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Ga In to Leave “All My Love”

Ga In to Leave "All My Love"

Due to scheduling conflicts, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In will be leaving the sitcom “All My Love”, in which she co-stars alongside 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Her final episode will air at the end of the month.

On May 9th it was revealed that Brown Eyed Girls’ member Ga In would be leaving the sitcom “All My Love” after wrapping up the filming for her final scene.

A representative of the program clarified Ga In’s reasons for leaving, “Due to scheduling conflicts with her group promotions in Japan, and preparations for their new album, Ga In will be leaving the sitcom. Her final episode will air at the end of the month.”


“All My Love” had initially been scheduled to span the length of 120 episodes, but after 80 additional episodes were added, Ga In’s schedule could no longer be coordinated to allow her to continue participating. In response, her final scene as Hwang Geum Ji will show her leaving to study abroad during the 135th episode, which will air May 31st. It is yet unknown in what direction the sitcom will go following her departure.

Source : GoKpop


New photo of Jokwon and Ga-in prompts netizens to ask for a remarriage

Jokwon and Ga-in are once again attracting attention through a pose reminiscent of their days as the Adam Couple. On April 2nd, Jokwon uploaded a photo of the both of them on his Twitter, along with the caption, “I will eat it gratefully ^_^*”.

In the photo, they can be seen posing as they did when they were on “We Got Married”. As the two are currently acting as siblings on MBC sitcom “All My Love,” this is a quite a rare scene indeed.

Netizens commented, “This is a pose couples make, not siblings,” “I wish you two could be a couple again,” and “Divorced couple. I wish you could remarry after the sitcom comes to an end.”

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Source: TV Daily via koreaboo

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK Chooses the 10 Sexiest Female Idols

MTVK recently released their ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols.

MTVK recently released their picks for the top ten sexiest Kpop idols.

Check out their ranking below, and be sure to stay tuned, as MTVK announced that they will also release a list of the top ten sexiest male idols in the near future!

Rainbow’s leader Jae Kyung is well known for her well-proportioned physique, and has recently wowed fans with her new, more mature image.

Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In has gained much fame through her sensuous “Abracadabra” dance, as well as her cat-like eyeliner and tiny outfits.

Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin adds her own sex-appeal to the typically wholesome group image.

International soloist BoA creates a strong image with her powerful vocals, sexy choreography, and unique sense of fashion.

2NE1’s rapper Park Bom is known for her trademark long hair, and short skirt, giving the funky group a sexy edge.

HyunA is notorious for both her impressive rapping skills and her risqué choreography, as exhibited during performances of “Change”, and more recently, “Mirror Mirror”.

After School’s Ka Hi boasts a perfectly proportioned figure, and a dazzling presence which allows her to stand out even in a large group of nine.

Although she may have just recently made her debut, soloist G.NA’s impressive vocal talent and glamorous figure has made her a hit in the industry.

Amidst a group of nine, all known for separate attributes, such as Hyo Yeon’s dancing skills and Tae Yeon’s strong vocals, Yu Ri is most known for her sexy image.

Former Fin.K.L. member turned hit soloist, Lee Hyo Ri’s name is piratically synonymous with sexy.

What do you think of MTVK’s ranking of the top ten sexiest female idols? Who would you have added?

Source : GoKpop

Which CDs Are the Most Valuable?

Which CDs Are the Most Valuable?

Dazed Korea asked 10 music critic to choose the top 5 CDs by idols. Are you curious which CDs they chose?

At the beginnings, music critics judged music by idol stars as disposable and consumer-oriented, and denied to review their releases.
However, times changed and with that not only the quality of idol music have risen but also music critics have been more open to the idols’ music.

Dazed Korea asked 10 music critics to make a ranking of the top 5 albums by idol stars. The critics chose their most valuable and good CDs.

Have a look at their ranking below!

1. Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sound-G” (29th October 2009)

2. 2NE1’s “1st Mini Album” (8th July 2009)

3. BoA’s “NO.1” (14th January 2002)

4. Taeyang’s “Hot” (22nd May 2008)

5. SHINee’s “2009, Year Of Us” (19th October 2009)

Source : GoKpop

After School Nana and Brown Eyed Girls Ga In have similar eyes?

On an online community bulletin, fans compared Nana and Ga In’s bare faces and faces with make up.

The pictures show that when Nana takes off her make up, her double eyelids disappear and her large eyes become smaller. Ga In, similarly, has small eyes and an attractive appearance. Especially when laughing, Nana and Ga In’s eyes resemble each other.

In response, netizens said, “Nana’s bare face resembles Ga In’s.”

Do you see the resemblance?

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Source: Paran News via KoreaBoo

Vocal trainers rank idols groups and members based on best and worst vocal abilities

With shows such as MBC’s “I Am A Singer” showcasing people with powerful vocals, attention has been brought on to the fact that people should not base their opinions of idol groups merely on looks. Ten professional vocal trainers were asked to rank idol groups as a whole and also individual members based on their vocal abilities. There were various topics based on vocals that were judged. The number 1, 2, and 3 candidates in each topic received scores of 3, 2, and 1 for the topic, respectively.

Most vocally talented idol group:

Ballad group 2AM topped the list with 11 points thanks to the influence of their hit songs such as “Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go.” The trainers praised, “There is very little difference between the lead vocal and sub vocals.”

YG Entertainment’s power group Big Bang took the number 2 spot with 8 points. The reason given was that, “They are a team that works hard for their music capabilities.”

Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, and TVXQ shared third place with 6 points each. The trainers reasoned, “For Brown Eyed Girls, there is nothing else to say besides the fact that they are true musicians who came together. For SHINee, their pitch and breathing are both very stable even when singing live. For TVXQ, they are very expressive.”

Most vocally talented idol group member:

JYJ’s power vocal Kim Junsu took the crown with 13 points. The trainers praised, “No matter how fast or how slow the song is, Junsu has the ability to adapt to the rhythm of the song.”

Tied for second place were SNSD’s Taeyeon and SISTAR’s Hyorin with 9 points each. They commented, “Taeyeon has solid fundamental vocal skills and sings with a lot of emotion. If her vocal cords were more elastic, she would have no competition. In terms of Hyorin, it would be better if she could bring out the same emotions she displays when singing pop songs to when she sings slower songs.”

2AM’s Changmin and SHINee’s Jonghyun tied for third place with 6 points each. The trainers praised, “Changmin has great control over his voice projection and breathing. Jonghyun’s vocal range is impressive.”

Least vocally talented idol group:

With 12 points, girl group KARA earned the title of “least vocally talented idol group.” The vocal trainers commented, “their tone, rhythm, emotion and voice projection are all not good. Their sound is rarely correct when they sing live.”

After School took second place with 6 points. The trainers agreed, “It seems like when the group was being formed, appearances were selected well but their vocals are shaky. When they dance, their vocals become unpleasant to the ear.”

T-ara and GP Basic placed third with 5 points each. The vocal trainers commented, “There are generally 2 members singing in T-ara but you can’t find a time when all the members are singing as one. GP Basic is often awkward and it’s difficult to see their personality when they are on stage.”

Least vocally talented idol group member:

Wonder Girls’ maknae Sohee took the number one title with 12 points. They reasoned, “She has nothing. Even during the seconds that she doesn’t sing, it’s bad.”

KARA’s Goo Hara placed second with 11 points. The trainers said, “Her weakness is that she can’t determine and adapt to the speed of the rhythm.”

After School’s UEE, Orange Caramel’s Nana, and 2PM’s Chansung took third place with 4 points each. “UEE’s pronunciation is like that of an elementary school student reading a book and she puts no emotion into her singing. We don’t know how to describe Nana’s vocals. For Chansung, more musical talent should be fostered.”

Do you agree or disagree with this list?

Source: Chosun Ilbo via KoreaBoo

Jo Kwon is the Best Husband on ‘We Got Married’

Jo Kwon is the Best Husband on 'We Got Married'

On a recent survey made by Monkey3 Jo Kwon has picked as the best husband of ‘We Got Married’.

A total of 760 people voted on the poll and Jo Kwon, who was married with BEG’s Ga In on the show, got the first place with a 40% (300 votes).

The second place was taken by Kim Hyun Joong with a 24% after being married with singer Hwangbo.

Following on the list was C.N. Blue’s singer Jung Yong Hwa with 16%.

Check the complete list and tell us who is your favorite husband.

1- Jo Kwon 40%
2- Kim Hyun Joong 24%
3- Jung Yong Hwa 16%
4- Alex 9%
5- Nichkhun 8%
6- Jung Hyun Don 4%

source : GoKpop