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Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Jay Park Reveals Why He Does Not Contact 2PM

Once again Jay Park is questioned about 2PM and the reasons why he is not in contact with them.

Jay Park recently hold an interview with Newsen, which some fans found a bit rude because it has some unnecessary questions and remarks.

The article started praising Jay for his first place on music show. However it later mentioned that he finally caught the public’s eyes who were uninterested in him before.

They continued saying that he was receiving so mush attention is because he used to be a member of 2PM. The article also mentioned that he was ‘thrown out’ due to a ‘scandal’ and that he turned his back to his previous group. They also mentioned that their previous friendship relationship has now turned into the one of strangers that can not even exchange a hello.

During a recent interview the person holding it mentioned that he tried to take the topic of 2PM while questioning him about his current activities.

The reporter continued by saying that even though it was uncomfortable for him he had to ask about 2PM a bit. Jay jokingly replied that if it was uncomfortable then he should not talk about it. The writer also said that since he smiled when he heard the word 2PM he supposed that he was saying that he was ready to answer and Jay also replied that he was not uncomfortable so could proceed with his question.

They asked Jay if it was true that he did not keep in touch with 2PM, which he coolly responded saying he was right. According to the writer opinion he showed an ‘uncaring’ and ‘not-big-of-a-deal’ attitude. He continued by asking him that if the 2PM members did not contact him, would not it be good for him to contact them first, and Jay actually asked him if it is the case then the members can also do it first.

The interviwer did not stop there and asked him ‘what’s the biggest reason you don’t contact them first?’, luckily Jay has learned how to manage the press and repluied with a simple ‘just because’. After that the reported insisted since he thought Jay heard wrong and asked him once again if it was ‘just because?’, to which nodded and replied with the same answer. The reported then stated that he thought it was meaningless to keep answering him.

Jay finished the interview saying that he will be really glad if he meets the members of 2PM during a broadcats. He mentioned that he run into 2AM’s Jo Kwon during Inkigayo and that both of them talked for a bit. However for the time being a meeting is quite difficult since 2PM is promoting in Japan.

It is a bit difficult for the fans that reporters are always asking the same questions to Jay over and over again, and in this particular case, they thought that the one in charge of the interview was a bit rude, since during the whole article it seemed like he only wanted to get some gossips instead of talking about Jay’s development in the industry. On the good side Jay has learned how to manage this situations, which made his fans feel less worried about him.



SNSD answers questions from children about crying, shorts, hair, and stage fright

The nine beautiful ladies of SNSD recently sat down with Dispatch to answer questions that were posed by adorable children aged 8 to 10. Despite being extremely busy with activities and preparing for their Japanese concert tour, the girls answered the questions with cute charm and bright smiles.

Q1. SNSD noonas, why do you guys cry when you guys win first place? (Choi Seongjae, 8)

Tiffany: Do we cry when we get first place? *looks at other members* Ah yes, we do cry.

Yuri I think all 9 of us cry at least once when leaving.

Tiffany & Hyoyeon: When we win first place, we’re so happy and overwhelmed with emotions so we always cry.

Q2. Sooyoung noona, since your name is Sooyoung (Note: sooyoung means swim in Korean) do you swim well? (Choi Seongjae, 8) 

All: No, she can’t swim. Sooyoung can’t sooyoung!

Sooyoung: For my name, it’s not Sooyoung because of the sport. Soo means sophisticated and Young means a fighting spirit. Once you grow a bit older and learn hanja (Chinese characters), you will understand. It’s not this sooyoung *makes swimming motions with her arms*. But if our little friends want me to, I’ll learn how to swim this summer!

Q3. I want long hair too. How do I get long hair like unnies? (Kim Jimin, 8) 

Hyoyeon: *while touching her hair* Long hair..long..long..think a lot~

Tiffany: Eat well and your hair will be long.

Yoona: That’s right. Don’t eat an unbalanced diet. Eat lots of protein and your hair will grow long.

Taeyeon: Black beans are good.

Tiffany: Listen to your parents and your hair will grow long.

Q4. SNSD unnies, do you like Super Junior? SHINee? Who are you closer with? (Kim Jimin, 8) 

Tiffany: I can’t choose.

Taeyeon: I like them all.

Hyoyeon: Super Junior members are very cool oppas. SHINee are very cool juniors so it’s impossible to choose, right?

Q5. SNSD noonas, what’s your phone number? Please give it to me. (Yoon Jaejoon, 8)

Yuri: 1004. Noona’s phone number is 1004. (Note: In Korean, 1004 is pronounced Cheonsa, which also means “Angel”)

Yoona: 010~

Tiffany: My number is xxx-xxxx

Sooyoung More than calling noonas and saying hi, supporting us when you see us sing and perform on stage is a greater help to us. Our little friends, please always support SNSD.

Q6. SNSD noonas, even if it’s winter, why do you only wear shorts? Aren’t you cold? (Yoon Jaejoon, 8)

Sooyoung: It’s cold. *looks at Jessica* It’s cold right?

Jessica: Yes, it’s cold. Really.

Hyoyeon: We wear it to match our stage image and our song, and to look pretty.

Sunny: We also wear it too look healthy.

Yoona: When I’m not on stage, I wear long pants.

Tiffany: When I’m not performing, I wear many layers.

Yuri: Our little friends, don’t wear shorts like unnies/noonas do when it’s cold and wear long pants to stay healthy~.

Q7. SNSD noonas, are you guys nervous when you go on stage? What was the time when you were the most nervous? (Ahn Jeongjin, 10)

Sooyoung: When was I most nervous? I think I’m the most nervous when we win first place. When noonas are performing on stage, we enjoy the moment so we don’t feel nervous. It’s when the first place winner is announced that we feel the most nervous. I think we cry more because we are nervous.

Jessica: Yes, that’s right.

End greeting

Sunny: Our little friends, be healthy, listen to your parents, listen to your teachers, and play well with your friends. Also, please give SNSD noonas a lot of love too!

All: Our little friends, bye bye! Right now it’s SNSD! We love you~!

Check out the video of the interview below!

Source : Koreaboo, Dispatch

MBLAQ’s Japanese Debut Message

MBLAQ's Japanese Debut Message

MBLAQ’s Japanese Single will be released on May 4th and before that the boys prepared a video message.

The name of their first Japanese single is ‘Your Luv’. They revealed the MV not long ago and also a preview of the songs.

On the video G.O would not stop clapping, and even Yang leader had to stop him with a nice warning.

Seung Ho was also the one in charge of delivering the message saying that they expect to see a lot of people.

Take a look at the video where G.O becomes the new ‘babo’ of the group, taking the crown from Joon.

As we can see on the following pictures their wish was granted since a lot of fans attended the event. Stay to GoKpop for more news about their Japanese debut.


Source : GoKpop

Lee Seungki only has the phone numbers of three female celebrities?

The nation’s bachelor Lee Seungki recently complained about the fact that nobody asks him for his phone number!

On the May 2nd episode of MBC’s “Come to Play,” Lee Seungki revealed, “Because I give off the image that I am a model student that doesn’t have a cell phone, female celebrities don’t ask for my phone number. I’ve had a cell phone since 5 years ago. Since I have a cell phone, it’s OK to ask for my number!” promoting laughter in the studio.

He later revealed that he only has the phone numbers of three female celebrities: Shin Minah (from My Girlfriend is a Nine Tail Fox), Han Hyojoo and Moon Chaewon (both from Shining Inheritance).

Lee Seungki continued, “I’m a very easy-going man. I don’t know why people think that I’m a difficult person.”

Posted Image

Source: Newsen via koreaboo

Park Bom’s Interview with Cyworld

Park Bom's Interview with Cyworld

Recently 2NE1’s Park Bom had an interview with Cyworld. Check out what messages she has for us and which songs she recommends us to listen to!

Park Bom has just released her second solo single titled “Don’t Cry” and has gained much love for it. It was an all-kill on various music sites for several days, which made Park Bom naturally feel very happy and thankful to her fans.

She recently had an interview with Cyworld in which she talked about “Don’t Cry”, her friendship with Teddy and so on. She also recommended some songs she likes to listen to very much.

The interview started with Park Bom’s message to Cyworld members.

Hello Cyworld members, this is 2NE1’s Park Bom.

I’m introducing myself with my solo song, “Don’t Cry”, this time. Even though I’m coming back after so much time since “You & I”, thank you for showing me so much love this time as well.

The song, “Don’t Cry”, was, of course, made by Teddy-oppa, who also made “You & I”, and is a fast-tempo R&B song that is matched well with a piano melody and house beat. Starting with my solo song, this time, 2NE1 will be releasing a new song every 3 weeks. YG Entertainment’s promotions manager, Miss Sandara, is ambitiously preparing 2NE1’s activities, so we hope that you guys will be excited for it~

There are a lot of fans who love your charismatic voice, do you have a secret to maintain your singing skills?

When I was receiving vocal training, I was often told that my voice is very charismatic, and so it seems like that became a huge confident booster~ I think it’s very important that singers must have confidence in their own voice and be very possessive and loving of their own voice in order to be a good vocalist.
I don’t have a special way of taking care of my voice, I just drink water often and stock up on healthy foods.

How is it like working with Teddy, whom you’ve spent so much time with? And was there ever a happy incident that you’ve had with him?

I work really well with Teddy-oppa. He’s a person that will give me courage and tell me I can do it when I think to myself, “Will I be able to express these feelings?”
Not so much of a pleasant incident, but when “Don’t Cry” was released, and I had seen that it was receiving a good response on several music sites, the first person I thought of was Teddy-oppa. I called him at 1 a.m. and just cried. That was the most memorable incident.

If you get suggested to appear on ‘I’m a singer’, would you want to participate?

Since I haven’t received an invitation yet, I haven’t actually thought about my decision to appear, however, if I really receive an invitation, it seems like I’ll have to think hard about my decision.

Do you think there’s an appeal of doing solo activities that’s different from 2NE1’s activities, and is there a type of music that you want to try when you release a full solo album?
I think the appeal of solo performances is that, when you do solo performances, you, alone, are responsible for the performance through your own capabilities. Because of that, the burden is greater, and its more difficult and lonelier, however, the sense of achievement you get from it is much greater as well.
If I end up doing a full solo album… I want to try doing a powerful song that has a strong sense of rhythm that will allow me to show off my performance and singing skills like Beyonce.

Please recommend some music to the Cyworld members from your previous activities.
The truth is, I’m very attached to this song since it was my first ever solo song. During the promotions, several people had shown their love for it but, whenever I hear that even now it’s still receiving love, I feel a sense of pride and am speechless. I have this hope inside of me that “Don’t Cry” will receive love for as long as “You & I” has.

As it is with anyone, there is always huge importance left behind from the first time. I have my own first solo song, too, but I can never forget my first song as a member of 2NE1. It’s even more precious to me, since it doesn’t only hold great importance to me but to the other members as well.

In the Club
I like how this song expresses the sad feelings of females in a different method. Truthfully, many girls, and I as well, express their pain of love or separation through tears, and other means of expressing pain, but I think that this song expresses it slightly differently. Is it only me that the slight sadness makes me feel even more sad?

If you were to recommend some music that has had a special place in Park Bom’s life?
BEYONCÉ – Irreplaceable
This is a song from my favourite and most respected artist, Beyoncé. During my time as a trainee, I mostly sang covers of Beyoncé’s songs, and this is one of my favourite ones.

ALICIA KEYS – If I Ain’t Got You
This is the song that I mainly sang as a practice song. There’s a version where Usher and Alicia sang it as a duet, and I want to sing it as a duet with another amazing artist someday as well.

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
I really like this song, so sometimes I would sing this on shows, but all of our YG Family members really like this song, so if it starts playing in our practice room or during filming, we all start bouncing around and sing along.

Source : Gokpop

Brian Joo Will Have Online Chat with Fans

Brian Joo Will Have Online Chat with Fans

Singer, Brian Joo, announced to have an online chat with his fans on Friday. Do you want to chat with him as well? Then get more information on it here!

Brian Joo presents his fans. They get the great chance to chat with Brian Joo personally this Friday. Once you join the chat, you will be able to ask him your questions and tell him everything you always wanted to tell him.

Details on this online chat were posted on Brian Joo’s official website. Take a look at the following!

안녕하세요 젤리피쉬엔터테인먼트입니다.
Dear Fans.
지난번에 예고 드렸던 것처럼, 브라이언씨와 채팅을 할 수 있는 기회를 마련하였습니다!
As we mentioned before, we are preparing to online chat with Brian.

일 시
Date & Time
2011년 4월 29일 (금)
29th April 2011, Friday
한국어 채널 18:00-19:00
Korean Channel 18:00-19:00
영 어 채널 20:00-21:00
English Channel 20:00-21:00

채팅은 서로 다른 채널을 사용하여 한시간씩 진행 될 예정이며, 채팅창 주소는 당일 채팅 시작 30분 전에 공지해드립니다 ^^ (한국어 채널 17:30, 영어 채널 19:30) 언어의 사용만 다를 뿐이지 입장은 가능하십니다!
Chat using a different channel will be conducted one hour and chat address announcements on the day 30 minutes before it will start. (Korean Channel 17:30, English Channel 19:30) And anybody can join that online chat room without language.

이곳 브라이언 공식 홈페이지 http://www.brianjoomusic.com 회원분들만 참여가 가능하십니다. 꼭 회원가입을 해주세요.
Only the members of Brian’s official site can join in this chat. So please join the Brian’s official site.

많은 참여 부탁드립니다!
Join please!

So keep an eye on Brian Joo’s official website!

Source : GoKpop

Ex-After School member Yoo Soyoung addresses bullying rumors + reveals real reason for withdrawing

Ex-After School member Yoo Soyoung has revealed the real reason why she left After School for the first time.

In 2009, Yoo Soyoung announced her departure after finishing promotions for After School’s second single, “Diva.” Despite After School’s increasing popularity, Yoo Soyoung still left the group, which became a huge shocker to fans.

When Soyoung left, netizens began speculating that Soyoung was being bullied or that there were problems between her and Pledis Entertainment. Despite leaving the group over a year and a half ago, Soyoung has not participated in any individual activities and for this reason, rumors of bullying and feuds with Pledis are still regarded as a fact.

In an interview with Star News, Soyoung revealed the real reason for withdrawing from After School for the first time.

Soyoung said, “Many people think I left the group due to bullying. It’s not true, there was no bullying. I feel very sorry to the other members that people think they bullied me. There was no bullying and it was not the reason why I left.”

After finishing promotions for “Diva,” Soyoung studied acting for a period of time. Soyoung said, “When preparing for my debut, practicing singing and dancing for a short 2 to 4 hours was extremely tiring. However, 2 to 4 hours of acting lessons was interesting to me, as the hours felt like a mere 5 minutes. My major is actually acting and I wanted to be an actress, not a singer.”

She continued, “To make my dream of becoming an actress reality, I withdrew from After School. Separating from the members was a very painful experience. I thank all of them,” and “Even now, I am still in contact with the members, especially Jooyeon and Jungah. Also, I still keep in touch with Raina, who was still a trainee at the time.”

During this time, Soyoung has been studying acting at Joongang University’s Theatre Department. Soyoung will make her acting debut in KBS’s new drama “Women In Our House” alongside TRAX’s Jay and Jung Eunchae.

Source: Star News via KoreaBoo