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NH Media Reveals Plans For A New Girl Group

NH Media Reveals Plans For A New Girl Group

Nearly 3 years after U-Kiss debut, their label NH Media is expanding further into the music industry with the announcement of a new girl group.

U-Kiss manager broke the news on twitter, tweeting “NH Media EMG is preparing a girl group if anyone is interested please contact this address *woong306@nate.com*”.

U-Kiss members themselves also retweeted the news drawing fans anticipation for the new female group, and much like U-Kiss NH Media is hoping to create a diverse international group, as their manager added “People that are interested overseas it will be hard to come to korea to audition so please send a portfolio containing a video and pictures.”

Source : GoKpop


International Girl Group “Blush” Ready to Debut

International Girl Group "Blush" Ready to Debut

A new girl group named Blush, which consists of members with origins throughout Asia, has announced their plans to debut at the end of May.

Amidst the many newly debuting idols, one female group is ready to break into the music industry with a truly unique concept as being the first pan-Asian girl band.
The group is named “Blush”, supposedly to to reflect the five members’ “feminine, fun, innocent and sweet” side image.

Blush is comprised of five members, Victoria Chan of China, Lee Ji Hae from South Korea, Alisha Budhrani of Indian descent, Angeli Flores of the Philippines, and the Japanese Natsuko Danjo, who beat out hundreds of other pop-star wannabes during a talent search which was held throughout Asia last year. After surviving months of training and eliminations, the five idols are ready to make their debut in the both the Western and Eastern music industry, as they are preparing for their first release at the end of May.

Member Alisha disclosed to AFP in a recent interview as she took a break from dance practice in a Hong Kong studio, “We are hoping we can get global and touch everyone’s heart out there with our music. For us, we are really happy that all of our countries can come together through music and we could go out there to show the diversity of Asia, how wonderful it is as a whole. We’ve got real different cultures, languages, dialects, and these are all kinds of crazy things going on in Asia.”

Thus far, Blush has gained to support of an A-list of Los Angeles-based producers who have worked with top names like Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. “Each one of these girls can be a superstar on their own,” Said from his Los Angeles office during an interview conducted through Skype, “Each of them blend together to create something we have never experienced before. It’s not the same old, same old girl band, boy band.”

After winning a place in the talent search program, ”Project Lotus”, which is led by Jon Niermann, a former Disney executive, the five have gained the prospect of becoming “Asia’s music ambassador to the West”.

“It started with a very simple question of why there has never been an Asian singer that has made it big in the West,” said Niermann, the former president of Disney in Asia Pacific. “We want them to successfully present them to the world; we want them to be a very successful group achieve the top hits in America and in Europe.”

Blush seems to be latest attempt from Asia to try and tap into the key Western market, and comes after many previous, generally unsuccessful attempts. Thus far, Blush has recorded six pop songs, and plan to debut sometime in late May of this year.

What do you think? Does Blush have the potential to make it big in the industry?

Source : GoKpop