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Jae Joong Enters the List of Artist You Want As Your Boyfriend

Jae Joong Enters the List of Artist You Want As Your Boyfriend

JYJ’s Jae Joong takes the 5th place on a Japanese raking to pick the the artists you want as a boyfriend.

Music Walker recently made a poll asking which artist would people want as a boyfriend.

The list is dominated by Japanese artists as like L’arc en Ciel’s Hyde, Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS and more. Jae Joong is actually the only non Japanese on this list and took the fifht place in the poll.

Voters gave the following reasons to pick him:

– Everything about him is great? (He is the) the first “ideal boyfriend” I have met in my life.- Because he looks like he will do everything for his girlfriend with great care.

1) Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel)
2) Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)
3) Fukuyama Masaharu
4) Yamashita Tomoshia (NEWS)

5) Jejung (JYJ)

6) TAKUYA∞ (UVERworld)
7) Takahiro (EXILE)
8.) Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
9) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
10) Tachibana Keita (w-inds)



IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

IU Gets Attacked By Laser Beams During Performance

Performing at a recent college event at Kyungwon University, IU felt the hostility of her anti fans as she was attacked by lasers directed to her face.

While IU had managed to unite the crowd with her performances of “Good Day” as they sang along to her, during her performance of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”, IU’s face suddenly came under fire from laser beams from antis, who attempted to interrupt her performance trying to blind her.

Thankfully IU was able to handle the attacks that lasted around 10 seconds finishing the song without any issues, but fans are now worried if IU suffered any retina damage, as even a few seconds of direct contact with a laser beam, can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Check out the incident below starting at 0:45

Source : GoKpop

Which Korean Group Has Had The Biggest Japanese Debut So Far?

Which Korean Group Has Had The Biggest Japanese Debut So Far?

From TVXQ to Girls’ Generation, its no secret Japan has become by far one of the biggest hot spots for Korean artists to expand their talent, into the world’s 2nd highest selling music distributor. But which artist has had the biggest debut in sales so far?

Despite not taking the no.1 spot when they debuted, Girls’ Generation charmed the people of Japan with their debut single “Genie” selling 44,907 in 2010, making them the no.1 Korean female group with highest debut sales.

On the other hand Jang Geun Suk who made his debut less than 2 weeks ago with “Let Me Cry” sold an impressive 119,149 copies, not only breaking an Oricon record, but making him the no.1 soloist on the list.

Finally MBLAQ not only ranks as the highest debut sales by a male group, but they also broke a record becoming the 1st group to chart no.1 on the Daily Charts.

Check out the list below:

01. Jang Geun Suk 119,149
02. SNSD “Genie” 44,907
03. MBLAQ “Your Luv” 40,281
04. KARA “Mister” 29,238
05. Beast “Shock” 28,532
06. Big Bang “Heaven” 26,039
07. BoA “ID Peace B” 14,740
08. Supernova 8,542
09. ZE:A “Love letter/My only wish” 8,273
10. SES “Meguriau Sekai” 7,390
11. Se7en “Hikari” 7,303
12. 4MINUTE “Muzik” 4,241
13. FT Island “One Way” 4,043
14. CN Blue “The Way” 3,353
15. DBSK “Hug” 2,502

Did your favorite artist sell as much as you expected?

Source : GoKpop

2ST’s Fanclub Gets Official Color

B2ST's Fanclub Gets Official Color

CUBE Entertainment has released an official statement regarding B2ST’s representative color. Are you curious on which one they settled for?

CUBE Entertainment stated,


This is CUBE Entertainment.

We have decided on the official color in representing BEAST & B2UTY.

In order to find a color that does not conflict with other fandoms and their fan support items, we have decided DARK GREY as the official color for BEAST & B2UTY after much deliberation.

In the upcoming mid-May, DARK GREY will be used for the fan support items, you will be able to see it when BEAST’s official album is released as well as the scene of the open broadcast.

-As for the fan support items, they will be revealed through an announcement before the comeback.

We hope that whenever BEAST members stand on stage, we can see the audience full of grey in that B2UTY can be noticed right away.

What do you think of their decision?

Source : GoKpop, Playb2st (Daum)

Michael Mind Project releases statement on plagiarism accusation for SHINee’s “Ready or Not”

Earlier this week, we broke the news that Shawols had discovered a track by American artist Sean Kingston and Michael Mind Project titled, “Ready Or Not”. The track was eerily similar to SHINee’s track, “Ready Or Not”.

Because the credits to Sean Kingston’s songs stated that the song was written by Sean Kingston with the production by the German House Music Duo, Michael Mind Project, fans began to accuse the group of plagiarizing SHINee. Many fans asked other Shawols to stay calm and wait until SM Entertainment released a statement about the issue.

We also reported that the track was actually a remake of the song, “Girls”, so there was a possibility that the Michael Mind Project received permission from the original. The artist for the track, “Girls”, was unknown.

Now, Michael Mind has released a statement saying, “Dear bloggers. We followed your controversy discussion with great interest and decided to give you some more information about the background of the track: the original (called “girls”) has been written early 2010 in finland. We loved the track from scratch and offered to produce it. SHINee’s label did the same and has been able to cut it first. We agreed with the writers to do an adaption of the original with Sean Kingstons voice. Hence, we haven’t stole anything. Rave safely, the michael Mind Project”

Posted Image

Now that it’s been revealed that both tracks were produced from the original, “Girls”, which version do you like more? SHINee’s or Michael Mind + Sean Kingston’s?

Source: MichaelMindProjectTV

Best 5 Stars Who Look Gorgeous Without Make-Up

Arirang once again brings a new topic on their show Pops in Seoul introducing the best 5 stars that look great even if they do not wear make-up.

Idols usually have a lot of make-up while they perform on stage, but some of them look even better without wearing it.

Take a look at the list and tell us if you agree with it, or perhaps you might change it a bit?

5) So Hee (Wonder Girls)


4) Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)


3) Han Sun Hwa (Secret)


2) Dara (2NE1)


1) Yoona (SNSD)


Source : GoKpop, arirangworld

2NE1’s “Lonely” MV Costs Over 150,000,000 Won

2NE1's "Lonely" MV Costs Over 150,000,000 Won

“After listening to it carefully, you’ll know that it was a song we took an extreme risk for”, 2NE1’s leader, CL, revealed during an interview. The girls of 2NE1 tell us more about their upcoming song, “Lonely”, as well as its music video. It has been reported that the costs for the music video amount to over 150,000,000 Won ($150,000).

2NE1 had recently their MV shooting for their upcoming song titled “Lonely” on Nodeul Island along the Han River. It had taken a total of 10 days to produce the set director, Han Samin, who also directed Big Bang’s “Love Song” MV, wanted for 2NE1’s “Lonely” MV. Two lighting cranes had been mobilized and much more work had been done at the scene which rose the costs for the music video. Filming at the Han River on its own costs already 150,000,000 Won, which is approximately $150,000.

However, rather than the site, 2NE1’s acting skills have garnered all the attention at the shooting. The girls had to act in the role of tragic heroines despaired by love and separation. It was outstanding how realistic the members expressed their loneliness amongst a crowd for their music video.

“This music video is really interesting to watch. It’s unique how the four members act as one, and it’s also interesting to see the member’s act after a breakup in harmony with the acoustic atmosphere”, CL commented.

She also said some words about “Lonely” as song itself, “After listening to it carefully, you’ll know that it was a song we took an extreme risk for. Everyone gets lonely. We thought that this would be a song that the public can relate to. In midst of the strong atmosphere, the song expresses distinct loneliness felt, whether one being a strong man, woman, or just anyone in general.”
“This song seems like a song that no one would have been able to expect from us. As soon as you hear the first verse, you begin to get the feel of it”, Dara stated.
Bom expressed her confidence about “Lonely”, “If I dare say so, I’m confident this time as well. The melody itself is soulful and has a pop-feeling to it, and it seems like fans will enjoy it.”

Are you excited about 2NE1’s “Lonely”?

Source : Nate, GoKpop