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[110430] KBS2 Music Bank // f(x) Wins their first K-Chart + The return of After School

f(x) Wins on KBS' Music Bank + Other Performances

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ music program, Music Bank! Don’t miss the return of After School and Turtles as well as various other great performances!

On KBS’ Music Bank this week, Kim Jong Min teamed up with Jea Kyung and made his solo debut with his track, “Cheer Up Man”.

Today Turtles and After School performed their comeback stages. Turtles presented their song, “Hero”, and After School their new tracks, “Let’s Step Up” and “Shampoo”.

Beside that, also A Pink, B1A4, 4minute, C.N. Blue, X-5, Brave Girls and more were on KBS’ Music Bank this week.

Today’s winner of Music Bank’s K-Chart became the girlgroup, f(x), who performed their song, “Pinocchio (Danger)” on the show. The girls were really touched by receiving the award.

Source : GoKpop


Brave Girls Leader Eun Young Shows Off Her Abs

Brave Girls Leader Eun Young Shows Off Her Abs

From the rookie girl group, Brave Girls, member Eun Young showed off her superior, wash board abs which netizens contrasted to the Spartans in the movie ‘300!’ Does Eun Young have ‘Spartan abs?’

Netizens were enthralled by seeing Eun Young’s selcas of her super athletic physic and chiseled abs. Many compared it to ‘Spartan abs’ and gave her the nickname of ‘CG abs.’

According to their agency, Eun Young originally majored in dance which boasted her beast-like shape. But through the fitness of dance and exercise, she was crowed as the ‘Super Abs of Stone-idol.’

Do you think Eun Young has what it takes to possibly beat out Korea’s washboard ab Kings?

Source : GoKpop

Brave Girls Perform Trot Version of “Do You Know”

Girl band, Brave Girls, performed a special stage of their track, “Do You Know” on KBS’ ‘Gag Concert’ yesterday. Check it out!

The rookie girl group, Brave Girls, who recently made their debut with their 1st single album, “The Difference”, were featured on yesterday’s episode of KBS’ ‘Gag Concert’ and performed their title track, “Do You Know”.

However, they didn’t perform the regular version with the regular choreography of “Do You Know” but presented a brand new performance of it. They switched their song into a trot song unveiling their talent to perform trot on stage. It was a hilarious stage and the girls of Brave Girls seemed to have much fun, while singing trot.

Take a look at their performance on KBS’ ‘Gag Concert’ above!

Source : Gokpop

Brave Girls sit down for an interview

Hip hop girl group Brave Girls, produced by the famous Brave Brothers, recently gave an interview with Doday. The five members: Eunyoung, Yaejin. Seoah, Yoojin, and Hyeran all shared their thoughts on their newly released album, “The Difference.: The girls were asked about their title song, “Do You Know,” and described what kind of song it is. They replied, “It’s a slow R&B tempo song where a girl pours out her feelings after breaking up, and we think all the listeners will be able to listen to it comfortably. ‘Do You Know’ has a dance to it and it’s a good song so I hope a lot of people will listen to it.”
Check out the video and translations below:

The group was also asked on what advice and tips their producers, Brave Brothers, gave them. Brave Girls explained, “First, our president always tells us that songs are the most important thing for a singer and having manners is important as well. Even while we were trainees and after we debuted, we always remembered what our president told us, and because of that we’re able to approach our seniors more comfortably. Because we show our respect towards them, the seniors have been taking care of us very well.”

Through a video where the MR was removed, the Brave Girls have been called the “Terminators of Singing.” They revealed their secret for singing live, “When we’re practicing, we don’t only practice singing but we practice by dancing at the same time because we have to be able to sing live. Although we perform with a mic, we practice without it to improve our singing abilities and to build our confidence to perform on stage.”

They also revealed hardships while preparing for their album. Leader Eunyoung revealed, “While preparing for this album, there wasn’t any particular hardship, but when we were trainees, we had to be at the studio every single day so we didn’t have a day to rest and now that we’ve debuted, no matter how tight our schedule may be, we don’t feel tired or exhausted. We became used to the tired feeling we had when we were trainees, so now it doesn’t have an affect on us. I think that’s good.”

The girls explained their thoughts when going on stage for their first recording, expressing their nervousness. They said, “We were very busy, but at the same time we felt very excited. We were both nervous and excited.”

The girls were asked if there been a change after debuting into the entertainment industry. Eunyoung replied, “For me, there isn’t a specific difference from when I was a trainee. Now, we appear on shows and radios and the people around us would say, “Oh, it’s Brave Girls.” When I hear that, I feel thankful and surprised and because of that, I feel very proud.”

Another question came up regarding the plethora of girl group debuts and the members were asked what kind of uniqueness competing against girl groups with. They responded, “A lot of girl groups go for the sexy and powerful look. We do try to put that image on, but we have more of a feminine charm. That’s what we’re trying to show everyone. Also, rather than saying that we’re trying to compete against them, since they’ve gone through a lot just like us, I’m hoping that all of us can grow together.”

Eunyoung attends high school and is balancing her time in both school and the entertainment industry. She explained, “I am a bit tired, but because I attend an all girls high school, I learn things at school that I’m not able to learn at the agency. I’m more excited than tired when I go to school because I’m able to meet my friends and learn new things continuously.”

A picture of Eunyoung pitching at a baseball game has become an issue. She was asked if she specially trained for this and her secret to maintaining her body figure. She replied, “I practiced, while I was at home and when I went to the stadium, they helped me a lot. I was a bit disappointed because I think I could have done better. Next time, if I’m given another chance, I have prepared a version 2. With maintaining our figure, we’re controlling what we eat just like when we were trainees. Now we eat a bit more, but before we ate a lot of vegetables and sweet potatoes. We also exercised for at least an hour, even if we didn’t have time.”

Brave Girls revealed their goal for 2011, “Our goal is to let people know of Brave Girls and if we were to make our goal ahead of time, we would like to receive the rookie of the year award.”

The girls then concluded the interview with greetings to all their fans, “We’re planning on performing on stage continuously and we would like it if you listened to ‘Do You Know’ a lot. Although it hasn’t been long since Brave Girls came out, we’re working hard to show ourselves to you. We’re planning on coming out with another title song, ‘So Sexy,’ so please look forward to our future activities and please cheer us on. This has been Brave Girls.”

Source: KoreaBoo

[110423] KBS2 Music Bank // A Pink & X-5 Debut, f(x) comeback and 600th EP Special Stages !

Check out the latest episode of KBS’ Music Bank. This week Music Bank presents us the debut stages of girlband, A Pink, and boyband, X-5, as well as performances by Infinite, Rainbow, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, NS Yoon Ji, G.O.D, f(x), 4minute, C.N. Blue, Brave Girls and more.

Today’s show of Music Bank featured the anticipated debut stages of the new bands, X-5 and A Pink. X-5 performed their 1st debut stage with their songs, “Fantasy” and “Don’t Put On An Act”, while the girlband, A Pink, had their 2nd debut stage with “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

In addition to that, we finally get to watch f(x)‘ comeback performances. They performed their brand new tracks, “Gangsta Boy” and “Pinocchio (Danger)”.

Beside that, also Rainbow, C.N. Blue, Infinite, Brave Girls, Block B and so on performed on KBS’ Music Bank today.

Finally, KBS’ Music Bank presented a special segment entitled “Legends of Music Bank”. In this segment, 4minute, C.N. Blue, Infinite and Rainbow covered tracks of the legendary artists, BoA, Shinhwa, Jo Sung Mo and S#arp. In addition to that, G.O.D came together performing their hit track, “Lies”, and TVXQ once again performed their hit track of 2005, “Rising Sun”.

source : GoKpop

[110415] KBS2 Music Bank // Block B, NS YoonJi, Dal Shabet and more !

KBS Music Bank had quite an abundant of groups and solo singers perform on their show tonight. It saw the return of Lee Hyun with his next title song “Although You Said So,” and was accompanied by his friends, Mighty Mouth.

Two artists made their comeback stage as well with their new mini-album and single respectively, Dal Shabet and NS Yoonji. Dal Shabet recently released their 2nd mini-album “Pink Rocket,” and continue with their catchy songs produced by E-TRIBE. NS Yoonji, known as the cousin of KARA’s Jinyoung, released her single “Talk Talk Talk,” a bright and cheerful song perfectly fit for the spring season.

Rookie male group Block.B made their first debut stage tonight with their title song “Don’t Stop.” The group had switched title songs from “Wanna B” to “Don’t Stop.”

Other performers included CNBLUE with their hit “Inuition,” Rania with “Dr. Feel Good,” Brave Girls with “I Don’t Know,” Tony An with “Topstar,” Clover with “La Vida Loca,” Girls’ Day with “Twinkle Twinkle,” and more!

The two groups to compete for 1st place on K-Chart was CNBLUE and K.Will. CNBLUE won their triple crown for “Intuition” on M! Countdown last night, competing against 4minute and Kim Taewoo. This time CNBLUE and K.Will met at the top to battle out the evening’s winner.

Source : UnknownCarrot170 @ youtube

[110414] Mnet M!Countdown // BigBang and LeeHyun made their comeback!

Tonight’s M! Countdown saw the comeback and debut of groups such as Lee Hyun, Big Bang, Dal Shabet, and Brave Girls. This week’s episode also the return of the current artists promoting such as Tony An, project group Clover, ballad singer Yangpa, CNBLUE, Kim Taewoo, 4minute, Rainbow, U-Kiss, Kim Greem, Rania, and more!

Dal Shabet returned to M! Countdown with their title song “Pink Rocket”, and Lee Hyun’s also made a comeback with “Although You Said So.” Big Bang performed their next title song “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song” for the first time on M! Countdown afterperforming at SBS Inkigayo last week.

M to M showed off their beautiful strong vocals as they performed the emotional song “Nothing More Than Trash To You.” 4minute gave a strong performance with their hit “Mirror Mirror” with gold outfits. For the first time, the group performed their revised choreography for their title song after much controversy over the “spread leg” dance.

source: CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube