TudimistWorld at YouTube is now available : http://www.youtube.com/tudimist

About Tudimist

Howdy ! I’m

Tudimist Sone (a.k.a ‘Title’ it’s my nickname)

People may know me from…

Twitter ? I’m on @tudimist @TudimistFacts @TudimistWave and @LolliLife

Facebook ? I’m on http://www.facebook.com/tudimist

I’m the only DJ of the SHOUTCAST > TudimistWave

Umm you can find me where SONEs and BlackJacks are living xD

YEAH I’m I soooooo proud to be the citizen of THAILAND 🙂 I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand.

About this blog…

I just wanna let my friends all around the world to know kpop ! ><

This blog would be a special place for kpop fans ❤

I’ll update more info of myself later. Love you ❤


2 responses

  1. love this blog…whew

    March 16, 2011 at 08:31

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