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Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to ‘Global Event’

Big Bang Adds 9 More Countries to 'Global Event'

Big Bang has just added more countries to their ‘Global Event’ on Facebook. Curious which countries?

Last month, with the release of their special edition, Big Bang has started a ‘Global Event’ on their official Facebook page. Millions of fans have been voting like crazy for their countries as they want Big Bang to visit it very much.

Today Big Bang added 9 more countries to vote for. In addition to the already listed 27 countries from America, Europe and Asia, a new division has been launched with the following additional countries.


Source : GoKpop


Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Former U-Kiss Member, Kim Kibum to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Kibum announced via Twitter that he will have a fan meeting in Singapore on May 21st.

Former member of boyband, U-Kiss, Kibum, will hold a Meet&Greet Session in Singapore at IMM Garden Plaza on Saturday, 21st May at 2.30 p.m.
He revealed this news by tweeting, “Kwahahaha Singapore Fan Gathering May 21, Saturday Meet&Greet Session: 2.30pm at IMM Garden Plaza.”

His current company, HnB Company, confirmed his fan meeting, “Kim will be visiting Singapore next week regarding business deals for his doll, Piro Piro, and while he is there he plans to meet his fans. We are still in talks on the final schedule.”

“(…) it’s great to see that Kim Kibum has not forgotten about his fans”, netizens commented on Kibum’s upcoming event.

Will SHINee Debut in Europe?

Will SHINee Debut in Europe?

Chosen hold an interview with SHINee and the current SM’s CEO, where they discussed about their overseas expansion.

SM’s CEO Kim Young Min mentioned that the European market is currently the biggest around the world, and they want to enter it, their reason does not mean that they want to sell a great amount of albums or get into the charts, but because they want to expand k-pop.

SHINee members commented that they are not sure if they will be able to have a success, however they still want to go to Europe and show their talent.

It was also revealed that an European debut would be fun. They continued saying that they will likely adapt their style, since it is different from the usual local music, so they will be able to have a better content.

Actually SHINee members will have a special showcase in the ‘Abbey Road Studios’, after the SMTown Paris.

European fans will surely be thrilled to hear that k-pop is finally expanding to every corner of the world.

Source : GoKpop

The First Idol-Themed Cruise to Set Sail

The First Idol-Themed Cruise to Set Sail

The plans to launch a Hallyu idol-themed cruise line featuring the participation of various SM Entertainment artists has been announced for January 2012.

“All That” cruise line has recently announced their plans to create Korea’s largest idol-themed cruise in light of the popularity of Hallyu artists.

Tentatively slated to make its voyage journey in January of 2012, it will make various stop throughout Korea, Japan, and China. And during the six-day cruise, passengers will be given the luxury of multiple on-deck performances from a variety of SM Entertainment artists, such as BoA, TVXQ, and SNSD. Dramas and movies featuring Hallyu idols will also be aired during the cruise.

The total package, as of now, is estimated to cost arounf 1.2 million won, or around $1,200 USD.

Wouldn’t you like to go on a luxury cruise with some of your favorite Kpop idols?

Source : GoKpop

Super Junior Crowned as the Most Popular Group in Mexico

Super Junior Crowned as the Most Popular Group in Mexico

Super Junior voted as the most popular K-pop group in Mexico.

TV Azteca recently conducted a survey/poll with over 32,851 participants to find out the most popular singer in their place.

Super Junior claiming the first place with 8517 votes (25.67%). Other artists who made it in the list that came behind Super Junior are TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, SS501, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Beast, U-Kiss, FT Island, C.N. Blue, 2PM, Miss A, and BoA.

As of now, Super Junior is busy with some activities of the group’s sub-unit Super Junior M in Taiwan. On June 8th, Super Junior will officially release their “Bijin” album in Japan.

Source : GoKpop

U-Kiss to begin their Asian promotional tour in May

NH Media announced on April 28th that male group U-Kiss will begin their Asian promotional tour starting in May. U-Kiss will visit Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. U-Kiss will be visiting Brunei on May 29th and will return to Korea before setting off to visit the listed Asian countries.

U-Kiss is the first Korean group to hold a fanmeeting and showcase in Brunei.

A NH Media PR told 10Asia, “The boys will be heading off to Brunei on May 28 and return to Korea two days later.”

U-Kiss said, “”We feel that this will be a new and interesting experience since none of us have ever visited Brunei before. We are nervous and working hard on perfecting our performance because we will be first-ever Korean singers to do so.”

Source: 10Asia via KoreaBoo

B1A4 receives explosive response from international fans

Rookie group B1A4 has been gathering interest from overseas fans, setting a wave of interest in South Korea’s music industry.

Shortly after B1A4’s debut performance on MBC’s Music Core, the group rose to #1 on various real time searches, as well as trending worldwide on Twitter.

Their official homepage and fancafes all over the world in the U.S., England, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, and various others helped spread their unfamiliar band name to more than 110 countries. The site had over 2,000 visits from overseas and is still being flooded with curious music fans.

One fan account claimed the audience members were surprised to hear that overseas fans had gone so far as to fly to Korea by plane in order to personally go watch the first debut performance on the 23rd, showing their overwhelming enthusiasm to support.

Posted Image

Also, on YouTube, the music video for their title song “OK” gained a total of over 30,000 views, while the debut performance on the 23rd had gathered a view count of over 10,000. Other videos related to B1A4 received hot responses from fans as well.

Their agency responded, “They’re still rookies who have recently debuted but since they are receiving such huge interest from Korean fans and of course, the foreign fans, the members are all dazed about this. They will do their best to work hard to repay their fans by showing good sides of themselves.”

Source: TV Daily and Flight B1A4 via KoreaBoo