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MBLAQ Breaks Records and Makes History in Japan

MBLAQ Breaks Records and Makes History in Japan

MBLAQ enters the Oricon on second place on the weekly charts breaking a record.

MBLAQ has changed the curse of history by achieving an amazing result with their debut single.

The boys managed to get the first place on the Oricon’s charts during three days in a row and also ranked on the second place on the weekly chart, which is something that no other Asian artists have made in Japan.

MBLAQ has become the first Asian artists to get on the top pf the Oricon on their debut week engraving their names in the history of music.

Even before the official release of their first Japanese single MBLAQ got the first place on an online download site, and also entered the MVs and online booking sites.

Some people are even commenting that MBLAQ might lead a new Hallyu Wave, being this just the beginning of a great journey.

MBLAQ is currently promoting in Japan and will visit Osaka, Fukuoka, Saporo, Tokyo and Nagoya, where they will meet their fans and thank them for their support.

Source : GoKpop


Big Bang’s “BIGBANG 2” Tops Oricon Daily Album Charts

Big Bang's "BIGBANG 2" Tops Oricon Daily Album Charts

Today Big Bang’s 2nd Japanese album titled “BIGBANG 2” came out, and it has topped the daily album charts of Oricon selling already 23,993 copies.

On 1st May, Big Bang completed their activities in Korea and left for Japan.

As announced, Big Bang released their 2nd Japanese full-length album, “BIGBANG 2”, today, on 11th May, and they have topped the Japanese charts already.
Currently, “BIGBANG 2” is ranking on the number-1 spot of Oricon’s Daily Album Charts as it already sold 23,993 copies.

Meanwhile, Big Bang are holding their ‘Love & Hope Tour’ in Japan.

Source : GoKpop, Oricon

MBLAQ Dominates Oricon + ‘Your Luv” Performance

MBLAQ Dominates Oricon + 'Your Luv" Performance

Making their Japanese debut on May 4th, MBLAQ hit gold with their debut single “Your Luv” as it took the no.1 spot on Oricon’s Daily Charts.

Yesterday we reported MBLAQ made a solid debut at no.2 on the Daily Charts,but today the single rose up the charts officially taking the no.1 spot!


This achievement is special not only because MBLAQ has broken the record for highest Daily Chart ranking by a Korean male group that was held by BEAST “Shock” single, but if MBLAQ ranks no.1 for the weekly charts they will become the 1st Korean male group to ever do so.

From the release of their single to their upcoming tour, MBLAQ made a guest appearance on “Ohayo Asahidesu” to promote “Your Luv”.

Source : GoKpop

Jang Geunsuk and SNSD top Oricon Weekly Chart

On its first day of release, both Jang Geunsuk and SNSD’s Japanese single took over Oricon Daily Chart with first and second place respectively. After topping the Oricon Daily Chart for a couple of days, Jang Geunsuk was bumped down to second place afterSNSD finally overtook the Korean actor and singer with “Mr. Taxi.”

Both singles, “Let Me Cry (Jang Geunsuk)” and “Mr. Taxi (SNSD),” were released on April 27th and have been competing for first place since then. “Let Me Cry” sold 119,149 units for the first week with SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi” selling 100,461 units.

Jang Geunsuk is the first solo male artist to have topped the Oricon Weekly Chart, the chart’s second male in history to achieve this after Japanese singer Masahiko Kondo. Jang Geunsuk has confirmed his popularity in Japan after releasing his solo single, “Let Me Cry.”

The Korean actor and singer said, “I was excited enough to have topped the daily chart but after hearing that I’ve also topped weekly chart as well, I was totally at loss of words at first. No.1 1 on Oricon weekly chart is an enormous gift from my fans and I will work even harder to repay them with good music.”

Following Jang Geunsuk in second place is SNSD with their 3rd Japanese and 1st original single, “Mr. Taxi.” SNSD took over Japan after re-releasing several of their Korean hits in Japanese for their entry into the Japanese music market. They have been gaining attention in the country for their legs especially.

Have you purchased either of the artists’ singles?

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Source: Koreaboo, 10Asia and Oricon

MBLAQ Debut at Number 2!

MBLAQ Debut at Number 2!

We’ve been reporting about MBLAQ’s upcoming Japanese debut and release and now the day has arrived. Their debut single ‘Your Luv’ recently dropped in Japan and they’ve debuted in the Oricon Daily Chart!

MBLAQ managed to make it to the number two spot, selling under ten thousand copies of their debut single, ‘Your Luv’.


SNSD and Jang Geun Suk also ranked for the daily charts of May 2nd, SNSD rounding up the top 5 and Jang Geun Suk coming in at number seven for the day.

Congratulations to all the artists for making it onto the charts and for what looks to be a great success for MBLAQ in the Japanese industry!

source : GoKpop, Oricon.co.jp

SNSD tops Oricon Daily Chart with “Mr. Taxi”

SNSD’s 3rd Japanese single, “Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run” has topped Oricon Daily Chart after spending the last two days in second place after Korean actor and singer Jang Geunsuk.

“Mr. Taxi / Run Devil Run” was released on April 27th and ranked 2nd with approximately 40,000 units sold on its first day. In addition, they have also been topping music charts on Japan iTunes and music mobile site, Rocochoku. Their ability to top the charts with the release of their new single has proven the girls’ popularity in Japan.

Netizens commented, “SNSD is really great,” “The girl group who represent South Korea,” and “Japan’s rookie is really exploding.”

“Mr. Taxi” has gotten an explosive reaction in both South Korea and Japan even before the single’s release. The dance version of the music video for “Mr. Taxi” was released prior to the release of the single.

SNSD will go on their first Japan Arena tour and had over 300,000 applicants for tickets to their concerts. This has resulted in adding 3 more concerts to their tour. They will visit Osaka on May 31st first, and will follow up with Tokyo, Saitama, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

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Source: Oricon and Newsen via koreaboo

Girls’ Generation Take the Top in Oricon!

Girls' Generation Take the Top in Oricon!

After battling it out with Jang Geun Suk for the top spot in Oricon, SNSD have finally taken the number one spot in the Oricon Daily Singles Chart!

We previously reported Jang Geun Suk and SNSD’s Oricon debut for their latest releases and now the roles have been reversed!

Though the difference in sales isn’t by much, ‘Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run’ has topped Jang Geun Suk’s single ‘Let Me Cry’.


Kara also made their way back into the top ten, coming in at number nine with their third Japanese single ‘Jet Coaster Love’.


Congratulations to all the artists for making it onto the chart and their continued success in Japan!

source : GoKpop