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[110505] Mnet M! Countdown // Sistar19 makes a debut !

Tonight’s show was the comeback and debut performances of vocal group December, Spinel, and the special unit SISTAR 19. In addition to those performances, many of hit groups have returned to perform their songs such as 4minute, CNBLUE, Brian Joo, Rainbow, and Girls’ Day.

The top 3 artists to take the spots on M! Countdown tonight were f(x) with “Pinocchio (Danger),” Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry,” and 4minute’s “Mirror Mirror.” Last week, Big Bang took home the prize as they bid adieu to fans for their last performance for M! Countdown with “Love Song.”

The artist to take home the night with their second award for their song is f(x)! Since their comeback, the girls have been a hit and were awarded their first K-Chart award for “Pinocchio (Danger)” last week. Tonight on M! Countdown, the girls have won their second award for “Pinocchio (Danger)” and first M! Countdown award.

Congratulations to f(x)! Unfortunately, f(x) was not present in tonight’s show.

Source : Koreaboo, CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube


Idols Play Around During Mnet Countdown recording

 Want to know what C.N. Blue, Sistar19, 4Minute U-Kiss and Rainbow do before Mnet Countdown recording?

Usually idols have to wait the whole day during music shows, while their outfits are checked or they do the sound-check.

However this time Mnet prepared a dance machine so they can play around.

Check the cute pics below to see your favorite idols.





C.N. Blue







Source : GoKpop, Mnet M Countdown

Daesung To Perform “Baby Don’t Cry” Live

Daesung To Perform "Baby Don't Cry" Live

With BIG BANG at their final week of promotions for their “Special Edition” album, member Daesung will perform his solo track “Baby Don’t Cry” for the 1st time live on TV broadcast.

After news had come that Daesung would release his 1st official solo track through the album, fans were excited in anticipation for his live performance.

Finally in their goodbye stage on M! Countdown April 28th, Daesung will perform “Baby Don’t Cry” live, as BIG BANG prepares for their upcoming Japanese tour.

Source : GoKpop

[110421] Mnet M!Countdown // A Pink and Lita finally made their debut ! + 4Minute wins #1

Are you curious who performed this week on Mnet’s M! Countdown? Then have a look and enjoy watching the performances here!

On M! Countdown, the new girl group, A Pink, finally made their debut today. They performed their tracks, “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

Beside A Pink, a total of 3 other girl groups performed on M! Countdown today, Girl’s Day, Rainbow and 4minute.

However, there weren’t only girl bands present on M! Countdown today, but also the boy groups, Block B, Handsome People and C.N. Blue.

In addition to that, Wheesung, Brian Joo, Lita, Yangpa,Tony An, Na Yoon Kwon and more had performances today.

Thai singer called Lita who released her first single album, “Who Cares“, last month, and she has finally made her debut on Mnet’s M! Countdownthis afternoon.

Her title song “Who Cares” features a chic charm with Lita’s powerful vocals and a triple beat. The added effect of the synth sounds further creates an atmosphere of high tension that captivates listeners into addiction. The repetitive melody of the powerful chorus will surely leave an amazing impression.

This week’s charts on M! Countdown were as followed. The winner of this week’s show became 4minute.

Big Bang’s Accidental Stage on M! Countdown

Big Bang made their awaited comeback on this week’s M! Countdown, but did you notice the small accident during their stage performance?

Big Bang is known for having clean and almost flawless performances but this time something went wrong.

At the beginning of their ‘Love Song’ performance G-Dragon was at the stage and Deasung arrived earlier than expected. Also the back up dancers were not are their right places when T.O.P started singing.

After analyzing the video, and comparing it to their first comeback stage on Inkigayo, we found this little incident.

Apparently, it looks like the music started before it was supposed to, which caused the confusion. G-Dragon was still at the stage, perhaps checking the last details, while Daesung was getting ready to enter. Both of them left the stage immediately trying to avoid the camera as T.O.P started singing, also the dancers hurried to took their places. After that, all of them fixed the situation and the show continued.

The ‘Stupid Liar’ stage was almost perfect as well. When G-Dragon starts singing ‘I am so stupid in love’ he always ‘crashes’ into the dancers, but since the space for this stage was smaller than the usual ones, after bumping into the last dancer he almost crashed with him for a second time, but was able to avoid with with a nice twirl. It was almost unnoticeable, but the expression of the dancer showed that the second crash was not supposed to happen.

Actually, it is admirable that they managed to solve the situations so fast and kept an amazing performance despite the little incidents. They showed that they can solve any problem at the stage and still keep their cool attitude.

Take a look at the videos and tell us if you noticed the small accidents.

Love Song @ M! Countdown

Love Song @ Inkigayo

Stupid Liar @ M! Countdown (0.32 – 0.34)

source : Koreaboo

Big Bang sings a “Love Song” to VIPs on M! Countdown

Big Bang returned with two comeback stages tonight for “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song.” As promised, Big bang rocked it out with “Stupid Liar” and performed a more rock version of the song. The stage was set up so that it created the illusion that Big Bang was an actual rock band.

The hit wonders started out their comeback stage with “Love Song,” and showed fans and viewers that they are able to perform any type of songs. “Love Song” featured a more “relaxed” Big Bang that still managed to highlight their energetic charisma.

They proceeded with “Stupid Liar” and brought the level of energy up in the studio. What did you think of their comeback stage? Do you love it or do you love love it?

source : CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube

CNBLUE wins at M! Countdown

The top three artists fighting for first place tonight were Kim Taewoo, CNBLUE, and 4minute. The artist to come out on top is once again CNBLUE! CNBLUE wins their triple crown tonight with “Intuition,” which has been sweeping the charts. Congratulatiosn!

source : CrazyCarrotExtra @ youtube