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New Boy Band to Debut Under DSP Media

New Boy Band to Debut Under DPS Media

DSP Media is ready to introduce a new boy band.

DSP is known for having produced bands like SS501, Kara, Rainbow, A’st1, Fin.K.L and more.

This time they will introduce a new boy band which name and details are still unknown. The band will have a total of 7 members and it is supposed to debut at the first half of the year, which means pretty soon.

There are rumors saying that some former members of A’st1 and Rainbow back-up dancers might be part of it.

Even if nothing is confirmed yet, here is a video of Rainbow with their back-up dancers.

Source : GoKpop


NH Media Reveals Plans For A New Girl Group

NH Media Reveals Plans For A New Girl Group

Nearly 3 years after U-Kiss debut, their label NH Media is expanding further into the music industry with the announcement of a new girl group.

U-Kiss manager broke the news on twitter, tweeting “NH Media EMG is preparing a girl group if anyone is interested please contact this address *woong306@nate.com*”.

U-Kiss members themselves also retweeted the news drawing fans anticipation for the new female group, and much like U-Kiss NH Media is hoping to create a diverse international group, as their manager added “People that are interested overseas it will be hard to come to korea to audition so please send a portfolio containing a video and pictures.”

Source : GoKpop

Heo Young Saeng Presents “Let It Go” MV + Mini-Album

Heo Young Saeng Presents "Let It Go" MV + Mini-Album

You get to watch another great music video by another great artist. SS501’s Heo Young Saeng just released his “Let It Go” MV making his solo debut. Take a look!

Heo Young Saeng finally released his debut album titled “Let It Go” as well as the music video for his same-titled title track.

As expected, Heo Young Saeng is impressing us by his charismatic and cool style in his songs, his music video and his sexy dance performance featured in the music video. However, Young Saeng is not alone. Also 4minute’s Hyuna, who is featured in his title track, as well as the other artists collaborating with him contribute to his flawless 1st mini-album.

Check out Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” MV and tracks from his 1st mini-album below!

01 Out The Club (ft. Taewan)

03 Rainy Heart (ft. Kim Kyu Jong)

04 I’m Broken

Source : GoKpop

SpinEL Release “Chu Chu” MV


Korea’s first acoustic girlband, SpinEL, finally released their debut music video for their 1st single titled “Chu Chu”. Check it out!

The 15-year-old girls of SpinEL have just recently debuted performing “Chu Chu” at KBS’ Music Bank on 29th April.

Today they finally released their music video for “Chu Chu”, which makes the song even more charming. It’s a playful and colorful MV with an atmosphere like in a child’s dream about toys, presents and more.
Netizens who already watched the “Chu Chu” MV commented like, “These girls are so cute and original! I love them!”, “Cute” or “For me, it is just the way that they enjoy their music so much that you can’t help but feel like you have to join in as well.”

What do you think about SpinEL’s MV? Check it out above!

Source : GoKpop

Heo Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” Teaser Images Released

Heo Young Saeng's "Let It Go" Teaser Images Released

A series of images of SS501 member Heo Young Saeng’s solo release “Let It Go” have been released.

Earlier in the week, SS501 member Heo Young Saeng updated his Twitter account with two teaser images for his upcoming solo release “Let It Go”, as seen below:


And just today, a series of backstage images from the set of the “Let It Go” music video have been released, and have been circulating around internet portal websites.

Check out the some behind-the-scenes images from Heo Young Saeng’s solo comeback “Let It Go”:

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7517-qrzj6ltsup.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7517-q2nwnktwhr.jpg

Heo Young Saeng will be releasing his solo album and music video on May 12th, and he will make his comeback stage on “Music Bank” the following day.

Source : GoKpop

SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

SM Reveals More Details Related to M1 and the Birth of M2

We previously reported that SM was set to release a new boy band this year, which currently has the codename of M1. Now Lee Soo Man has mentioned that actually two groups will debut.

On a recent conference presented by Lee Soo Man in Stanford University he shared a new strategy from SM Entertainment.

According to him they are currently preparing for the debut of their new boy band that will consist of 12 members.

It will have 7 Korean members and 5 Chinese ones that will work under the same name but in two different teams. Each one of them will promote in Korea and China respectively, and will debut at the same time during this month, and with the same song.

This is the new strategy presented by SM, so now we just need to wait a little while until we discover their official members and details.

Aziatix Reveals ‘Cold’ MV Teaser

We previously reported that the Asian-American hip-hop and R&B group, Aziatix, released the music video for their debut single “Go”. The group has now unveiled the MV teaser for ‘Cold’.

The group has been receiving much love from the ‘Aziaddicts’ the past few days. Produced by Jung Jae Yoon of Solid, Aziatix consists of membersEddie ShinFlowsik, and Nicky Lee. Their debut single “Go” was released through iTunes in March, and the group released a music video on May 2nd.

The group will be releasing their first album on May 17th.

You can check out Aziatix’s Facebook page here, and their official Twitter account here.

So what do you think of the MV teaser for ‘Cold?’