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5dolls Eunkyo, miss A’s Suzy, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri pose together at their high school’s library

Recently, an online community bulletin board posted a group photo of 5dolls’ Eunkyo, miss A’s Suzy and Girl’s Day Hyeri at school.

In the photos, the three students from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA) are seen wearing their school’s yellow jacket and black skirt while showing their cute “V” pose. The photo has also garnered a lot of attention for their bright hair colors, especially Eunkyo’s red and Suzy’s blonde hair, that are usually not allowed in normal schools.

Besides noticing the variety of the school girls’ hair colors, netizens commented about their awkward expression and pointed out that f(x)’s Sulli also studies there.

But in the photo, there are also two young men with blurred faces. Upon further investigation it was discovered that these two students are magician Ha Jaeyong and actor Lee Ilmin.

Posted Image

Lee Ilmin has appeared in dramas like MBC “Assorted Gems,” and most recently, in KBS “I Believe in Love,” which is currently airing. Meanwhile, the 17 year old Ha Jaeyong performs his magic acts around the world and has won numerous awards as one of the best magicians.

The group photo was taken on April 22nd during an important visit to the school, where 36 delegates received a tour of the facilities and were also able to meet some of the school’s stars at the library and take photos with them.

Take a look at some of the photos below.

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Posted Image

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From the looks of it, we could say that SOPA might be the closest thing to a real life Kirin Arts High School like KBS “Dream High”, don’t you think?

Sources: Ilgan Sports and berseo


CO-ED Celebrates 200th Day Anniversary

CO-ED Celebrates 200th Day Anniversary

Making their debut less than a year ago, Core Contents Media mixed group CO-ED celebrated their 200th day anniversary.

To commemorate the event the group was given a cake by their fan cafe, with leader Soom tweeting Thank you for our congratulatory cake for our 200 days. It’s so pretty. I’ll work hard thank you!!!^^

Member Yoosung on the other hand once again opened up about CO-ED’s upcoming subunit boy group tweeting Thank you to all those for our 200 days, seems like yesterday I was only a trainee.. It’s already been 200 days.. keke I have a feeling there will be more.. 5dolls May comeback and the guys’ group will come after that.. We appreciate if you’ll be interested!

Despite their controversies CO-ED was able to quickly find success with their debut single “Too Late” on September 30th, 2010 and since then have gone to release 2 singles, 1 mini album, and its own subunit group 5dolls.

source : GoKpop

5dolls Chanmi reveals her high school photo

Coed and 5dolls member Chanmi seems to be thinking about the past according to her recent tweet. She tweets, “After suddenly looking at the photo album, I missed that time..my long hair..I want to see my friends from high school and attend school..I want to go back to that time.”

The photo shows an innocent looking Chanmi with black hair and giving a small smile to the camera. Her flawless skin can still be seen. Chanmi seems to have barely changed since her high school years up until now.

Fans commented on the photo, “So beautiful,” “You’re so pretty,” and “No different, ha ha.”

Source: @5dolls_chanmi via KoreaBoo

Co-Ed School’s Tae Woon to Make Acting Debut

Co-Ed School's Tae Woon to Make Acting Debut

Co-Ed School’s Tae Woon will be part of the new drama ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’.

Just like Hyo Young another member of Co-Ed will be casted in a new drama.

Tae Woon will become a businessman on the new drama ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’ and he will make his debut on the 6th episode.

He mentioned that this is his first time acting but he has been working hard practicing and watching dramas.

source : GoKpop

5dolls Eun Gyo Shows Off Her Dancing Skills

5dolls Eun Gyo Shows Off Her Dancing Skills

Known for her dancing skills onstage, 5dolls member Eun Gyo left many impressed as she wildly danced on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes The World”.

From handsprings, to spidewalking, and even an unusual walking dance, Eun Gyo stated “For 10 years, all I did was dance under my mother’s instructions” and she revealed her mother was an instructor at a dance academy.

Finishing off, Eun Gyo danced 2PM’s Chansung who held his own against the spunky 16 year old.

source : GoKpop

5dolls’ Soomi talks about going from maknae to leader

In an interview with Chosun Ilbo, 5dolls’ leader Soomi has spoken a little about her jump from maknae to leader. Soomi had earlier debuted as the youngest member of girl group SeeYa in 2009, but transferred to the 10 member group ‘Co-Ed’ in 2010. She has now had her third debut as the leader of Co-Ed’s female sub-unit, 5dolls.

Soomi said, “When I was SeeYa’s maknae, I always relied on my unnies. And now that I’m a leader, I really feel the pressure and I always get stressed because of it.” Soomi insists that her concerns about “not getting the other members hurt” is what drives her to work hard.

Soomi further explained that her earlier vocation as a stewardess is not something she hopes to do in the future. “I watched JYP audition and was chosen for Park Jin Young’s “Gifted Development Project 99% Challenge”. With being a young age and having to live away from my parents, of course my parents opposed of it. But I thought that one day I could achieve my dreams and worked hard for it… Right now I’m doing what I always wanted to do, so I don’t regret it.”

In the interview, Soomi also revealed that she listens to the Top 100 Charts to keep updated on current hits, that her favorite books are those of mystery and crime, and that recently she has been on a diet and eating salads and an apple each morning. Her usual choice includes chicken, chips and pizza. After declaring that this year is to be 5dolls’ year, Soomi expressed hope for a chicken CF so she can indulge in her favorite food.

Do you think Soomi has found her place as 5dolls’ leader?

Source: Chosun Ilbo and Core Clique

Hye Won Finally Opens Her Twitter Account

Hye Won Finally Opens Her Twitter Account

Co-Ed’s Hye Won finally joined the Twitter world.

A few weeks ago, the girls of Co-Ed School joined and confirmed their personal Twitter accounts and a few days after that, the boys of Co-Ed School joined as well.

Now, the ‘little Goo Hara’ joins twitter as well.

Don’t forget to follow Noori (@rkddlsdh93) , Kangho (https://twitter.com/ccmyongsoo), Yoosung (@ccmjungwoo), Sungmin (@coed_sm), Chanmi (@5dolls_chanmi), Eunkyo (@qwer1347), Soomi (@leesumi00), Hyo Young (@Rhy93), and Hye Won (@vldvydtyd)

source : Gokpop