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Khuntoria to Feature as Models for ‘Caribbean Bay’

Khuntoria to Feature as Models for 'Caribbean Bay'

MBC’s “We Got Married” couple Nichkhun and Victoria will team up as Caribbean Bay’s newest models for 2011! What will the power of Khuntoria have in store for this summer?

Last summer, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Chansung, and Nichkhun all participated in Caribbean Bay promotions along with SNSD members Yuri, Seohyun andYoona. As selected by many fans, him and his wife, f(x) member Victoria, will both be promoting summer fun at Cabi Bay this year.

On May 6th, Everland tweeted, “Caribbean Bay Model.. The answer is announced.. too many because can guess the answer… So the couple isNichkhun and Victoria..~” followed by, “Another bonus news, the Caribbean Bay ads by Nichkhun and Victoria will also feature the great 2PM… Please look forward to it~”

Throughout the word of mouth, the Khuntoria couple will most likely gain momentum in Korea and a surplus in fans overseas due to all those who have subscribed to the event.

https://i1.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7507-u4t6h9vim6.gif https://i2.wp.com/i1.gokpop.com/news/2/7507-i78uaqkak5.gif Source : GoKpop, Nate


New photo of Jokwon and Ga-in prompts netizens to ask for a remarriage

Jokwon and Ga-in are once again attracting attention through a pose reminiscent of their days as the Adam Couple. On April 2nd, Jokwon uploaded a photo of the both of them on his Twitter, along with the caption, “I will eat it gratefully ^_^*”.

In the photo, they can be seen posing as they did when they were on “We Got Married”. As the two are currently acting as siblings on MBC sitcom “All My Love,” this is a quite a rare scene indeed.

Netizens commented, “This is a pose couples make, not siblings,” “I wish you two could be a couple again,” and “Divorced couple. I wish you could remarry after the sitcom comes to an end.”

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Source: TV Daily via koreaboo

f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

In a recent interview on the program “Entertainment Relay”, f(x) discusses various ideas they had for group names before their official debut.

Following their “Pinocchio” comeback, the girls of f(x) held an interview on KBS’ “Entertainment Relay”, in which they discusses various topics relating to before the group’s debut back in 2009.


Perhaps the most interesting segment revolved around the girls discussing what group names were considered before they debuted as f(x).

During the interview, the girls were asked, “Was there potential team name other than f(x)?” To which the girls responded, “There were actually a variety of group names that we could have chosen from. We had considered names like ‘The Bomb’, ‘Flowers’, and ‘Miyaho’ – because it sounds similar to a cat’s ‘meow’. At one point we even thought about introducing ourselves with ‘Hello! We are Miyaho!’ and making a cat’s meowing sound while posing cutely.”

Member Victoria also has a cute moment when she gives a shout out to her “We Got Married” partner Nichkhun of 2PM, when she greets him, “Nichkhun, I’m on ‘Entertainment Relay’!”

Check out f(x)’s interview on “Entertainment Relay” below:

It seems like f(x) did manage to incorporate the past idea of “Flower” into their name, as the “f” in f(x) stands for “flower”, while the ‘x’ represents the x in the female chromosome.

What do you think? Did f(x) end up with the right name to fit their funky fresh image?

Source : GoKpop

f(x)’s Talks About ‘Pinocchio’

f(x)'s Talks About 'Pinocchio'

f(x) is back and they uploaded a video on the official sment channel where they talked about their new album

The girls started updating their fans on their recent activities. As we know Victoria has been part of ‘We Got Married’, while Krystal and Sulli have been working as MCs. Also Luna mentioned that she learned many things on here recent musical.

They continued talking about their new album ‘Pinocchio’, especially their title track. Krystal mentioned that it is a special song with a strong beat, and the presence of the guitar, which are joined by the voices of the members.

Amber also requested fans to name their new dance and even showed exactly which part while singing and dancing.

Finally they asked fans to love their new album and showed their great anticipation for their comeback.

source : GoKpop

Nichkhun Kisses Victoria

Nichkhun Kisses Victoria

During the baseball match, the “Khuntoria couple” attended, 2PM’s Nichkhun kissed f(x)’ Victoria on her cheek.

The couple of the program, ‘We Got Married’, was invited to make the opening pitch for the Doosan Bears‘ baseball match.

During this baseball match fans spotted how Nichkhun kissed Victoria on her cheek and recorded it. Since then various photos and videos of their kiss are circulating through the internet and catching everyone’s attention.


Lots of netizens are wondering if this kiss was supposed to be for ‘We Got Married’ or real. What do you think?

Meanwhile, 2PM is topping the Japanese charts with their debut single, “Take Off”, and f(x) is back to the Korean music scene with their album, “Pinocchio”.

source : GoKpop

Yonghwa Cries Out, “Seohyun, I Love You!” on ‘Strong Heart?’

Yonghwa Cries Out, "Seohyun, I Love You!" on 'Strong Heart?'

The trailer for the April 12 edition of SBS’ ‘Strong Heart’ exploded in netizen curiosity when CN Blue member, Jung Yonghwa belted out something unexpected by viewers! Known for his recent divorce to his TV wife SNSD member Seohyun, Yonghwa might have revealed some unrequited feelings on Strong Heart’s latest episode!

In the trailer, Yonghwa yells out, Seohyun-ah, I love you!” “Now what am I to do…” with an expression of sadness on his face which brought on more interest.

Will you watch Strong Heart’s up coming episode?

source : GoKpop

Victoria’s killer aegyo cheers up a sulky Nichkhun

On the April 9 episode of “We Got Married,” viewers got to see Victoria put on a special performance for Nichkhun.

She did this in an effort to cheer him up after she failed to carry out a mission. Previously, she had promised to shout out his name while on a live CCTV broadcast in China in front of 1,300,000,000 people.

However, a nervous looking Victoria was unable to fulfill her promise when the day dawned.

To make up for it, she put on a “Sorry Sorry” dance performance outside the veranda, managing to lift Nichkhun’s spirits.

Her efforts succeeded in restoring harmony to their relationship.

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Sources: Sports Today via KoreaBoo