG Entertainment’s side said, “We cannot reveal the specifics of the contract, but SE7EN has already signed the renewal contract.”

The fact that SE7EN is renewing his contract with YG Entertainment for the second time has been ‘inspirational’ as many entertainment companies become entangled in disputes and lawsuits with their actors/singers.

SE7EN’s contract renewal follow’s Big Bang by just one week, when the 5-member group decided to renew their contract with YG Entertainment for 5 more years.

Source : Koreaaboo, Star News

YG Entertainment to reveal 2NE1’s comeback details on April 18th

Yesterday, an image was uploaded onto YG Entertainment’s official blog which read, “2NE1 COMING SOON,” hinting that the fierce group is preparing for an upcoming comeback.

Today, YG Entertainment stated, “We will reveal 2NE1’s comeback details on the 18th. After last year’s album, the girls have continuously worked on this new album. Please anticipate these new songs.”

After 2NE1’s debut, it’s clear that whether it’s music, fashion, or performance, the group has set themselves apart from their competition. The release of this new album will mark 2NE1’s return after 7 months of hiatus.

Fans are already anxiously waiting for the group’s comeback, with some leaving comments such as, “Even when I just see 2NE1’s logo, my heart beats” and “It’s an unanticipated comeback notice so I’m shocked but happy.”

Source : Koreaboo, Sports Today

2NE1 Coming Soon !!

2NE1 Coming Soon

YG Entertainment once again teases fans. This time a picture saying, “2NE1 COMING SOON”, has been uploaded on the official of the label.

YG Entertainment uploaded the picture above on YG-Life. It says, “2NE1 COMING SOON”, indicating that there isn’t much time left until the girl group, 2NE1, is back to the Korean music market. Or is 2NE1 going to make their US debut soon?

Originally, 2NE1 planned to debut in Japan last month but due to the disaster there, the girl group’s Japan activities have been cancelled.
So 2NE1 concentrated on their cooperation with Black Eyed Peas member, will.i.am, for their English album. Just recently will.i.am revealed during an interview that this album was almost finished and that it is planned to make 2NE1 internationally popular.

So will 2NE1 be coming with their English album soon? Or does YG Entertainment mean something else? What do you think?

Source : GoKpop. YGLife

2AM Seulong reveals he turned down JYP to join YG

On a recent pre-recorded session of SBS “Night After Night,” 2AM Seulong revealed that he had turned down an offer from JYP Entertainment to join YG Entertainment. He revealed on the show that he had auditioned for JYP Entertainment as a practice to try and get in YG Entertainment.

Seulong revealed, “I turned down an initial offer from JYPE because I had made the first rounds of auditions for YG…But I ended up not making it into YG and got another call from JYP so that’s how I became a member of 2AM.”

2AM made their debut as a four-member group in 2008 with “This Song.” Could you imagine if Seulong had been accepted into YG Entertainment and what kind of music would he have released as either a solo artists or as part of a group.

2PM Junsu is known to have had auditioned for YG Entertainment as well in the past.

Source: 10Asia via KoreaBoo