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Chi Chi’s Ji Yoo Almost Debuted with KARA

Chi Chi's Ji Yoo Almost Debuted with KARA

Ji Yoo, member of the new girl group, Chi Chi, revealed that she almost debuted as on of the members of KARA.

Recently Chi Chi’s Ji Yoo revealed, “KARA’s Han Seung Yeon was in the same dance school with me in 2008. When the vocalist, Kim Sung Hee, left the group [in 2008], she asked me if I wanted to join, when their agency revealed interest in adding three more members.”

Ji Yoo denied the offer of Seung Yeon and is now active with the girl group, Chi Chi, who debuted on 17th March.

source : GoKpop


[110416] MBC Music Core performances.

Tonight’s MBC Music Core is filled with comeback stages from Tony An, Dal Shabet, Kim Taewoo, and Rainbow. We also see the return of Lee Hyun, Big Bang, and Maya with their new title songs as well. The “Hot Stages” for tonight were performed by CNBLUE with “Intuition,” 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” Infinite with “Nothing’s Over,” and Orange Caramel with “Bangkok City.”

CNBLUE is on a roll this week with “Intuition” as they have earned their triple crown on M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank.

K.Will and CHI CHI performed this week’s “Special Stage” with “My Heart Is Beating” with Sistar’s Bora and “Don’t Play Around”, respectively. Wheesung, Yangpa, LPG, Han Geuru, and The Crack also performed tonight.

What performance was your favorite? Did any particular stage stand out to you tonight?

source : CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube

Chi Chi Selects Girls’ Generation as Role Models

Chi Chi Selects Girls' Generation as Role Models

Rookie girl band, Chi Chi, once again said they want to be like Girls’ Generation in the future and stressed that Girls’ Generation are their role models and that they really respect them.

When the girl group, Chi Chi, debuted last month, they said, “Our goal is to be like Girls’ Generation”, for which they have been misunderstood as pretentious.

To clarify this misunderstanding, Chi Chi once again spoke about their wish to become as successful as Girls’ Generation, this time stressing that Girls’ Generation are their role models rather than rivals.
The girls of Chi Chi said, “We respect our seniors, Girls’ Generation, and that was why we mentioned that we hope to be like them. We also said that we want to be loved by everyone, regardless of sex and age, just like them. Girls’ Generation are our role models and we would like to show our respect for them. They are a top idol group not only in Korea, but in whole Asia. They are role models to us who are lacking in many areas.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has been announced to return to the Korean music market in September.

source : GoKpop

MTV Korea’s “The Show” makes its first broadcast with Hyosung and Luna

MTV Korea broadcast its first episode of their new music show called “The Show.” Koreaboo reported last week that MTV Korea would launch its own unique weekly music show and will have artists perform under a different theme each week.

In addition to the usual categories such as “Hot Artists,” “Super Rookie,” and “Comeback Singer,” “The Show” will have a special category called “Special Unit” in which different artists will come together for a special stage.

Secret’s Hyosung (22) and f(x)’s Luna (18) are the first MCs for the show and made their successful debut on April 12th. This week, they introduced performances by K.Will, Kim Taewoo, Rainbow, Clover, Kim Hyungjoon, Tony An, ZE:A, Brave Girls, Ye Ara, Chi Chi, Han Groo, Tei, Kan Miyoun, and M to M.

MTV Asia will broadcast the first episode of “The Show” on April 15th at 7:30PM KST.

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Kan Miyoun
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Tony An
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Han Groo
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Chi Chi
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Ye Ara
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Brave Girls
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Kim Hyungjoon
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M to M
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Source: Newsen via KoreaBoo

CHI CHI will be coming back in May

CHI CHI debuted as an electronic house group with their track, “Don’t Play Around” in the beginning of March. Even though they got negative comments on their live performances, the girls didn’t give up and decided to show a better side of them.

Su-i explained, “The strongest point for CHI CHI is that we perform unique music for a girl group. Even though the public isn’t familiar with our members individually, they’re familiar with ‘Don’t Play Around.’”

The girls also explained that they’ll end promotions for their debut song at the end of this month, and will be coming back somewhere in May with a new song. The new song is said to be a lot more melodious than their debut track.

Source: Star News via KoreaBoo

[110409] MBC Music Core

Solo artist Han Groo started off the night with her track, “My Boy.” After a greeting by the Music Core MCs, newly debuted girl group Chi Chi took the stage and performed their debut track, “Don’t Play Around.”

ZE:A performed a special outside stage of “Here I Am,” complete with argyle sweaters. Girl’s Day switched to green as their concept color tonight and performed a shortened version of their hit track, “Twinkle Twinkle.” Dalmatian made an appearance on tonight’s episode and performed a remix of their latest track, “I’m Opposed to That Man.”

Yangpa made her comeback on tonight’s episode with, “It Hurts.” Clover made their debut with “La Vida Loca.” U-Kiss performed their comeback stage on tonight’s episode with “0330,” and Orange Caramel followed with their comeback stage of “Bangkok City.”

Wheesung continued tonight’s episode as he performed his hit song, “Words That Freeze My Heart” with Hoya. Song Jieun performed “Going Crazy” with Bang Yongguk live for the last time.

4Minute made their comeback with “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart” on tonight’s episode. K.Will performed his track, “My Heart is Beating.” CN Blue followed with their hit track, “Intutition”. TVXQ closed the show with their latest song, “Know This (Before You Go).”

Check out the performances from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!

[110331] Mnet M!Countdown // U-KISS, Seo In Gook, Kim Tae Woo made their comeback !

Today's M! Countdown Performances

Check out the stages of various artists like Chi Chi, Secret’s Song Ji Eun, C.N.Blue, Dalmatian and more on Mnet’s M! Countdown!

Today’s broadcast of Mnet’s music program, M! Countdown, presented the comeback stages of U-Kiss, Kim Tae Woo and Seo In Gook.
U-Kiss performed their new songs, “0330” and “Every Day”. Kim Tae Woo sang his songs, “Echo” and “Just Smile”, and Seo In Gook “Broken”.

Beside that, also artists such as Infinite, C.N. Blue, Secret’s Song Ji Eun, Wheesung and so on were on M! Countdown’s stage. The winner of today’s countdown became C.N. Blue, who made their comeback last week.

Check out some of the performances on Mnet’s M! Countdown below!