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Lee Donghae Reached 500,000 Followers On Twitter

Lee Donghae Reached 500,000 Followers On Twitter

Super Junior’s Lee Donghae, who was recently selected as April’s Mr. Twitter, exceeds 500,000 followers on his personal Twitter account.

Lee Donghae joined the Twitter world last April 10,2010. At this moment, Donghae has 500,000 Twitter users following his account. With the increasing rate of 35,000 followers per month, it is not impossible for him to get a million followers on his account, as long as his followers will keep on increasing.

With this, Lee Donghae became the first Korean idol to exceed 500,000 followers on his Twitter.


Source : GoKpop


Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Kibum announced via Twitter that he will have a fan meeting in Singapore on May 21st.

Former member of boyband, U-Kiss, Kibum, will hold a Meet&Greet Session in Singapore at IMM Garden Plaza on Saturday, 21st May at 2.30 p.m.
He revealed this news by tweeting, “Kwahahaha Singapore Fan Gathering May 21, Saturday Meet&Greet Session: 2.30pm at IMM Garden Plaza.”

His current company, HnB Company, confirmed his fan meeting, “Kim will be visiting Singapore next week regarding business deals for his doll, Piro Piro, and while he is there he plans to meet his fans. We are still in talks on the final schedule.”

“(…) it’s great to see that Kim Kibum has not forgotten about his fans”, netizens commented on Kibum’s upcoming event.

Brian Joo’s ‘Unveiled” to Be Released on iTunes May 17

Brian Joo's 'Unveiled" to Be Released on iTunes May 17

Today Brian Joo announced via twitter, that his latest album “Unveiled” will join the ranks of Kpop albums in iTunes on May 17.
Today Korean-American singer Brian Joo announced that his newest album “Unveiled” would go on sale on iTunes on May 17, 2011.
He tweeted fans:
“Great news~! My Mini-Album “UNVEILED” will be released on iTunes on May 17, 2011~ Spread the word & let’s get me up on the iTunes charts ;)

The album was released in South Korea on April 6, and will now finally be available to international fans to purchase.

Source : GoKpop

Vanness Wu Tweets Pictures with Se7en

Vanness Wu Tweets Pictures with Se7en [Via JpopAsia]

Vanness Wu is currently traveling in Seoul. He shared some pictures that he’s taken while hanging out with Se7en!


He tweeted, “restaurant is da bomb!!! Thanks for the spicy spicy***!!!! mashisoyo!!!”.

Later on, Vanness posted a picture where he stood together with Se7en and another Se7en?

The caption that went along with the picture said, “Chillin wit Fourteen! Get it… Se7en & Se7en equals… Haha I know ssulung!!!”

Looks like Vanness is having a great time in Korea!

Source : GoKpop

UEE Shows Off Her Bold New Look

UEE Shows Off Her Bold New Look

After School member UEE recently teased fans with a photo of her sporting a bob haircut as part of a photoshoot.

UEE uploaded a photo tweeting “Short hair I had during a photoshoot! Should I just cut it off? I grew it out for 3 years.”

Despite the bob haircut being a wig, fans praised UEE’s beauty commenting “Short hair looks great on you” and “Why are you so cute? You’re really pretty.”

Do you think UEE should cut her hair?

Source : GoKpop

[Breaking] FT Island’s dormitory catches fire; members reported to be safe

Updated: FT Island members Seunghyun and Jaejin tweeted about the incident:

Seunghyun: “I’m currently thinking, ‘Thank goodness nobody was hurt’…Ah man T.T”

Jaejin: “Ah. Huge incident. Panic mode. Don’t know what to do.”

Original: FT Island’s dormitory recently caught fire due to an overheating computer.

At 3AM, FT Island’s dormitory located at Yeongdeungpo Gu, Seoul, was reported to have caught fire. Fortunately, the members were quickly evacuated and nobody was hurt. Police have been called in to investigate the cause of the fire.

FT Island’s management company stated, “A computer monitor overheated and smoke began coming out, activating the dorm’s water sprinklers. We have evacuated the currently shocked members to a safe location.” and “It was not a big fire nor is it a big problem. We are very thankful that the members are not hurt.”

Source: Newsen, @saico011, and @chungxuan via koreaboo

After School are exhausted from their schedule

A photo of After School after performing their comeback stages has been revealed. On May 2nd, After School’s official Twitter was updated with the photo and said, “A photo in the waiting room!! Please give lots of love to Shampoo!!! To number 1. Gogossing!”

The photo uploaded showed After School members Nana, E-Young, Jungah, Kahi, and Raina passed out on the couch and exhausted from their schedule. On the left, Lizzy can be found with a bright smile and pointing at the exhausted members.

Netizen have said, “They seem so tired. I feel sorry,” “They gave a wonderful stage,” and “Lizzy is cute, do I see tired eyes?”

After School recently made their comeback with their first full-album “Virgin” and title song “Shampoo.”

Source: Newsen via koreaboo